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  1. Anybody have any luck with Nicole recently? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/massage/1505181902?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social I’ve texted her with two numbers. Each time she gave me the details, asked me when when I’d like to come, then radio silence- even after trying to follow up multiple times. Does she just get off on ghosting people or what?
  2. She’s currently not advertising, but I would recommend keeping your eyes open for Kristina from Kijiji. She’s excellent and is trained in reflexology so she gives one hell of a foot massage as well. Very nice incall location in south Osborne with a nice heated bed, but she also does mobile.
  3. Great thanks. I just tried to book with Linda at world but apparently she won’t be back until august. I was offered somebody named Amy. Don’t mean to hijack this thread but is anybody familiar with who Amy is?
  4. Is Linda on Ness the same Linda from World?
  5. I’ve seen her once. Incall was in a very sketchy location downtown, but I believe she’s in the process of moving. She’s good looking for sure, but photos are definitely filtered. I’d say she’s a hard 8 in the pictures but a soft 7 in real life. Great rack. She had somewhat of an anxious personality but nothing to worry about. Massage was average and you won’t leave disappointed. I don’t remember the damage. Hard to book with but I would recommend seeing her.
  6. Can you define expensive? I’m desperate to find an attractive massage person of the non Asian variety, and she always catches my eye when I see her picture pop up on KJ. Are most just avoiding now purely on principal? Transgressions aside and if guaranteed it wouldn’t happen again, would any of you guys consider seeing her again?
  7. Hey guys, Seems like a long shot but can somebody recommend a non-Asian, busty massage provider? White or East Indian, naturals. I’ve never been to and would rather avoid actual parlours (EB, Diamonds, etc) but I’m open to trying if there’s somebody highly recommended. Thank you!
  8. Danika and Sexy Sara come to mind. Younger guy and have had a great time with both. I think there’s something about the cougar dynamic that older SPs love, as long as you’re mature and respectful about it. Danika is freshest in my mind as I just paid her a visit recently, so she’d probably be my top recommendation currently. Great body with an attitude to match. Very enthusiastic and you can tell she enjoys what she does. Incall is safe and in a great neighbourhood. Only drawback would be all covered services and no kissing— which I personally don’t mind, but might deter some. Sexy Sara is incredible and aims to please in every sense of the word. Make hygiene your priority when visiting her and she’ll ravage every inch of you top to bottom, front to back with few restrictions. She has the most adventurous tongue I’ve encountered in my entire life—a truly remarkable experience. She also has an absolutely wonderful pair of tits that command your attention. Only drawbacks would be the loose skin on her tummy, but you’ll honestly forget all about it once you’re together. She’s also a smoker which is sometimes detectable when kissing. Body wise, I’d go with Danika with the exception of her small assets up top. If she had those of Sara’s, she’d be an absolute knockout. Looks wise, it’s a bit of a toss up but I’d have to go Danika again. Both have that classic milf next door look, but I just prefer Danika’s features a little bit more—including a very lucious set lips. Service wise, Sara comes out on top hands down. That’s not to say Danika is lacking in any particular aspect, but Sara is on a whole other level. I guarantee you’ll leave her place with the weakest knees and dumbest smile your face has had in a long time. Happy (milf) hunting!
  9. What I meant by bad practice was that if an average joe came in off the street not knowing any better and got special treatment, he wouldn’t know it necessary to tip and would be put in an awkward position come time to pay. Not suggesting that mid session negotiations are the way to go, but being that this place is a legitimate salon, It would probably be a good idea for the MP to get consent in at least some way prior to. Something as simple as “is this okay?” would suffice imo. Nonetheless, you guys make some good points. I will see her again and make it right.
  10. I read it here and in the other forum. Regardless, it seems like bad practice—especially with a new client—to not discuss tipping beforehand; even if it’s in a subtle manner. I requested nothing nor was anything offered verbally to me that suggested tipping was going to be necessary.
  11. Saw Tracy. Fantastic experience but not sure if I’ll repeat. Her English was extremely poor and she was below average looking. I usually need to have more than one of my senses stimulated to warrant a repeat visit. But I would definitely recommend trying her at least once. And just a heads up, I think she’s now expecting to be tipped. I went in with $40 for a 30 minute massage because I wasn’t sure the state I’d be leaving in. I figured leaving an extra 10 for best case scenario would be fine since others in this thread mentioned tipping wasn’t expected. Well I gave her $40 upon leaving and she seemed put off in some way. Her English is quite bad so I couldn’t understand her, but it sounded like she wanted $60. I joined in on her awkward giggling, said “next time,” and left.
  12. Hi guys. This ad popped up on LL and looks intriguing. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_experienced_mature_fantasy_girl_next_door_jewell-5603733 Tried doing a search on Chrissy but it's impossible to tell who's who as all the links provided are now dead. Anybody have any info on her?
  13. Can somebody describe Tracy's appearance please? Is she asian? Attractive? Thanks!
  14. Because I sincerely cannot find the answer to what I'm looking for. I'm being told that the bill is in clear english, yet it's being interpreted differently within both of these boards. I'm not trying to start anything or deter anybody, so If somebody who knows the answer definitively (and can back it up with an explanation) would be kind enough to send me a PM, that would be appreciated. Thank you.
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