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  1. Thanks Doc! That's exactly what happened to me! I forgot I had one ad up when I first started and the rates were completely different. Also, keep in mind if you ask for something a bit 'more' than a regular appointment includes, the lady may charge a bit more for that and include it in the price. If you are polite and understanding, most ladies will be the same way. If they are not, perhaps that personality type isn't what you wanted anyways and it's a good sign to move on 😉 Raquel ❤️
  2. Raquel Brooks

    (Child) Sex dolls seized at border

    I don't think I mean what you think I mean, Phaedrus. :) I never said anything about killing sexual desire, someone else may have, but not I. What I was referring to, is teaching ourselves and others to identify when we're having one of the thoughts we'd rather not have, and re-directing the mind. I did this when I found myself counting things when I was younger. Stairs, tiles, patterns. I realized it was a slippery slope and just made myself STOP. I'd find myself doing it and then I'd think of my favourite rock band or something, distract myself. Meditation is good as well. I'm not really even talking to anyone typing away in this thread. Cut apart my words and assign them the value you want, I care not. But to the silent ones reading, know that you CAN change. You don't have to be a monster, or whatever you see yourself as that makes a person want to act that way. Now, if you WANT to act that way, that's another thing entirely. It IS true we have sadistic people who enjoy hurting others. Even most of those folks, though, where deeply wounded mentally or physically or both. And knowing you are not alone I hope helps? Shit freakin happens in life that leaves a person messed up. But nobody is allowed or encouraged to talk about it. Dwelling on it never solves anything, though. It just gouges the wound deeper. I think it's good to talk about these things. And why talk about them as though they are etched in stones. As mortal mammal on this earth, we are always evolving, changing, learning from the past and its mistakes. I think in a way this mass dumping of skeletons from closets can be healing. To know, "Hey, I'm not the only freak! Lots of weird shit's been going on forever! No wonder folks are funky." Anyways, I hope those that yearn for peace and healing, can find it. Love, Raquel
  3. Raquel Brooks

    Bad sign for leolist?

    I just went and looked on their site :) https://www.leolist.cc/ownership-change
  4. Raquel Brooks

    Dou in cranbrook bc

    Sadly, there really IS nowhere for girls in the East Kootenays to post 😞 Ladies, you may PM me and we can talk about what places may help you get more clients out that way.
  5. Hello friends, fans and admirers! Letting everyone know, I have incall open all weekend starting Friday morning; with a slight 'unavailable' time on Sunday morning (10am-1pm). I'm able to host, or I can come see you. Whichever makes you most comfortable. I'm all about comfort. And cuddling. Oh, and kissing too, kind of like that as well 😉 About Me: I am a sexy and mature lady (50+), 100% real, with womanly curves. I am kissable, sweet and touchable! I enjoy spending time with respectful gentlemen, women, and couples of all ages. I am very discreet and amenable to all physical types. I believe in the healing power of touch as much as the magic of (ahem) connection. I enjoy providing a Girlfriend Experience that could be termed SWEETHEART experience! I love to laugh and giggle with you as we get to know each other. If we can't have fun, why are we here?? I do hope to chat soon! Raquel 902-918-5304 [email protected]
  6. Raquel Brooks

    Bad sign for leolist?

    Apparently LeoList just changed ownership and a lot of their systems will be changing. There's a post about it in General Discussion I think is where I saw it.
  7. Raquel Brooks

    (Child) Sex dolls seized at border

    Wow, two attacks now on a very simple statement. Taking responsibility for our thoughts is the first way to correct our actions. It's the only way that works. I was trying to be encouraging for anyone who finds themselves with dark thoughts they do not wish to own. But go ahead, be a nay sayer like everyone else and don't give folks tools to help deal with their problems. Berating someone because they see a problem differently than you, does not solve the problem. It just makes people quit speaking up. I know I'm considering never ever ever commenting again. Thanks!
  8. Raquel Brooks

