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  1. Blue0012

    take care of yourself lol

    Keep mouthwash in the car. I get those little Listerine sample size bottles from Dollarama. Usually good for four or five visits.
  2. Blue0012

    Favour from Yuan Yuan

    That guy actually had the nerve to confirm for me he had 29 girls. I was like that place is tiny you can't possibly. He was like, some are on call and come in when I need them. Yeah. 29 of them. Right.
  3. Blue0012

    Favour from Yuan Yuan

    Are we talking about the Notre Dame place that used to advertise 30 girls? I didn't know they were affiliated with Yuan Yuan.
  4. Blue0012

    Nancy from River Ave

    Ads gone. There had been mention of her opening with a second woman. Curious who her partner is if anyone finds out.
  5. Blue0012


    Did she go by Vanessa at 649? Don't recall a Vanessa.
  6. Blue0012


    Worth a visit to strike her off the bucket list but don't think she'll be anyone's favorite. Saw her her second week. So unmemorable I barely recall it. Which I figure means she wasn't so bad that I'd made a note of it, but she wasn't awesome either. Recall thinking I got an 'off' vibe from her. She and I just failed to sync up.
  7. To be clear I never knew she wasn't there till I arrived and she told me.
  8. Did you call or drop in? I used to hit Rose up on those days that I thought it would be slow, playoffs, storms, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve. That kinda stuff. If I called they'd book me then I'd find out she had been at home and came in for the appointment.
  9. Blue0012

    kijji 4202

    I think he was being sarcastic. Everyone knows I go commando.
  10. Blue0012

    Nancy from River Ave

    Tried them each once. None gave me any real incentive to rush back. They're not terrible, just not exceptional. Can't remember the names.
  11. Blue0012

    Nancy from River Ave

    649 is less than a fifteen minute walk away, and maybe three or four minutes by car.
  12. Blue0012

    Grassy lakes

    She had an add up this morning. I was surprised to see it cause the ad didn't just give her street but the address number too which I thought was asking for trouble.
  13. Blue0012

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    I think manrock has hit the nail on the head. (Anyone else have a problem typing 'manrock' without feeling weird?)
  14. Blue0012

    Sakura Spa

    Ambiance and general condition is better than most in my opinion, though the one time I had the room off the main reception area (where the till is) the table was narrow and rickety. The tables in the back two rooms are good. They may have replaced that table since, I like that the 'nails' stuff is done in the front room. So if you enter through the side door you'll be directed to the back where the massage rooms are without being paraded through a room of women having their nails done. Not that I've ever seen anyone there for that. Not all MPs there offer extras so be aware of that if that is a concern for you. I don't believe they've been known to bait and switch. Not like 741 anyway. Ask for Betty and you should get her.
  15. Blue0012

    Jenny on LL

    24/7 Phone on pics doesn't match phone in ad Non agency Asian In&Out The big one is 24/7