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  1. Cici is real. May not be exactly like pictures, but she is cute and well built.
  2. I agree. These girls have chosen to stay around the area, and we should honour them with the respect they deserve.
  3. Kacey on LL is only one I have seen posting there. Not my area of province, so I have not met her.
  4. Saw Mya again recently. Mind blowing!! The best experience I’ve ever had. Beautiful and highly skilled. All of my meetings with Mya have been good, but this last time was something else entirely. All I want to say is …..WOW!
  5. Had a chance to spend some time with Mya recently. Wonderful girl. I agree with Johnboy43, stunning. Her pics are not hers, but there was no disappointment as I reached out to her because of a DM recommendation. Worth the time. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_stop_looking_through_a_bunch_of_pages_with_broken_promises-3836558?source=list
  6. I’ve met both Jasmine and Tina Asian providers. They are a little bit older than all the ads you see on LL, but they are well-built and beautiful women and they are also 100% real.
  7. This girl is a scam. Don’t be fooled.
  8. What a day. I make it perfectly clear to the girls that I meet when scheduling that I do not live in Halifax area and can only meet with an incall. Had a meeting set, and I arrived early. I reached out to see if I could come early (mistake I know), and SP asked if she could come to me. Long story short, it didn’t happen. So in the city, I took a look at Leolist and there she was…..Tallia. I am so glad this day turned out the way it did. Tallia is an absolutely gorgeous woman. This is the second time I’ve had a chance to meet with her and both times were great. Made me happy to just be there and see what an amazing beauty she truly is. Those that have met her will agree, and those that haven’t, well this is why I leave a glowing recommendation for this amazing woman.
  9. Not sure which reverse image search is best, but tineye has been working well for me.
  10. Recently new here. I’ve had some good experiences, I’ve had some ‘meh’ experiences, but I had an amazing experience with Sarah Alexx. From the moment I opened the door to the time I left, this woman had me completely at ease. Such a chill vibe. She even cracked a joke about my tan pretty early into our meeting. The mischievous smile she gave me right after was probably my favourite part of our whole meeting. Beautiful girl, inside and out in my experience. Definitely recommend, and if she posts anymore, would love to see her again.
  11. It did not happen here. It was in USA, but it gave me good insight into the scams.
  12. Tough go there and I know how you feel. I have been scammed in the past. When I see a profile that requires deposit, I NOW make sure they are truly verified, and prefer to see recommendations. I recently had an encounter with someone that required deposits, but had many recommendations. I did not hesitate with the deposit, and all things worked out well. So don’t let the request for deposits scare you off completely, because if you do, you may miss out on some great experiences.
  13. The first girl I met was an Asian woman. Her ad was always with 2 names but now I see it is only hers now. I liked the pics and scheduled a meeting and found the woman, although attractive, was not as Young as depicted on her ad. Could be the same woman I guess, just aged a little.
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