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  1. i think like many sites, it is being set up to be used on a phone, which i've seen other sites do, and it is not agreeable with laptop users, for my personal taste. The old site & on similar forums, i always go to New Posts, click on that, and scan thru recent topics of interest to me. If this site has that, i do not know where it is. i'm not much for going to the main page, finding different subsections, and searching about. New Posts is my way in, without it i know i will miss many new topics or posts that are current ok, amended to say that i did see "unread content'' up there, but it is in a faded font & i don't think it was there
  2. sorry, but writing out the entire conversation would simply have confirmed that it is an escort/client relationship. One should never text details like this, & if you have to, make sure entire history is deleted lol. hearing only one side of a conversation can be explained away but a text saying he missed his bj appt on tuesday, not so much
  3. i think you have to use search, and maybe do it like #escorts #nyc stuff like that. once you find a few escorts that way, you can maybe look a little closer at their accounts and see if you can find by googling where else they are advertising. i think eccie.net is still functioning but many other sites are not. i wouldn't say Eros is a B&S mostly because of how escorts have to submit information in order to post ads, so it would be harder for them to be scams, also, it is super expensive to place ads there, it isn't for fly by nighters also if you want to see someone, give them what they are asking for in terms of screening
  4. to be honest, i don't think there are plans for more Gilmore Girls. those 3(?) catchup movies were to catch up i think. i have the same problem with VOD as i do have an extensive tv set up, but with the regular cable tv, on VOD they only have the more recent episodes, like maybe up to 6 so if you are slow, you will miss out seeing episode one or two when you go for it. HBO tV VOD totally different, all seasons all episodes, you can start it anytime. non HBO they will drop shows all the time so again, no point. i find it odd netflix does entire seasons rather than episodic, so there are shows that have never been on it, that i was watching another way, but would prefer via netflix. As it happens, they do carry full seasons of a few shows i could never see otherwise: Gran Hotel, Morocco, Cable Girls & Velvet, all from Spain.
  5. Come inside & let's HEAT things UP! Katrina....604 544 0900. NO TEXTS A mature and sexy 50, 5ft 8in, curvy, soft fair skin, lovely hazel eyes. with very long curly honey blonde hair & a naughty touch. Exxxtra special attention for older gentlemen and first-timers. With extra care for those who need a little more time... Available 7 days a week, including holidays. Short notice okay(15-30 minutes preferred) Sorry, no texts to 604-544-0900, * i will either never receive them, or be unable to reply to a single one. i PREFER PHONE CALLS ONLY, NO DETAILED INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN IN WRITING. Private location in New Westminster near the Patullo Bridge
  6. one comment on an older thread that i have is keeping the older albums helps repeat clients reassure themselves that it is indeed your site/ads that they are looking at. as you say a lot don't read the ads much, but use the pics, if an older picture reminds them that they have seen you before or thought about it, then the newer pics are an extra bonus.
  7. i haven't seen that one under rewards. there are a lot of things available, but often the reward is one free bump so i don't bother. when i got verified i think there was a monetary reward, when i put up the directory profile it was $25 in the gift card, now i guess that would be 25 euro or equivalent. i get that y'all got this stuff for free for years, and y'all got it dirt cheap for years, but you will not at all get any sympathy from the Vancouver escorts who have been supporting the site for 10 years, and have been paying that 1.79 euro (if verified) (previously 1.99US & 2.99 US unverified) for more than a couple of years now. y'all now pay what we pay, and my guess is y'all gotta pay what we pay because some of y'all have been spamming and flooding the site non stop since bp went down and the only way to control it, leolist figures, is to block some of y'all thru your financing lol y'all want to spend less, get verified, it saves the equivalent of 12 Canadian for every 10 bumps purchased, (not really up on the euro pricing, but before 10 was 19.90 US if verified, like 23 canadian, or 29.90 US