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Was in contact with them, believe located in Dartmouth.  However didn’t get a further reply.

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I had commented in this thread last week due to some reviews I personally found fishy.  The ladies in question contacted me through PM and we made an arrangement to met so I could verify they are real and right my wrong.  My first time doing the TOFTT thing lol. 


I can happily say they are 100% real.  Spent a large amount of time talking with them about the business, etc. and got a lot of insight into what they are willing to offer, etc., etc.


I will also be posting a recommendation and if anyone has any questions about specifics, please feel free to PM me.


....and yes, they are located in what some may see as a not-so-great area of Dartmouth (was told a few potential clients backed out due to location), but I wasn't tooooo bothered by the location and felt safe with them.  They are pretty chill girls.  🙂

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