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  1. He's looking for an MP not an SP here. MPs don't typically describe themselves nor do many, if any, provide pictures of themselves. Not real ones anyway. I'm not arguing whether it is or isn't insensitive, just pointing out that it appears you're under the assumption he's looking for an SP.
  2. 'When' they should open depends on the region. Manitoba is in far different situation than say Ontario or Quebec.
  3. Honest to goodness I thought it was only one person that pounded on him.
  4. The lack of responses in this case is likely regional. There aren't a lot that fit that bill in the area. One is only seeing regulars at the moment (if what I've heard is correct) the other isnt worth recommending.
  5. Best guess they have STILL not provided you the address. Once you ask for confirmation they'll go dark typically. Assuming we're right that its the 2200 hours people.
  6. Texted a week ago. Zero responce.
  7. I heard once that when a provider puts 'No Black Gentlemen', specifically that phrase, its code stating that she has a pimp and doesn't need another. A provider told me that once. But you're right 'no more black peoples' could have been put a little more delicately.
  8. Will just say this. For me, lyla.ch has a certain descretion. You see lyla.ch in a history there are no red flags. As you guessed ... not happy.
  9. I just want to say this isn't always the case. There's a problem with the legit places. Primarily that you have to book ahead, and I mean WAAAAAY ahead in some cases. If its December you can pretty much forget it. When you're looking for a massage, and I mean legit need for massage, its often short notice. Its the situation of 'oh I find myself with a free hour or two' or 'I just had a client cancelation so I've got two hours to spare'. Thats where the CMT locations come in to play. I've attempted what we call 'legit' locations many times on short notice. Just drop in and see if they have anyone. Never had it work out. Not once. Truth is I wish 'the extra' wasn't always an expectation by the girls. Cause I'd like to see some of them for legit sessions without the added cost of going the extra. But lets face it that straight up annoys some of them.
  10. Ah the ole qtip gag. Used by doctors that get off busting straight guys cherries.
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