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  1. I've noticed that there's an ad for Monica which has the same phone number as Tiffany and almost the same ad "Independent, 4 days, hotel in Dartmouth". Could this mean there's a legit Asian agency in HFX? And for those who have seen her, and/or Tiffany, is she similarly real andhow was it in terms of look and service, especially in comparison to VIPOTG (like shower play, etc)?
  2. How was her service? PM me if applicable, please.
  3. That's strange. I texted her on last Friday and asked if she was Sky and she said her name was Jade. Anyways, she wasn't offering incall at the time.
  4. Has anyone seen her yet? Photos look great and this is the third woman they've set here in the last month.
  5. Yeah, me too. I'm really curious!
  6. MMM

    What a view...to a fuck!
  7. MMM


    They'd look great with a pearl necklace!
  8. Incidentally Nikki is Nicole who worked at Park Avenue some years back, then at Gentlemen's. She used to have an ad in the Herald under "Nicole and Friends" or "Reilly and Friends". This was the Nicole who was blonde and had piercings, not the other Nicole (brunette, I believe) who also worked at Park Avenue. I haven't seen her in a while, though I've been meaning too since she was so great at PA. I'd be interested to know how she is all these years later!
  9. The thing is that with full service, there is no such thing as "safe". So while you can reduce the risk, it'll never be completely safe. I believe condoms have a failure rate of about 1/10. Now given that I believe it's far more likely to contract a serious std from vaginal or anal intercourse than it is with oral, I'd probably say a bbbj is probably less risky than covered full service. Say it's a tenth less likely to contract an std through oral than it is vaginal, then the odds of catching an std through a bbbj would be even with catching one with safe FS. Also, it would probably be much safer to give a bbbj then put the condom on for FS then it is use the same condom for both the bj and fs as has happened with most sps I've seen. A cbj is probably putting the condom at risk for wear and tear. Using a condom for each one would probably be much safer. I'm not saying an SP should be obligated to perform a bbbj (unless they're adversting PSE) as putting a complete stranger's you-know-what into your mouth might not be the most comfortable thing. However, it's still relatively a safe thing IMO, at least as safe a covered FS and maybe even safer (I don't know the exact statistics). Also, with COF/COB, most SPs would charge extra for this, or not do it at all and that's understandable a bit since like a bbbj, it's not exactly the most comfortable thing to do with a stranger. But it would have to be much safer given the aforementioned failure rate of condoms wouldn't it? It would be pretty much impossible to catch an std from COB whereas, even with a condom, CIP would still be somewhat risky. About one tenth of all clients who have CIP with an SP have probably done so with a broken condom so you'd actually think SPs would be encouraging COB, rather than refusing it or charging extra.
  10. Wow, her website offers a 15-20 minute sessions where she offers a bbbjcim only option. Finally!
  11. Has anyone tried a new girl they have working there named Brooke?
  12. Could you please tell me how much the extras cost? And it's my understanding that they've moved their location.
  13. Are you talking about Lisa? She certainly fits that description - dark hair, slim, hot body - and she was nice but refused to get on top and wouldn't let me touch her you know what. If it's her, do you know what MP and how I can contact her?
  14. I'd love to know what happened to Mariah. A petite, tight brunette 20 year old that worked there in the fall of 2006. She said she also worked at a strip club in Moncton.
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