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  1. This can be frustrating for sure. Especially when you are an understanding gentleman who doesn’t want to push or pry. Something we appreciate. So how do you navigate this? Very carefully. First, reviews are your friend. Search for them. Second, put out ISOs. Asking others if they have seen the person. Sometimes you won’t find a review but a guy will tell you if he has seen her. Remember when posting an ISO, to be respectful with what you are looking for. Which I don’t think will be a problem for you. Third, politely ask the lady. “I see you say safe services only, can I respectfully confirm this with you? I’m against BBFS and don’t want that, but I do like ****. Is that something on your safe services list as in CBJ only or is this something you provide? Again, I mean you no disrespect, I am just hoping for clarification. Thank you for your time, looking forward to your response.” Something like that would not bother me. If it bothers the provider, you simply apologize and move on. It would not be a match anyway. Lastly, and it sucks. Trail and error. And when you find a good girl who does the services you like, then show some loyalty and stick with her. You can change it up as well of course but making your own list of go-to girls will help in the future. Keep up with their ads as some may have to change numbers or names like I did. Hopefully these tips will help. It is not foolproof but it is something. LOL. Also remember what some of these girls have said. Because you will find some ladies who will refuse to see you, some who will not reply, some who may tell you off. You can only do what is best for you while being as respectful as possible. That is really the only thing any of us can do. Goodluck.
  2. Great Interview @waterat Really great read. I know I am glad that we met on here!!!! You truly are a good client and guys should follow your advice.
  3. There are two camps on this. Those for and those opposed and I honestly don’t see that changing. Even with positive threads on the matter. I screen but at the same time, I totally understand guys who don’t want to screen. And to be honest; they are well within their rights. What the focus should be is how to post about things you don’t agree with it. Because if that was done, half of the threads on TERB about this topic, wouldn’t even be a topic. If a guy does not like “insert whatever here” about an escort, the proper thing to do is move on quietly. Period. End stop. It is that move on quietly part that some guys have issue with. So how to address that problem would be nice. Now I have a suggestion and it may get me many disliking me but I think a topic of how, where and when to report bad dates would be a good topic or good question to ask when interviewing sex workers or if we are taking about education. I get ladies are annoyed by time wasters, but it is not helping our screen cause when ladies are outing full phone numbers on Twitter because a guy asked if she was GFE\PSE before booking. That is not time wasting. So something to help address that and other things related to screening in interviews would be good, but something strictly about “educating” clients about screening I don’t think will work as well. It will just be considered “telling clients what to do” over educating. If that makes sense.
  4. I think you should look for a piece mod software (not to be confused with a moderator for the board) that will allow for reporting a post to hide it for moderation. Basically it works like this: Set the amount of reports needed. Then when 2,3,4 people report the same post, it is hidden from the board except for admins. Who can then review it. It helps because it gets people involved in reporting which is needed. It will help the admins because this is a large board and admins and mods can’t be online 24/7 in every forum. I know from a previous board (not industry related) that Invision had a mod like this 2 years ago. If you need help, PM me, I have experience with this boards software.
  5. It may seem like more are saying no to this service because of the pandemic. There is not much to be done other than looking for the right lady that fits what you are looking for. But I don't think it is end of DATY, just maybe a break from it for some.
  6. Looks like a scam. I would avoid. Anything that is a hyperlink that is NOT going to her personal website, or a site like this for review checking, I would avoid.
  7. Don’t worry. I don’t think anyone thinks you did this for a malicious reason. You did a good job. You protected the women here. These types of “groups” usually share things like BBFS services, drugs use, etc. So I say let them have their group so we don’t have to have anything to do with it. But don’t abuse our system to poach members. It is a general common knowledge rule for any platform. You don’t poach. Period.
  8. As mention on another board, I like to go fishing. I find it relaxing and there is nothing really like fighting a fish at the end of your line. There is an excited about having a fish on. I mainly fish for bass as that is the easiest on my kayak. I plan on getting a new muskie rod. My neighbour at my trailer as a boat so we go out often and I use his but I need to grab my own. Anyone got suggestions, I am open to feedback. I fish the Kawartha's, I know that is vague, but I don't need you horny bastards coming up to my lake looking for the chick fishing in a kayak and a bikini since I am the only one you will find. LOL So any other anglers out there? Wear do you fish, what do you like to fish for? I wouldn't mind getting into some river fishing. Not with my yak, but of the shoreline. That is a whole different ball game though. LOL
  9. Well done ladies! The accomplishment feeling is amazing. And it gives me more confidence to try to more things. I know how to do so many things in my head but I am just too afraid to try. But the longer I have this trailer, the more I find I am doing and it is awesome to see that I do have skills and can use them for things other then... well you know 😉
  10. So it is probably a boring topic but today I fixed the sewage pipe for my trailer. It was the grossest job I have ever done and I have An even greater respect for plumbers and people who work in sewage and sanitation. But, me, as a woman, when women don’t normally fix things in trailers periods, let alone a shit pipe that smelled to high heaven, did it all by myself! I even had the tools and supplies on hand which was shocking but I had fixed a leak under the sink last year so I had left overs. Stereotypically, this is not woman’s work. I wish it didn’t have to be anyone’s work. I don’t know how anyone does it. But I am proud of myself that I did it. It was like the time I changed the rad hose in the CT parking lot. Anyone else ever do Anything unexpected in their life that they were proud of. Something out of your normal comfort zone. And no, getting pegged doesn’t count.😉
  11. Hello my sweets! I know you all looked at the tag line and thought someone was stealing my stuff, but not to worry. It is me - JR. It was time for a name change for many reasons, but don't worry when time comes, I will provide the very same fabulous services. Speaking of full-figured fun, I will be returning to work for regulars only in August. I will have new website up shortly with a schedule available. In the meantime, while I continue to work on my tan-lines, you can still have some virtual fun with me on my fans site. www.fansofrain.com Please note, as I plan on touring more, I will be less available in Durham Region. As such, pre-booking and watching my schedule when I am working, will be important for being able to get an appointment.
  12. When I toured NS, I was BUSY! I had a reputation that I could display on my website, so most could tell I was legit. I don’t know how many men complained about the scene everywhere I stayed. I told them the same thing, reverse image look up, and reseaerch. And once you find a good one, share it. It is only fair to give local ladies credit for their great service when you see first hand how many scams are out there. Sharing caring so give recommendation more and see how the growth of that will help your hobbying future.
  13. I plan a tour in the next few weeks. I would love some info on the places to stay, eat, must see tourist attractions if any. Suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance, J
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