like 35 canadian, well of course that depends on the exchange rate at the time, which can go up and down, but you get the idea) which, in vancouver dollars, is more than 2.50 cheaper than our backpage ads which were costing 5.00 a pop and 3.00 buck for the massage section, meaning leolist still cheaper by far than bp, since i think some cities were paying up to 10.00 an ad for bp? Additional Comments: i would suggest you study the site, in your area. I can't imagine that you need 3 bumps a day in New Brunswick, there is really no need to always be on top if you have an ad current for the day, and still on page one, why not just monitor it, bump if you feel the need to be on page one, and save some money. also if you are not working daily or all day, you sure don't want it auto bumping when you aren't around. also if you are booked, why not do your bumps manually so that you are only bumping when you aren't booked ahead? i know if i have a busy day, my morning bump is it for the day. and we have 1000 ads if not more here each and every day, in an hour i will be on page 2 but it doesn't matter because i am not downtown, I am in a suburb where the postings do not disappear from page one of that city selected until like 5 or 6pm so i am not going to bump up like that to be on page one for all the cities, when people looking aren't anywhere near me. if they are near me, they will go to my city section and easily find me. if they want someone over 40 they will filter the ads and narrow down their search. if they want to avoid spammers and fake pics, there is an easy way to filter those out as well Additional Comments: i never understand this. I used to get calls from a few sites, of course they've been shut down, but still, it makes sense to diversify whenever and however possible. i've mentioned dutts and here, both free, could be used a lot more often, and the more ads on either site, it draws attention and more clients to the site, drawing more calls and appts from the sites. but if there aren't any ads, no client is going back to a site with no new ads going up after a week of daily checkins it takes hard work to build a site, but it isn't the clients building it, it is the sps. if we don't post where there are places to post, we have no one else to blame for the fact clients don't go back to use those sites. but i was telling people this about ers/leolist for years, why not use it, for them it was free, not us, but it made no sense to me to not use a free site because it had a built in traveling clientele who used it exclusively out west. you couldn't even get an Alberta escort to put up an ad lol. now everyone is using it and scrambling around it because they don't understand it & feel like the site owes them something for coming onboard late in the game. leolist rewarded those of us who had been using it for years, when they switched around a few things. they rewarded those of us who bothered to get verified, they reward those of us who use the site consistently and regularly, sure it is one free bump or VIP highlighting on the ad if you qualify, but it is also almost 100 bucks canadian around the time bp went down, and some new things were happening.
  8. there was a guy out here doing similar things, big board presence, & part of the website design, advertising, booking packages was he'd also managed to get a mod to get him several low post old join date accounts for him to use to 'bump' and post reviews on his clients. every single one of his sites and all of the ads were stolen from European escorts, except for one Indian escort. i've had a brunette steal my ad, and blame her husband for posting on her behalf when she couldn't do it. i had to ask why wouldn't he just copy and paste her own ad rather than taking mine and having to change the stats. Had this other one out in the Fraser Valley constantly stealing just my ad titles, to the extent i kept clicking on her ads when checking mine because i couldn't tell the difference, then the most blatant was the stats, location and description of an asian provider in my stolen ad copy, and almost forgot the one in the 3 story walkup older building who didn't notice that my ad says 'condo' and she was definitely not in one, causing confusion for the guys expecting a newer place, but not getting one. if someone is motivated, they can do a formal cease and desist lawyerly type letter to stop people from stealing. i can't see myself calling anyone about this, as sometimes you will reach the threatening guy mentioned above, and at best you get someone pretending or genuinely cluelessness about what had happened, either way not productive, and one actually dangerous.
