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  1. Ella Jane had recently posted on her Twitter account she would be making a comeback, and that details would follow come December.
  2. I've spent the majority of my life either as a provider, actor and client. My first trip to the Red Light District in Amsterdam I was actually underage, though that was back in the 80's when you could get away with that sort of thing. Saw my first escort in Montreal at 19 and started working in the industry in my early 20's. So that's well over 30 years in this. I never really thought much of any of it. Having grown up in the UK, it's everywhere so it's not really taboo.
  3. Best advice I have is to contact Brass Club directly. Trust me, they will be very happy to walk you through everything and answer your questions. I'm a member and it is a fantastic and very welcoming place to visit.
  4. All the other boards are the same, slowly dying off. I check them out pretty much daily and it's always the same small groups of people posting. Most of the people I know just come on and check the ads only and move on. Given how many of us have now migrated to Twitter, I think that is the current flavor of the day platform for people involved/interested in this business.
  5. I don't see the ad. The links just bring you to the general page.
  6. Ivory Pearl who is independent definitely fits the description of the type of woman you are looking for. She is very well reviewed and extremely well regarded. I've seen her before, she's simply awesome! https://ivoryypearl.wixsite.com/ivorypearl
  7. Yes, and she is pretty much fully booked all the time. So clearly her policies are not deterring anyone.
  8. Can definitely add Savannah and Maddie from CMJ. Ally, Krystina and Winnie at Brass.
  9. I have been looking around for information on this woman, but have not found anything so far. Definitely interested in her as well!
  10. As bobbi mentioned, Nessa has been around on and off for some time. There is a great deal written about her on all the forums. I would suggest simply searching her name on the various forums, including this one.
  11. Just saw this morning that Sweet Sammi, formerly of CMJ has now gone independent. Very happy for her! She is a wonderful person to be around and an amazing MA. Can't wait to check her out at the new place! https://www.meetsweetsammi.com/ @MeetSweetSammi
  12. Been meaning to post this for a while, but am finally getting this done! I have enjoyed my time hanging out at the Brass Club bar. It's great because you do get a chance to buy someone a drink and get a chance to talk to them if they are interested. This happened with Kali and I one afternoon. I was there quite early and had more than one glass of whisky and a bite to eat. Fortunate enough for me, Kali decided to join me for a bit and we started to chat. We had a blast over a couple of drinks! Next trip to Brass, I booked her. Once again I got there early and Kali just came on by and we had a drink at the bar and quick chat...then off to the VIP Suite for some fun! Kali had a great time together. She is sensual and sultry in every way possible. Our hour passed way too fast! One day soon I am going to see Kali again, she is absolutely worth it! @KaliBrassClub
  13. It's been two years almost since anyone has posted on Peach, and I for the life of me cannot understand why? 🤷‍♂️ Now, I personally have not seen her in over a year as she has been away, but I did get in finally to see her today. Nothing has changed. Our chemistry is still there and it was like we just saw each other yesterday. She's just an outstanding person, fun, loves her music and just a blast to be around...and her body and beauty still make me melt! She's one of the best there is. Go and see her!
  14. Not going to lie, it's quite surprising that there is not more posted on the amazing Autumn! Having seen her on more than one occasion since the new year, Autumn always tries to make each experience something different. To me that's a real sign of someone who loves what they do. One of the sexiest women in the business, once her clothes come off your jaw will drop when you see her spectacular body! I always have a great time with Autumn, it's like we've known each other all our lives. She's been away for some time from Brass due to an injury, but she is almost back to work...and I will be seeing her again. 😉
  15. After a lot of contact back and forth between Adele and myself, we finally were able to meet a couple of weeks ago. She was completely worth the wait. Adele has done a magnificent job with her location. She has great attention to detail and I was extremely impressed by the atmosphere. After a bit of a chat it was time to jump in to the huge shower together and start playing with one another. She is indeed a sensualist. Sexy and intoxicating in every way. Playing and enjoying one another, the time just flew by! She's so much fun and has such an outstanding personality, I'm already booked with her again.
  16. I saw Sammi once again recently, and she is always marvelous. She's playful, professional and just a joy to be around. Always worthwhile booking with her! She also just announced last night that she's now independent.
  17. I've also seen both Kali and Annie, and I highly recommend them as well. All 4 women I've mentioned from Brass (Autumn, Layla, Kali and Annie) are outstanding MA's. You can't go wrong with any of them!
  18. I have seen both Autumn and Layla and both are fantastic choices. As mentioned previously though, you should speak with the receptionist either via text or live chat to introduce yourself and also contact the ladies on Twitter to see if there is any chemistry or not. I use Twitter as my "go to" for making contact with anyone I am interested in.
  19. I would definitely say, Autumn, Layla, Ronny, Ginger, Peach and Cleopatra at Brass Club. Stassi, Peach, Alessandra, Tawny and Eliza at CMJ. Lea for sure at ALO. All have spectacular breasts!!!
  20. As my birthday was spent in bed sick, I decide to head on Thursday of this past week to Brass Club to celebrate. Essentially as someone put it, my birthday was on hold till I was better. As always, I was warmly greeted when I came in by Jessica and sauntered up to the bar for a couple of drinks. Jess asked who I wanted to see, and I had an eye on Layla as we'd been chatting via DM on Twitter for a bit. Not a problem, we found a way to make it work and after a couple of drinks...off to play! Layla is a real girl next door type. Basically more beautiful than words can describe. When she looks at you with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers...you're done! Layla has that playful, innocent wild side to her that I just can't enough of and am totally turned on by! I would fail everyone if I didn't mention she has a tight, sexy little body and those tits are spectacular and ever so much fun to suck on and play with. I had such an amazing time with Layla and can't to get back to see her again soon. Her new Twitter handle is @brasslaylaa
  21. I am very happy to hear you were able to defeat cancer kano2112! Survived it myself, and though I still have issues because of it, and grateful daily to still be here. 🙂
  22. Since I had such a great time a couple of weeks ago at Brass Club, I decided to head back again for an evening of fun. As it's well know I have a love of redheads, I decided to book Annie and am glad I did. Annie is that playful and sexy girl next door with an extremely tight spinner body. Any woman who will dance and sing to me always wins me over, and doing it naked just makes it all that much hotter!!! After an amazing soapy and steamy shower, it was time to play. After an incredible rub down of my nicely injured leg and foot from an accident a couple of weeks ago, I felt like a million bucks afterwards. With the hour up, it was time to get dressed and head back to the bar for a couple more. Annie was amazing, she has that fun playful side that I find so incredibly attractive and will certainly get together again with her soon.
  23. Happy New Year to you as well Katie! I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2019.
  24. As the year is coming to end, I wanted to get out and treat myself to a fun night of food, drinks and some wonderful company. Fortunately enough for me, Alice was working last night at Brass Club so I jumped at the chance to meet her. We had chatted a bit on Twitter and I found her photos absolutely stunning, so why not book. Before heading off to the VIP Suite, Alice and I sat at the bar and enjoyed a drink together. She is very charming and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. Once in the room, off went that sexy one piece black lingerie and I got to lay my eyes on one gorgeous young body and those beautiful blue eyes of hers made me melt! After our hour was up, back to the bar for another drink and little more chatting and then it was time for me to head home. I had a great time last night, everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. Jessica was absolutely outstanding and her friendly attitude made me feel very appreciated. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be repeating with Alice, she is way too beautiful, sexy and playful for me to resist!
  25. Merry Christmas to you and yours MOD!
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