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  1. Had this forwarded to me by a lady I know, got it off immediately. It makes a difference so don't be lazy, only tales a few minutes to complete.
  2. Locked down, spending a lot of time trying new things, tonight it's some white rice and to accompany it a coconut curry chickpea dish.
  3. Just watched a Youtube video, nuts good for you and not. Macademium were on the avoid list because of their very high calorie content.
  4. New laptop. Generally for the last couple of years I've been using a chrome OS pixel book as my daily driver, but some things work better in Windows, so decided to get a new one as my old one is getting old, tech evolves so fast. Anyway, bought a Lenovo 14" Flex 5, under $ 1K and a really great set of capabilities.
  5. Sad news, one of the old guard, Old Dog passed away yesterday. He was one of a kind, well known for his participation.in CERB, a great supporter of the socials in Ottawa, and will be missed for his sense of humour. Although he wasn't too active in the last few years, we shared a bond, we were both proud grand dads. You will be missed, RIP.
  6. Got out to the Parkdale market, so nice to be able to get some nice fresh produce, had my first corn on the cob of the season, yummy. Support the farming community.
  7. My lease runs out next September and I'll probably downsize to a small electric, something to gad around town. But I'm getting on so if money wasn't a consideration I'd opt for comfort and prestige, a two door Bentley.
  8. So many years ago, I started to follow Cristines' (Joyful C) message board before the internet grew up, and of course she developed the original that has evolved into today's Lyla l
  9. I believe she posted an ad on Leos list today
  10. Nice weather, things opening up, visited my favorite chip wagon for my first poutine of the season.
  11. It's important to realize that there are still risks, and I have discretely taken that risk by continuing to see a few trusted MAs during the shutdown. As the spa owners reopen they must realize that if a client tests positive they might have to share info if they are called by contact tracers with public health..
  12. Girl Guide cookies, the girls can't get out these days so it's good to see them offered at several supermarkets and even Canadian Tire.
  13. I have to agree with Greentreal. I'm elderly and considered a person at risk, but I see a limited number of ladies that I trust. Yes, I accept that there is risk, but I try to be informed and am careful but accept what I consider my risk tolerance. My feeling is this industry will not fully recovery to any semblance of normalcy for 1-2 years. During that time it really depend on the testing/tracking protocols and the treatment options that evolve. Until there is a vaccine that has a wide distribution nothing will be the same, and this thing may be with us forever if they need a new vaccine every year as it mutates, just like the flu.
  14. I saw a fun little series of movies on Youtube. These were light humour called The Booze Cruise I , II and III
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