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An Interview with Malika Fantasy - I'm a Queer Provider and I Hired a Professional Domme

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Hey lovers! I hope you are having a sexy start to the week. I'm here to make it even sexier with this interview with @Malika Fantasy. You may already follow her on Twitter, and we hope this interview gives more insight into her stunning personality. 😍

Q: Hey Malika! Thank you for agreeing to answer these questions. So, tell us about yourself and your career in this industry so far.

Hi! Thanks for giving me the chance to do an interview 😊 I’m 30 years old and living in Ottawa, a full time student in the Social Sciences sector. 

I've been in this industry for almost 12 years, I started quite young at 18, however I’ve often had a few small hiatuses here and there for a few months. I’ve mostly work either in Ottawa or Toronto, but I also did travel the world and did what I call ‘wanderfucklust’ but working around the world! I've work in places like Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Hong Kong etc.

Q: Thank you for shedding some light on that. So, from what I can see on social meida, you’re queer. How do you identify right now?

I’m queer, yes. I would probably identify mostly with the label lesbian, as I only pursue romantic relationships with other women and non binary people in my personal life, but my sexual behaviour (aka who I like to have sex with) is bisexual. So purely from a physical point of view, I like both men and women equally. 

Q: Thank you for clarifying! I saw that you recently hired a Domme! Talk me through the process; how did you find them, how was the booking process? 

I did, the last week of August in Toronto! It’s not my first time doing it, I was even quite the regular of a Pro-Domme for a few months a few years back to someone in Toronto. 

I’ve been a kinky person in my personal life for quite a while, and right now I’ve been single for over two years (thanks Covid and a full-time schedule with school) so haven’t had women in my personal life to pursue any type of kink/fetish/BDSM. Hell, not even just old plain vanilla sex. 

I’ve been following Lady Pim on twitter for a while and I find her absolutely stunning and I have been toying about seeing a pro-domme again for a while. Since I was going to be in Toronto, I said why not, especially since I’ve heard of Lady Pim’s reputation for a few years now. 

So I made the booking like everyone else via the website and a deposit was sent, and had to wait a few days before seeing her.

Q: Is fetish and kink something you are well versed in? What made you want to book this kind of experience? 

I am. Either as a bottom/submissive or a Top, I wouldn’t call myself a Domme simply cause I don’t get off from having people calling me Mistress or the like. I do however like to give sensations to the person I am playing with. 

For me, BDSM and being submissive is something incredibly intimate and personal, which is why I do not offer this service as Malika. Never have, never will. I’ve been wanting and needing some release for quite some time and my trip to Toronto was the best opportunity to see someone. 

Q: Did seeing her make you want to explore the world of kink more? Or offer it more in your work life? 

Ha! Yes, I forgot how amazing being submissive makes me feel. From just the calmness of being able to give over control for a few hours, since I never allow it in my personal life, to the sensations it provide. 

I won’t go into all the details of what we did, but mostly some bondage and impact play, tease and denial.

I’m looking at going to Toronto again, depending on the Covid situation 😉

Q: Did you get nervous at all? Was it strange reversing the role from Provider to Client?

I was definitely really nervous as it was my first time going to an incall and a really well appointed dungeon, compared to having Providers come to my own home, where I know my surroundings better. 

When she open the door I definitely did blubber about nothing for a few minutes, almost forgetting Covid protocols.

It wasn’t that strange as I have been in the situation before with 5 other providers in the past.

Q: Have you learnt anything from being in a “Client’s shoes”?

The butterflies and the anticipation you feel in your stomach and almost the sensation of unease while I was in the Uber going to the dungeon. That I have forgotten about!

But what a delicious feeling. 

Q: When you got there, what was it like? Did you tell her you are also a Provider? 

She already knew as we were following each other on Twitter and I’ve had a few exchanges of DM with her the day prior, as my initial conversation and booking was made through the Ritual Chamber and Headmistress Sharazade who does do the correspondence. 

I booked for three hours to make sure we wouldn’t have to rush. We sat down for a few minutes to get to know each other a little bit and talk about what kinks I would like to do that evening, and what my limits are. 

Then we started by doing some deep breathing exercises so that I would unbunch all of my muscles and calm my nerves.

Q: Did you pick up any tips or inspiration for your own work? Have you ever had female Clients before? Or had Companions contacting you wishing to see you as a Client?

No I didn’t pick up anything that would inspired me (that I can think off right now).

I've had probably 3 dozens women clients over the year, I’d say half of them alone, other half with their male partners for à ménage à trois. And I've had 4 providers that saw me as a client and after that two Providers and I became duo partners. 

Q: Seeing as you’re a genuine queer woman, do you offer interactive Duos? If so, how have you found Companions to partner up with? 

Oh I definitely do offer interactive duos hehe. I’ve probably had a good 350 over the past 11 years. Some were with girlfriends and some with other bisexual providers, that either I’ve met as friends or just through our mutual clients.

Not right now, but I have had 3 relationships spanning over the past decade that are or were providers: a retired porn star, another Provider, a  Pro Domme who also was a dancer. 

Q: I think the private SP area on Lyla would be great for finding these kinds of arrangements! Do you think there is much of a market for it? 

Wouldn't hurt to add! Most of these things are done through Twitter 😉 

Q: Thank you so much for your time, Malika. Anything else you would like to add?

A: Not that I can think off, thanks for letting me this interview. The only thing I will add as stated above, even if I do enjoy being submissive in the context of me seeing a Pro-Domme, I have not and never will offer this service as Malika Fantasy. They are plenty of amazing providers who do offer pro-sub service out there and you can use Lyla to find them.


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It was a great interview to read, too! Really interesting to hear about this sort of thing from a provider's point of view. Thanks, Malika!

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Thanks for the interview. I can only guess, but it actually makes sense that some kinks are for personal life only and not for hire. Makes sense bout what you said bout the intamcy needed. Magine can't do that with every Time, Dick, and Harry....

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