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  1. Prufrock's Back

    Tips on keeping sane during isolation

    Over the years my mother shared many recipes with me. I would take them and shove them in my recipe book never to be seen again. For the past three weeks I have pulled out those recipes and have been making lots of great things! The cooking/baking helps to pass the time and keep me busy, and the food has brought back fond memories.
  2. Prufrock's Back

    Open for business?

    Ottawa Food Bank is another place that can use advance cash in this challenging time. https://www.ottawafoodbank.ca/
  3. Prufrock's Back

    very pretty! gorgeous smile!
  4. Prufrock's Back

    Golden Shower

    I'd love to see an SP into this!
  5. Prufrock's Back

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays everyone! And good wishes in the upcoming new year!
  6. Prufrock's Back

    Have you watched any good movies lately?

    The Irishman on Netflix was really good.
  7. Prufrock's Back

    To put us in the holiday spirit...

    thanks for all the great pics Notch!
  8. Prufrock's Back

    Christmas greetings to all!

    Happy Holidays Cato! Best wishes in 2020 for you and everyone here at Lyla!
  9. From time to time, I partake in visiting some of the cam sites like Streammate and Chatterbate. I enjoy the interaction along with nudity, of course. Well, last night I was a little taken aback when one of the women whom I frequently see told me that she had a big secret; so I asked what her secret was. She told me that she is in love with me. I told her how flattered I was but explained that realistically having a 20 year age difference that we could never have a real relationship, and on-line is different than reality. This morning I received photos from her and an email saying that she loves me and can't go on living without me. Those words have me a little worried. Any advice on how to carefully proceed would be very helpful. Thank you!
  10. Prufrock's Back

    To the guys: Why?

    "On a major busy road during what would be rush hour morning traffic." Sounds like a lot of random honking may have gone on during rush hour because the driver was pissed off with the driver in front of him...call me Matlock, mystery solved 😉
  11. Prufrock's Back

    Post Shower Etiquette

    Great options!
  12. Prufrock's Back

    10 years of Lyla/Cerb

    Happy anniversary and congrats for a decade of longevity Mikeyboy! I've enjoyed your post over the years, please keep them coming!
  13. Prufrock's Back


    Gorgeous photo Taylor!
  14. Prufrock's Back

  15. Prufrock's Back


    Absolutely gorgeous!