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  1. Blue0012

    Feet massage

    Check the 'Grassie Lake' thread.
  2. Blue0012

    Update: Healthtree

    The major one NOT to give your number to would be Sara over on Broadway (same location). She'll send out mass texts every day for weeks at a time. This past Monday alone I got four texts from her. New Years Day got texts as late as something like 4AM wanting me to come. Though that was an oddity.
  3. Blue0012

    Angela 741 st.marys

  4. Blue0012

    Angela 741 st.marys

    I guessed that would be the case when the name 'Angela' turned up. When I saw her she was 'Ashley', and that day she didn't even know who 'Ashley' was till her boss told her she was 'Ashley'. Guess its the only way they can keep Brianna busy.
  5. Blue0012

    ek / elmwood ?

    Maybe she returned cause I haven't heard much of her from Broadway in the last few weeks but I don't think Sandra has been at Ruby for six months.
  6. Blue0012

    Favourite massage

    My opinion would be yes a waste of time. Even in the two and a half years I've been hobbying things have changed dramatically. The typical experience has changed, for the better for the most part. The benchmarks from even 2017 are now also rans, in my opinion, or moved on. Others may have different opinions.
  7. Anyone catch Michelle Yeoh at the Oscars? Oh my. Always been a fan but ... damn! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1bMmftqnc8 Couldn't find a shot of it on youtube but during her presentation she turns to a side profile and I just died. And 56. Beautiful woman. Anyone finds the video of her side profile post it.
  8. Blue0012

    New place on Pembina

    Alfuzhou is correct, phone number matches Color Nails. Haven't heard anything on them in a very long time so may as well be new.
  9. Blue0012

    Submitting receipts

    I think I may have said this before, but going forward I'm not messing with submitting receipts. I got burned once before for three sessions. If the place doesn't direct bill its a hard pass for me. Thankfully when I got burnt, it was with a regular that was new at that location. She wasn't aware they'd be denied either, so she made up for it down the road.
  10. Blue0012

    Submitting receipts

    To be fraud they'd have to prove that you received something other than a therapeutic session. Which they can't do. That's how I look at it anyway.
  11. Blue0012

    Submitting receipts

    I made this mistake once. 712 when they first opened insisted they could provide receipts for BlueCross (direct bill for others). Being a dumbie I figured they knew what they were talking about. This was late in the year. Had three massages there and submitted. They were denied. When I asked why, and that the business had claimed that they were BlueCross redeemable (not sure that is the right word) BlueCross told me its not the business that is of interest to them its the 'specific' provider. They told me if I wasn't sure to call BlueCross ahead of time to confirm the providers eligibility, and that the receipt would have to have the providers name on it. Provider being the masseuse, NOT the business. Since that fiasco I only use places that direct bill. On a side note, it was not my intention originally to use those massages at 712. I had tried a number of 'legit' places because I wanted a place that direct billed BlueCross but being that there were only a few weeks left in the year all the places I'd tried were booked up into the new year. I must have tried a half dozen or more. Then 712 popped up on Ksite specifying they could provide receipts for BlueCross so figured I might as well.
  12. Blue0012


    Not a name I recognize. Sorry Kok. Let us know how it goes.
  13. Blue0012

    Angela 741 st.marys

    Meant the comment sarcastically.
  14. Blue0012

    Angela 741 st.marys

    But who is Shasha? Rose? Or Brianna? Right?
  15. Blue0012

    Monarch massage

    Thank you for the review. Welcome to Lyla.