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  1. I have been waiting to meet this lovely lady and I am glad I did lovely lady from Montreal traveling back and forth in Ottawa and Toronto spent a whole hour and what an hour it was she has a few pictures in her album but when you see her face to face she looks alot better thanks so this lovely lady I plan to repeat and her services are excslant. Thanks Maria
  2. I agree with white tiger she looks more charming in person and she treats you with respect merci la Belle Carla ð??
  3. Started late last night it when I go to beta classification massage or escort that's when you see the certificate
  4. I am very happy it was a huge success had to work but hopefully I will be going to the next one
  5. Bianca Nicolette said it all you are the total package with a excalent personality and a hot body
  6. Happy birthday to a sweet young lady and hope you will have a lovely day
  7. Go Red Blacks bring the cup home
  8. Thank god it not only me this is happening to I have been here for a few years and I have 100% trust on this site and also have trust in mod to get this problem fixed
  9. I agree 100% Moody Blue said in is reco it was lovely seeing her again and hope she comes back to Ottawa very soon
  10. To all the the wonderful folks here on lyla all the good men and all the lovely ladies thanks again for the birthday comments
  11. Happy Birthday to a real fun and lovely young lady bon fete Mon cheri Additional Comments: Happy Birthday to a real fun and lovely young lady bon fete Mon cheri
  12. I have been a huge wrestling fan for over 30 years and still love watching it
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