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  1. Blue0012

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Saw her ad yesterday but she's taken her name off it. Look for the poster's name, it will still say Kitty. Just not in the title or post itself. Beyond removing her name its still familiar, same stock image of the woman's face, still claims 'certified therapist'. She's dropped the 'in my home' in the current ad but she still uses that frequently.
  2. Blue0012

    Need Young spinner type with HE

    For me spinner is lean, under 5'6" but preferably under 5'2". Under 100 lbs but preferably under 95 lbs. Still looking for my unicorn. A few from VIP came close. A girl you can pick up and move around without putting your back out.
  3. Blue0012

    Pembina Hwy

    Familiar with two on the even side of the street but not 3027.
  4. Blue0012

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Interesting. That's new info as far as I know. I'm guessing you didn't catch the name.
  5. Blue0012

    Judy on John Angus

    Its becoming more common I'm finding. Girls are learning what guys like. Briana over at 741 had one of the better reach unders I've experienced and it came as part of her routine, I didn't ask for it. Unfortunately that's was the only thing worth mentioning about her.
  6. Blue0012

    Any body try this Sara yet?

    Are you guys sure the Berlyn on Leolist is the same girl as worked with Sara over on Broadway? She has a picture on her ad today which I didn't see last time that doesn't look like Broadway type talent to me. I never saw her over on Broadway so can't say for certain.
  7. Blue0012

    Any body try this Sara yet?

    I haven't seen her in 10 months and she still texts me weekly. I find it amusing.
  8. Blue0012

    Any body try this Sara yet?

    Her last LL ad was calling out someone she refers to as a thief. Exposes his phone number. So don't piss her off boys.
  9. Blue0012

    Monica. 832 Corydon

    649 But that being said, I saw an East Indian woman there a few months back and I too thought it was her. To be clear I only saw her in the waiting room I was there to see someone else so only saw her in passing.
  10. Blue0012

    Erika at 832 Corydon

    Honestly I thought I had. I must have not hit send. Saw her a month or so back. She's an attractive girl who gives a good massage. Worth experiencing. My problem is the guy that runs the place. Called to see if she was available for an hour, he said no. I drove away. 10 minutes later I get a call, come back she's available. Turn around come back. Told she only has a half hour. Nice. Clown. That's not her fault though. I've told people she's worth seeing but be prepared to walk if they pull any shit on you like bait and switch or telling you they only have 30 minutes when you booked an hour. I did go to see her a second time only to have them pull the time thing again so I turned around and walked out, haven't been back. But that's not Erika's fault. You should check her out if only to strike her off your bucket list.
  11. EDITED: Removed comment as it was meant for Corydon not Notre Dame. Sorry Patrix, I haven't been to this location since the original Rose left for 741 so can't say how these guys are. But advertising 19 girls when its been established they only have 4 should tell you something.
  12. Sorry Ryan ... somehow I missed your post or I would have responded. Didn't mean to suggest you were a rapist or anything. I'd just finished reading a series of your posts that came off as unusual. Could have been a client that had been cut off by a provider, could have been an old boss seeing if she was moonlighting. Could have been any number of things. I won't get into much more than that as Horndog has pretty much covered it and done so more eloquently than I could have. Only thing to add. These girls do put themselves at risk. Physically, emotionally and with in their communities (Chinese community in most cases). Was recently told by a regular that there's a guy that tried to physically force himself on two of the girls at her work place and I'm sure he's attempted it elsewhere. Both were able to fight him off thank goodness. So when someone comes on a little forceful in the forum as you did, some of our hackles go up. It sounds like you understand where we're coming from now as far as 'protecting' the girls and the hobby. As Horndog puts it ... discretion. Be vague in public, be cautious who you share details with in private. When a girl gets a 'graphic' review on here I assure you the next three weeks are busy for her, but busy with the wrong kind of clientele. Low tippers, no tippers, liars that say they need to grab their wallets from the car then drive away. A graphic public review on here, no matter how positive, isn't necessarily a good thing for these girls. As was in a recent case, it was a three week long nightmare of the wrong 'types' that almost ended with her quitting.
  13. Don't know if even that many have ever worked there.
  14. Blue0012

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Ads disappear pretty quickly. Here's what I do on Kijiji. I search 'Massage' and that will trigger the 'Health and Beauty' category. Then run the search for 'Kitty' while maintaining the 'Health and Beauty' category. You will only get her post.
  15. Truth is Ryan. You appear to be new to the forum and likely excited you found it but your half a dozen questions in two days with half of them about the same lady is bordering on stalker-ish and even if I knew where she went I'd likely not pass it along. The veterans of the forum protect the girls, as I hope you will in time. If we're getting a 'vibe' from a new user we're not going to respond well. Note for those new members on the forum, 20 posts or less. When you spam the threads the vets take notice and immediately drop you in their 'no fly' list. There has been a ton of this type of poster in the recent past (two months or so), truth is you would serve yourselves better by holding back a little, actually read the forum. Maybe offer some information about your experiences before flooding the group with questions. And again this isn't just for Ryan but anyone new coming in.