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  1. Lol cute! I may make this a constant offer! Website is getting redone soon. 😘

    1. status4


      😊 Thanks Sophia.  I've been watching your website for a redesign now that you've gone mostly solo with your business. My favorite muse here in the HRM is away until the second half of May, I'll message you soon and we can begin the introductions and discuss when I might be able to come fall in love with you in person 😍 

  2. status4

    Ashley LL 23

    If you're using Chrome then Google's image search is built in, just right click on a photo and choose "Search Google for Image" from the menu.
  3. status4

    Rank shows New Member?

    You might have 35 posts but most of them are "anyone have any info on xyz?" or "I'm interested too!" and the rest are you wanting to know why you're still moderated. Try adding something more substantial to the community, you're not the only one with over 5 posts who is still tagged as new, they seem to be looking for more then just sheer post numbers now which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. There's been a massive influx of new accounts in the last year or 2 and most of them add nothing. The endless stream of "any info" posts is annoying, that's not what the board was founded for.
  4. They are honey, what they leave out is they forget to say they want those things and they want them all for little $$
  5. status4

    Femdom options in Halifax?

    Bella is the best, give her a call and talk to her about what you want. She's a sweetheart, she'll tell you if she's your girl. She's very fun.
  6. status4


    After watching the video in her ad, I can say she's certainly flexible
  7. It's just laid out a bit different, as far as I know it's the same owners with Lyla, Cerb, Terb, Perb and Merb. Here's the actual listings for the city of Montreal https://merb.cc/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?34-%26%23926%3B-Independent-Escorts
  8. Toronto and Montreal tend to use their own boards, try Merb.cc for Montreal.
  9. status4

    Request for providers

    If you take time to examine the web page a bit more carefully, you can find out more about her, including a link to her full companion site, Amber is pretty interesting actually if you ever find yourself in Montreal.
  10. @Biker Dude Is this the girl you refer to? India The fact that she uses 3 different names in the same ad kind of raised an eyebrow, but if you say she's legit then cool, not everyone is great at writing ads I guess. lol
  11. status4

    Jen - LL ( The Ultimate Companion )

    Jesus, that girl got some good DNA from her folks, or whatever gym she frequents, what a body!
  12. status4

    Elizabeth -LL

    Looking at your profile a little more, I get the sense you're a guy as well, so likely not you in the pic 😛, still cute though.
  13. status4

    Elizabeth -LL

    I've thought about putting something together, I think there are a couple of threads here somewhere on basic Google image search and Tin Eye and such, Tin Eye is junk frankly, it misses more then it hits. I'll try and find time to put some stuff together that most people could use, I have to think stuff through beforehand because I'm so used to just doing the stuff, I'm kind of a savant so I don't always think about whether most people have the tools and such to just do the stuff, I'll try and put something together that makes sense and will work with the resources readily available to the average internet user. I love your avatar by the way, I had to go to your profile page to check it out, I hadn't noticed it that closely previously, is that you? It's cute. 😊
  14. status4

    Elizabeth -LL

    Hey ya, I don't have time right this second but I'll send you a private message later with some tips and tricks for vetting photos, I used to be a forensic photographer in another lifetime, I've been working with photography and forensics, especially digital forensic sciences for a couple of decades until I had to retire due to health reasons last year. People think they are good with manipulating photos and trying to bypass search algorithms, if they're stolen I can usually find them regardless how much people mess around with them, but most of them are pretty simple, stealing from Instagram stars with a couple million subs is common practice, not very creative lol
  15. status4

    Satisfaction Guaranteed - LL

    A lot of girls just look for anything to fill up text space to make an ad it seems. It's like the old classic "100% Me or it's free!" line. Really? Because I know 99% of them pictures are fake. If I expected it to be true I'd be going to see ALL them girls, every day!