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  1. Blue0012

    Lily at 841

    Yes ... that was a joke. Not actually serious.
  2. Blue0012

    Lily at 841

    We could create serial numbers like they do for cars. This digit means its got this engine, that digit means it has the AC package. Another series of digits determines alloy wheels. First five characters of the serial are the name with Xs filling in for names under five characters (AmyXX). Next four digits are the address she's currently at. Next four digits are the address the girl first appeared at. Next digit is body build, 1 being slim to 5 being BBW. Next digit is hair color. 1 for brown, 2 for blonde, 3 for red, 4 for black etc. Next digit is menu. 1 for basic to 5 for full. Sunny30700561115 Erica08320353142 We really want to get crazy we can do codes for ethnicity, hair length, eye color, personality would probably be a good one. Ooooo ... 1 for natural 2 for bolt ons. Tip expectation. This serial number could get pretty long.
  3. Blue0012

    311 Pembina Hwy

    Last I heard she was still taking the odd shift. But she's not scheduled there with any consistency. As far as I know there is no way of knowing when she'll be on unless you're in contact with her outside of 353. Text.
  4. Blue0012

    311 Pembina Hwy

    Doesn't help that they're confusing 311 with 353.
  5. Blue0012


    Notre Dame does that when they think they've lost you. Just stop bothering.
  6. Blue0012

    Sakura Spa

    So had a short window of opportunity to drop in here Saturday. It'd been since Sakura opened that I'd seen Betty so figured I'd drop in and see if she was available. I did try calling twice but got message 'the user you are dialing ... blah blah'. Any way dropped in without an appointment. Woman I don't recognize comes out of the back hands up like a surgeon and covered in a TON of excess oil. 'Yes'. I'm like 'I was wondering if Betty were available.' She's like 'Yes can you give me twenty minutes'. I'm like, 'For Betty?' She's like, 'Yes I'm Betty'. Now I don't know. Its been a while since I've seen Betty but I remembered her a few inches taller and a lot less round. This woman had wavy reddish hair. Very different then I remembered her. I remembered her average Asian height, not slim by any means but not overweight at all, with dark curly hair rather than reddish wavy hair, and about ten years younger. I don't have the best memory for faces and such, so maybe its me, but has she really changed that much in 8 months that I don't recognize her at all or is someone there trying to pull a fast one. Anyway I agreed to the twenty minutes and told her I'd return. Returned after twenty minutes. Waited ten or so listening the them conversing (loudly, I was in the front room, its not like I was listening at the door) then left. I had only a small window and didn't have time to wait all day.
  7. Blue0012

    Most fun?

    Is it me or has Sunny started smoking?
  8. Blue0012

    Betty and Veronica

    Very little truth be told. Saw Veronica the first week they opened. I did not get offered anything beyond straight massage. Not sure why but that's what happened. Only comment I can say is, by my memory and its been a while, Veronica's recent crop of pictures don't do her justice. Truth is I remembered her quite differently. That being said most reviews and comments I've heard have been positive. I always intended to return and see her again but just didn't work out that way.
  9. Blue0012


    Any idea how to delete a PM?
  10. Blue0012


    Oh I know, but I did have to read it twice. I was thinking 'you know I could use a little extra cash', then it was like 'ah ... thats what he meant, that's too bad'.
  11. Blue0012


    +1 ... Think I read it the same way you did.
  12. Blue0012

    2019 All Star award Entries

    Not sure enough have seen her. Have you reviewed her?
  13. Blue0012

    2019 All Star award Entries

    Sadly after losing my regular last April I've been hunting and hurting for trying to replace her. Been difficult. Don't currently have a go to. I will put this out there. Biggest Surprise/Most Missed - Kitty
  14. Blue0012

    Creative on Corydon

    Like Accuride says make sure you ask for Anne. If Anne isn't available the owner/manager? Will take a massage request but she isn't what you're looking for.