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  1. Only one I see advertised with regularity is Froxi. But even she I haven't seen advertised recently. Never seen her so can't comment.
  2. I'm good with either. :D Or of course the holy grail ... both.
  3. They don't like texting apps. Sometimes I get ignored on my texting app (514 numbers are known texting app numbers, there are a few others). Sometimes if despiration is enough I switch to my regular number and get a response.
  4. Weren't they recommending 'Doggie' as a 'safe' option a few months ago?
  5. My lungs would give out long before I was close to finishing and you'd have a body to bury in the woods.
  6. Guys could we get a little insight on incalls in these reviews. Not locations, but condo vs house. I don't have problems visiting incalls in apartment buildings or condos. But exterior doors I avoid (houses, house style condos). Shower avail, etc.
  7. 2983 is Color Nails. Not what people refer to as 3000. 3000 isn't there any longer. Was a private residence (condo). They're not there any longer. There was some chatter on Color Nails a few years back but nothing recently. Not sure what kind of experience you can expect there. I did see a Ksite ad for them recently. Advertising a small window of availability if I recall.
  8. Oh don't get me wrong, if shes the girl in the pictures I will be too.
  9. Two things. One, for the girl in that picture to be 130LBS she'd have to be 7 and half feet tall. Two, that number looks REAL familiar. Hopefully someone can back me up on this. Isn't that the old Kildare number? 7215?
  10. Yes she's back. Operating out of a different location. Look for the K site ad that says Bridgwater with a number ending in 4810. Keep in mind there are like four advertising in Bridgwater these days so confirm you have the right one with the last four digits of 4810.
  11. Pretty sure its all on you. We all religiously forward those chain mails. I little surprised you don't. Now look what you've done. Shame ... shaaaaaaaame!
  12. I've said this before. The FIRST Cassie I saw there back before 311 officially reopened was NOT the same Cassie I saw there two months after. Both used the same name. But were very different women. The first was tall and not an ounce of fat on her. Super lean. Second was average asian height, not fat, but not lean either. The first I'd see again, the second I'll take a pass.
  13. Why are we talking manscaping in the Covid forum?
  14. Anyone seen those ads on YouTube for the Lawnmower 3.0. From Manscaping? Or something? Anyone had any experience with it.
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