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    I'm not dead yet!
  1. RubJunky

    Best VPN?

    I use IP Vanish, great for streaming content world wide, paid service is $5 a month. I use it for Kodi, Netflix USA and downloading tons of fun stuff, wink wink. You can choose auto search for best server in any state or country or choose yourself. You need to create a account so use your favorite cloud email or course, once in you can view which servers are being overloaded to avoid. Good luck. Rub.
  2. hey Brody, intrigue is an understatement, thanks for your kind words... today is the beginning of tomorrow.

  3. RubJunky

    What is for supper tonight?

    Making Bubba Gump Shrimp, BBQ'n a fine filet mignon, sauteed mushrooms, brussel sprouts and a nice bottle of red wine.
  4. Hi there! It's lovely to see you on my side of the internet. I hope all is well in your world!

  5. RubJunky

    mac vs pc?

    I'm, a graphic designer and web developer now for over 20 years and yes I have had my share of both Windows and Apple even as far back as the Apple/IBM days. Then I needed to have two systems one for my pc clients and one for my mac clients ans printers. Today Apple now build their systems in a pc based hardware and pretty much every software now is compatible because of this shift. So recently I wanted to upgrade to the latest and greatest MacPro with dual thunderbird monitors for a total of 6500$. I decided to custom build a pc instead with the exact specs on the puter and well as the monitors ( dual 27" BENQ with QHD max 2560X1440) for a total of 2100$ Everything I do on this pc is compatible with my macbook pro. My two cents, that's all I have left..lol!
  6. RubJunky

    Windows 10 and Kodi

    Built my own 4K mini PC using a Zotac box with i7 chip running Win10 installed and KODI its blazing fast and the system runs seamlessly with bluetooth keyboard or remote.
  7. The grocery store....:body1:
  8. RubJunky

    What is for supper tonight?

    Home made Bubba Gump coconut shrimp, a perfectly BBQ'd steak, veggies and a nice Cab.
  9. Thank you for taking a peek at my profile. Hope you enjoyed the view. <br />

    Sasha May xoxoxo

  10. RubJunky

    Android TV boxes?

    Same here, built my own box with Zotac 4K system, Win7 Pro and Kodi, never have issues watch all current live AMC series, NFL, NHL and even the olympics.... All free!!!
  11. A pleasure to see your intrigue.<br />

    hope all is well in your world!<br />

    <br />


  12. Tragically Hip - Wheat Kings (Love them all) Was at the concert in Kingston level with the stage 100 feet away. Best concert!!!
  13. RubJunky

    Do you masturbate?

    Hold on give me a few more minutes.........
  14. I disagree, nothing can beat the emotional ride a final concert will have between the band and fans in a small arena in Gordon's home town. Nothing! That is the difference between a good SP and masturbation.
  15. Life can be such a mind f*** eh! Yes you are in a very bad situation not being able to be with the one that was meant for you..lol! But then again new love can do that to a person, best advice..... wait! if her marriage goes flat then the door is wide open but then again time changes everything!