    (Child) Sex dolls seized at border

    All I can say is a game I used to frequent banned virtual sex acts with child sized avatars, for similar reasons that have been stated above. No, children were not involved in those sex acts, but the avatars used were child sized. I think 'feeding the beast' causes more thoughts and feelings along those lines, not less. Coming to understand that if you are attracted to children, perhaps part of your psyche still needs to grow up, now THAT is what may help this situation. If you're turned on by kids, maybe you didn't get enough time on the swing sets when you were little. Go see someone and talk it out.
  9. This Mature lady loves visiting new friends at Hotels :) If older and curvy is your thing, feel free to message me. Of course, like Sarah I can only state I'm available, can't recommend myself 😉 All the best, Raquel ❤️
  10. Can be yours! Hosting in Halifax all week, easy access and simple parking. Available as early as 6am Mature (50+), sensual and sweet with curves in all the right places! Come grab some extra cushion today 😉 Showering welcome, as are multiple goals if you're able! Text Raquel at (902) 918-5304 Outcall also available, I'm always professional and do not attract attention when I visit NEW VERIFIED PHOTOS: https://massagerepublic.com/female-escorts-in-halifax/raquel-brookshttps://vipfavours.ch/RaquelBrooks
  11. An article I found today on psychologytoday.com I thought others may find it interesting as well :) Raquel
  12. I haven't been bothering with LL for just that reason. Ads on VIPFavours are all legit and their rates are good. Massage Republic even has a free section. Many gentlemen look at those sites as well. Oh, City of Love is another, but not sure how many spammers. Best of luck! Raquel
  13. Raquel Brooks


    Thanks Mr Futz! 😄 (love the name) That is pretty much what I thought. Too many nosey nellies for it to be safe. Outcall IS always easier, but not everyone can have someone come see them. For location I was looking at a few Air BnB possibilities, but those folks may be wise, too. So best to just think on it and see?
  14. Raquel Brooks


    Hello folks :) I've had a request to travel to Bridgewater, was told there is an under served market there. As I don't know the area that well, I thought I'd run it past you folks! 😄 Figured you'd know if this is true, or just a wishful person wanting me to travel to see just him! 😉 Which is fine, I do travel for one client. He's certain if I had a spot and advertised, that I'd be busy. I guess I'm wondering what it's like to work in the smaller areas? I figured everyone knows everyone else and it would be too risky. Thoughts and feedback greatly appreciated! Raquel ❤️
  15. It's Spring! Come share some Spring Fever with me 😉 Hi, I'm Raquel. A sweetly romantic, old school kiss and cuddle kind of gal (but never tells!) I love getting naughty too, but don't have a mechanical list of moves to choose from. Let's make it up together, as we go along! 😉 Always safe, sensual and fulfilling. Mature, 50+, curvy, sexy and sweet blonde bombshell. Knock your socks right off! GFE, love kissing, cuddling, talking, not just the ABC but the 123's. Did I mention role playing? Verified photos on VIPFavours and MassageRepublic NOT YET reviewed on Lyla! 😉 Halifax INCALL, but WILL TRAVEL for Outcall. I love driving :) Fuel charge may apply Incall at quiet, convenient location, available 6am till Midnight Weds-Sat Monday and Tuesday by appointment only. Outcall, don't be nervous to invite me to your hotel! Available Most Anytime! I'm very discreet and I know we'll have an excellent time. For full connection and rampant playtime, 90 minute sessions often work best. My Rates & Recommendations Taster ~ Meet and Greet 30 minutes, $120 - get the basics covered and out the door Sultry Interlude 45 minutes, $160 - time for a bit of the longer slower things Hour of Bliss 60 minutes, $200 - all kinds of the things and some of the stuff too 😉 Cloud 90 90 minutes, $300 - Get to know you visit, take our time teasing and pleasing, rampant frolics and pillow time! (perhaps even time for a shower?) At any rate level, more than one shot always welcome. Show me what you've got! Most acronyms welcome Raquel ❤️ Message or Text for any other info you may require. (902) 918-5304