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  1. I miss Emily. Anyone know if they opened again or in a new place?
  2. My review of this amazing lady is long overdue. Meiling has been one of my favourites for close to a year. I've seen her more times than I can count because I can count on my visit being special. She is beautiful inside and out. She really works hard at making you feel like you are the only thing that matters. Would I repeat? I have, over and over.
  3. I stumbled upon Danica's photos on BP and the long legs got to me. A few texts and I discovered she was at a new private club that has not had any grand opening yet. She guided me to their address and off I went. Danica looked awesome in a little black dress with those legs front and centre. She was VERY professional in showing me around their new home which was already as nice as many other private clubs. The hardwood floors, the mirrors, the variety of rooms, the lounge with a fully mounted pole(floor to ceiling) and the most incredible stone work in the lower level rooms. She told me it was natural as part of the building structure and let me tell you. People pay GOOD money to have walls like that in their homes. What a great find and great use of the building's natural architecture. After some paperwork, off we went for our session together. She has some really great hands. It is an experience that I throughly enjoyed and I can safely say I will definitely be back to enjoy some time with Danica. Thanks for being a really gracious hostess. K p.s. the 9.5 location rating was because they are still a work in progress and if I give them a 10 now, there would be no way to increase the rating!!! :-)
  4. She is lively, engaging, fun to chat with, and smoking hot. Tall, lovely, sort of Asian features, an amazing figure, glorious D's, a great tush and she is a sweetheart. She is also great at teasing and has above average massage skills. That's my two cents.
  5. Just adding my two cents to this young lady's reco. She is sweet, friendly, attractive, happy, enthusiastic, accommodating, easy to reach, easy to park near, easy on the eyes and easily someone I would and will see again.
  6. Ok, I just had to share this because it was pretty funny. http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2014/12/15/canadas-new-prostitution-law-explained-with-lego-video/
  7. Sarah is a sweetheart. She is friendly, attractive, gives a massage that is well above par for the industry. She will chat if you want to chat...or just let you enjoy the massage if you want to doze off and not talk. I have seen her a few times and have always left with a smile and happy I visited.
  8. The only places I knew of with this have closed. Linda's and Erica. But if you want a hair cut and then a massage in the same place this thread is recent. Might be up your alley. http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=142976
  9. Three words about this lovely, sharp, sexy, cute, erotic, bubbly young lady. Ooh La La! That is all.
  10. I wonder if this is the same asian Elaine who worked at the place off Colonnade. She went indy awhile back off Meadowlands. If so she was a sweetheart.
  11. All my visits have been great there. Pics are legit.
  12. I showed up and the lovely Lianne opened the door letting me and at first look, this was one tall beautiful lady. 5'10 or 5'11". Being tall myself, this was an immediate turn on because rarely do I see someone so tall, so well proportioned and simply stunning. The Cindy Crawford beauty mark was sexy and her half Vietnamese looks gave her an incredible skin tone and look. I won't get into details of our encounter but she is a very sensual young lady with a wonderful disposition and the smoothest skin. Her french accent was incredibly sexy and her enhancements were fantastic to enjoy. Not a clock watcher at all (in fact it was me who watched the clock more). If I didn't have a meeting right after, I would have stuck around for another hour. What a sweetheart. Come back to Ottawa soon Lianne!!
  13. My comment about "putting it out there" was just an expression of bringing up a topic that I had a feeling was going to get some pretty passionate views. Nothing more. After reading many advertisements, I just wanted to know what people thought because of the ease in which a number can be spoofed. I was not commenting in any way on my own views or practices and tried to pose the questions from that neutral point of view. I appreciate everyone's responses so far. Thank you for your opinions. K
  14. I need to put this one out there. I notice many indys and some agencies ask for numbers to not be blocked. I appreciate that this was originally to let them a) have a number to call you back on and b) to give some level of security as the number could be traced if something happens. But in this day and age with sms spoofing websites and disposable phones or sim cards bought with cash, is it really required? Can anyone else comment on this with regard to their opinion and how technology has changed the face of the business such that using a non blocked number gains little with regards to the SP security?
  15. paradise has a hot tub room never seen a table shower in ottawa bodyslides are plentiful. just search this site most MA spas and indys offer them. many as part of package, others as extras. best bet is to drop them a note and ask
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