  9. former bp users, if you ask me. most spammers don't even look at their ad placement, they put up new ads instead of using a bump feature, which simply top posts one ad, instead they post repeatedly, and when you look at a city section or service section's older ads, their 12 ads all on the last page back to back, it's crazy, and infuriating when posters can't just use the available features of any site to help themselves stand out. i know in the past when someone was clearly calling around looking for someone, that they should make sure that the person they go see has advertised over a period of time and on multiple sites. at that time that was possible, because you had the paper, the CL, the BP, and local ad sites, along with places like lyla and whatever else out there, and a full time provider is using them all. now we've been slowly corralled into a couple of sites and that becomes impossible. and for pics, it is possible to do stylish photos, with a minimum of effort such as this one https://www.leolist.cc/personals/dom-fetish/metro-vancouver/burnaby_newwest_irene_adller_dominatrix_and_fantasy_wrestler-3577522 i get that people don't want the process, or the signage, lol, however people are also asking about verification, & people are asking how can they stand out from the picture B&S ads, & how can their ads get attention above the spammers. Having the checkmark is the solution to that, and one of if not the only sites out there that has provided this feature for many years. it is also a way for those sps who do not have or want websites, or whose websites got shut down due to fosta/sesta recently to put a little credibility into their advertising. and there are guys who want the person in the photo, they can tell the difference between those photos verified and those not, so when the sp doesn't look like the unverified pictures, they can't feign surprise i hope lol. there is an assumption that verification, for those who are under 20, or asian, means that isn't a trafficked victim of sex slavery or under 18 person, not sure why that is supposed to confirm that, but let's face it most asian sps are consenting adults, with or without verified photos
  10. I agree with the leave more detail suggestions, give your name, say what day/time of day you are interested in, the length of the appt you are interested in, if you do not see rates for that, ask for the rates for the length & type of session you are looking for. & yes, she may be busy at the time, she may have set up the ads to post automatically if that is the kind of site you are looking on, but i believe that if you put those details into your ad, she would be able to actually answer your questions. but saying 'hi' that isn't really an opening, she could be waiting for text #2 that actually has what you want to know, and failing getting it she just isn't going to reply also make sure that texting is the preferred method of contact. You could text me all day long i would not be able to reply, & i would be irritated by the fact that you didn't spend enough time reading the ad to find out that i cannot reply to them.
  11. i can see it for an outcall, not the full amount but enough to cover costs of doing it at all. if she's got history and you can verify she exists, even if that means you find ads on other sites (used to be easier obviously) then it is up to you to decide or negotiate an appropriate deposit for her to make the trip. sad to say the degenerate callers out there are stepping up their fake bookings for outcalls games recently, i've had a friend who had a 100% success rate for outcalls to any kind of residential or hotel location/setup, then all of a sudden a couple of months ago problem after problem. so now she wants half by etransfer if it isn't a hotel, and it is mor the than 15 minutes away, and i don't blame her at all. she's had this game played on her, btw, by a guy who had gone to see her at her incall yet still played the no answer when at the door game, setting up for a walk to a house side door. now fortunately she didn't waste a lot of time or money to get there, but some sps are taking cabs or using drivers who need to get paid, and some sps are turning down or unavailable for another outcall or incall appt because they are traveling to this fak booking.
  12. you need a sign with leolist.cc on a normal size piece of paper (like 8.5 x 11in) and then submit the photos in minimum 600x600 pix size. then it takes about 24 hours, and make sure the photos don't all have the same outfit and pose. it is that simple. if you submit 10-12 shots you should have at least 5 if not all approved to use. i've had a shot rejected they thought was too similar to one that got approved even tho i preferred to have kept the rejected one and rid myself of one of the approved ones. it is a lot harder to get approval in the same outfit and pose and easier if you have 3 to 4 each that are fairly different. it is possible as my friend took all her shots herself alone, or have someone take them for you. faces are not required, and no ID is necessary. it is discreet and you can add or delete new pics anytime.
  13. Waves does make the lattes correctly every time, doesn't matter what size, you know they put espresso in it in the correct amount, unlike St**b**ks I am sad for coffee lovers who don't have a Waves nearby
  14. i actually put them in a bowl of some kind. I feel like i'm getting chip stained on my full hands & wrists and so on from the sides of the bag. but also i could end up eating a whole bag rather than just part of it, which happens when i put it in a bowl. i have a friend with eating problems who also takes snack food out of the bag, but for her she puts the whole bag in the bowl and finishes it off. same with containers of dips if she takes that with her. i just want to be more aware of that kind of thing :)
  15. everyone will be happy? nope lol i think like many sps we aren't looking to be number 12 on some kind of team score card. I am looking for genuine connections with someone who is looking to have ongoing meetings. I may not be the one they finally settle on, but going in knowing someone is only there for the intention of doing a writeup of some kind because other guys are too scared to show up for themselves, not interested. never been interested in the review site mentality that tells guys they can't see who they want to see or do what they like doing in a session or spend what they want to spend, but try to bully them into silence if they try to tell these kinds of stories.
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