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An Interview with Adore Ashlynn - Building Your Brand as a Sex Worker

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Some of you may already know her. Some of you got lucky stumbling across this interview so we can introduce you! @AdoreAshlynn is intelligent, beautiful and one of the funniest SWer accounts on Twitter. We are beyond honoured to have the opportunity to get to know her better in this interview. Please remember to like and comment with any thoughts or questions.

Q: Hey Ashlynn! Thank you for agreeing to let us know a bit more about you. So, tell us a bit about yourself and your sex work career so far.
A: Thanks for giving me this opportunity! I began my career in sex work in late 2014/early 2015. Before I found escorting, I dabbled in camming and the cesspool that is Seeking Arrangements. Camming wasn’t for me, and neither was having unprotected sex with predatory Splenda Daddies that I met on SA for $200 for an entire evening. I came across a book about escorting (The Internet Escort’s Handbook by Amanda Brooks) and decided to give it a try. I began working at a body rub studio in Edmonton in February 2015 after looking under the “Adult Jobs” section on Backpage, and the rest is history!

After two years of working exclusively at the studio, I began travelling all over Western Canada for work. I’ve also worked in Hong Kong and Europe. Since Covid began I’ve slowed down on traveling and have been enjoying spending time at home with my cats and focusing on school.

Other than escorting I’ve been pursuing a relatively useless liberal arts degree in Anthropology, with an interest in forensic osteology. Last year during covid I explored some other interests and got a computer programming certificate and a digital marketing certificate. I am hoping to attend grad school in the next year or two. Some of my other jobs include designing websites for other sex workers and occasionally making pornos for OnlyFans. In my free time I enjoy watching Netflix, cuddling with my cats, traveling, hiking and shitposting on Twitter.
Q: I’m going to try not to fangirl too hard here… but Ashlynn, you do more than just offer Companionship. 30k followers on Twitter and your own podcast (which I’m listening to as I type). Talk to me about how you got to that place?
A: Haha, no need to fangirl! I’m just as confused as anyone as to how I got to this place. I wish I had better advice, but all I did was post my boobs and shitpost and somehow 30k people found me.
Q: What do you think are the key things that have led to your success?
A: I think success is relative. When I was younger and first starting out as an escort, I viewed success a lot differently than I do now. I used to think success meant being able to afford fancy dinners and buy designer shoes or purses or go on lavish vacations. Then I realized there’s more to life than all that crap and I stopped comparing myself to others who I thought were “more successful” than myself. In my opinion, 30k followers doesn’t make someone successful. Owning Louboutins or a Chanel bag doesn’t make someone successful. Social media is an illusion and it’s a waste of time to compare yourself to anyone else. Now I view success as the ability to have complete autonomy over my schedule, being able to pursue higher education without taking out loans, being able to save for my future, and having the time and money to pursue any other interests I have.

So what did I do to become “successful”? Becoming successful at anything takes time, patience, and consistency. Nothing happened for me overnight. I’ve spent years building a brand online and connecting with clients in person so that they actually like me and want to see me again or buy my online content.
Q: I’ve gotta say, you’re one of my favourite sex work accounts to follow on Twitter. Even your website has loads of little jokes - I love it! Did you ever hide your sense of humour when it came to advertising your services?
A: Thank you!! When I first started in the business, I think I did hide my sense of humour. I had an idea of what I thought clients wanted, and I tried to portray that online, rather than just being myself. Turns out I’ve had more luck not caring about what people think of me and just being my authentic self.
Q: Do you feel that being authentically yourself has helped attract quality clients?
A: Absolutely! When I stopped caring about being what I thought was “high-end” and just started posting whatever I wanted on my social media, my business really started booming. I get along best with clients who appreciate my personality and sense of humour online. And it tends to weed out the weak clients who don’t get my sense of humour or are scared of me.
Q: Even your reviews show that Clients love your personality! What advice would you give to other Providers who are hesitant to show their personalities?
A: I scroll through Twitter sometimes and I think so many providers look the same or sound the same. It’s boring. You can be a 10/10 looks wise, but if you have the personality equivalent of watching paint dry, no one will come back to see you. I can tell when people are bullshitting and pretending to be someone they’re not online, because I used to do that too. It was exhausting for me to pretend all the time. When I stopped caring, I was a lot happier, I was making more money and attracting the kind of clients I actually liked seeing. My advice is to be yourself and stop trying to be the cookie-cutter version of what you think an escort is. It’s boring.
Q: Do you think a lot of Providers feel like they must present themselves in a certain way to appeal to the male gaze? If so, what do you think about it?
A: I see this all the time and I think it’s very boring. Just be yourself!
Q: Back to your big social media following - I think anyone in this industry knows that paid advertising (in the form of social media/google ads etc.) isn’t an option. What tips have you got to keep your account growing?
A: I wish I had advice, but I really didn’t do anything special to grow my account. I think I just got lucky mostly. I post whatever I want and for some reason that works for me. But for some reason when I post screenshots of me trolling clients, my account grows more. I will add that I try to do this in a humorous way, and not in a way that I think comes off as complaining. A lot of people on Twitter post screenshots of client interactions that aren’t funny and that come off as rude or negative. Being overly negative on Twitter will only hurt you. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on someone who only complains and talks crap about clients? Likely no one. My advice is to be yourself, interact with other providers and post frequently.
Q: Thank you for your time, it’s appreciated. Anything else you’d like to add?
A: Thanks for asking me to do this and I hope people enjoy reading it. 

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