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  1. I'm surprised things haven't been shutdown again already. I think they're waiting too long and its gonna bite us.
  2. Typically girls that do a more Thai style walking on your back will do a more 'stretching' kinda session, which I like. Does this describe Yoki?
  3. Like a cold call? No prior contact she just thought she'd hit up a stranger on Instagram?
  4. Probably sooner than later. Any 'boss' would take one look at her and snap her up.
  5. Good thing I look like Brad Pitt. And not the old 'Dad' Brad Pitt but the young and awesome Brad Pitt from 'insert awesome Brad Pitt movie title here'.
  6. Club's dead for the most part. Mod's came in late last year and killed it. Most of the group have moved on.
  7. I'm confident if he ever gets that 'strange' call about contact tracing I'll hear about it. :D I'll just play dumb. 'Gosh ... thats crazy. Really? Where did they say you went? Thats nuts.'.
  8. I always use my buddy's name and number. 😄
  9. The for sale or lease signs been there for months. Just before lockdown, even now I think, Sakura has been advertising Betty as back.
  10. Funny you should mention this. I've been using Covid as an excuse to sit in the car for weeks while the SO gets groceries. Getting through a back log of podcasts and audiobooks. I noticed a few stores specifically have signage up saying only one person per family group at a time.
  11. I had a chat with a provider yesterday, via text. She was of the understanding that Massage fell under medical and they were remaining open. She said that they had to shut down the 'beauty' aspect of their business but massage would remain open. I'm not sure if she is correct or not in her interpretation but it wouldn't surprise me if we see a few remaining open arguing their interpretation. I can't say one way or the other as I haven't read the rules. Personally I'm shutdown unless I'm servicing an essential service, of which I have a few. Truth is I've been shut down by my own choice almost three weeks now. Money is gonna be a problem in December.
  12. Its a shame we all can't take a break. But its an addiction. Pure and simple. Cigarettes cause Cancer. Doesn't keep millions from smoking a pack a day. Its a risk we're all aware of and struggle to control these urges. Some of us are better than others.
  13. I believe someone said they got confirmation that they're taking a break due to current Covid situation.
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