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  1. So late to this party but...... Was pretty accurate actually. I’m a pretty feisty Scorpio. LOL
  2. Here here. I agree @waterat Great job Lydia. Glad to help where I can.
  3. Wow. Thanks guys. I really appreciate that. I will be back in Ottawa once I can start touring again. Not to worry.
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  5. I alway thought you got 5 Verified pics and 12 regular pics. Are they making it 12 total now?
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  7. So here is the story,I was out shopping at SuperStore. I was at the cashier and using my phone to do price matching. I must have put the phone down on the conveyer belt when I went to bag and pay for my food. I left completely not even thinking about my phone. I get home and realize it is gone. I use the Find my Phone app and it is in Brooklyn. So I know it is stolen.I go to the location, knock on the door. A woman opens the door slightly, I think there was one of those locks on the door that let you open it only a little. Anyway, she kept saying her husband wasn’t home and I had such a hard time trying to communicate with her. She acted like she didn’t understand me at all, saying she didn’t understand English. She was East Indian and I couldn’t understand what she is saying. But according to another thread, I can’t ask her to repeat herself or talk slowly because then I am a racist. I’m clearly not getting anywhere. I used the App to disconnect the iPhone so it can’t be used. I leave because I was getting no where. I called the non emergency police number who are really no help at all.I go home and I am pissed. I wake up the next morning and head there at like 8am. This time the husband does open the door. And I say straight out, “give me back my fucking phone now!” Of course he goes on about not having it, get off his property, etc. I use my watch to ping my phone and doesn’t work. So now I am thinking maybe it is not there. But then I use my iPad with the app to ping the phone and sure enough, you hear it going off and it doesn’t stop until you stop it either in the app or on the phone. I guess the watch didn’t work because the phone was locked. I say give me the iPhone or I am calling the police. My daughter comes up to the house and shows them she has dialled 91 and hands me the phone, I say I am pressing the other 1. The wife comes with the phone Then it is all sorry, we though it was our phone, {i think that it what he said, again, I can’t understand half of the words they are using, but suddenly the wife understands me now even though the day before she pretended she didn’t understand English}, the phone is still binging, it is all loud and emotions are high. My daughter is walking away calling them every name in the book. I tell them they are fucking assholes for stealing the phone. I looked right at her, call her a “C” word for lying about not understanding English. Call them other names as I am walking away. They close the door and we go home with my phone. I swear, thinking back, they must have grabbed it right off the belt. Which I get it my fault for putting it down, but if they didn’t grab it, the cashier and I would have found it, when she moved the conveyer to her with the rest of the groceries. This couple was easily 40-50s years old. WTF are they going to do with a phone that needs facial recognition and locked. Someone said they can still sell it. It is a Xs so it is not that old and still has value apparently. From what others have told me. But WTF is wrong with people. I would never think of stealing like that. I don’t think about stealing at all but that is brave. Right in front of me basically. I would never have thought an older couple like that would scoop a phone like that. I am still mad and feel I shouldn’t have walked away but I should have still called the police. I did call the non emergency number again, and they said that I can still file a report but most likely, they won’t be charge because other then my word, there is no proof. And I keep location services off, so I can’t show where it was. Even though that would not make much of a difference because it doesn’t prove it was in the house. Even doing that only gets them possibly a procession charge, not actually stealing the phone. So this couple will get away with it and probably steal from someone else now. This is one of those things that will I will remember randomly in 5 years and it will still piss me off. [/rant]
  8. So I saw this on FB. Basically a guy complained because he is annoyed that parents put their kids in the front of shopping carts. And even let them stand in the big part itself He says that is where food goes and kids, dirty diapers, dirty shoes etc, should not be near where the food goesI get both sides. Parents say they have no choice. They have no other place for their kids.So what do you think?
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  10. I just started looking into that type of software for clocking in/out. Being salary based, I never thought I would need it for my employees but after this, I am going to be starting it.
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  12. I already did up two. One for his professional file which is lighter then he one I wrote for his wife/MIL. Nothing was mentioned about his home life in the one to his wife except for the internet stuff, but only to start a timeline of the missed work. I did tell him that this was the last I was willing to do this. I don’t want to actually get involved anymore. I am still his boss and have to remain somewhat distance. Writing this email for his wife is a one off. If this keeps going and the wife doesn’t get the hint, then I have no choice but to be boss and let him go. I wish I could do more but I have to weigh the pros and cons of my business.
  13. Ok so the update First, I am glad I didn’t just fire him out right and I am glad that I talked with him. The internet problems where true. I believe that. The problem with working at home apparently is two women who consistently ask for things during the day. Since the pandemic, his MIL moved in so that she can be cared for as she is elderly and they did not want her in LTC. I get that. He is the only one to go outside, unless it is for their daily walk. So he has to do all the shopping, and anything else dealing with outside the home. He had to arrange the entire move of his MIL on his own. Only his brother was allowed to help move. There was a list of other things he gave examples of. Like cleaning out the garage and small home repairs and renos to make wife and MIL happy. They would insist that he do this during the day when they are awake and would keep saying that he can do his work ”later” as in doing it in the evening. Which his says he tries to do but by the end of the day he is exhausted. I get his issue, but of course I need work done when I need it done. He says he is going to have a talk with his wife and tell her his job is now on the line. He wants me to actually email him about it so he can show it to his wife. Which I would have done anyway for record keeping, but hopefully it works. So the plan; We are coming up with a check-in reporting system. Something like a punch clock but different to accommodate our business. He is creating a dedicated office space where he can close the door and let the women know that means do not disturb for any reason other then death or fire. He is going to train the receptionist with the basics and she is going to obtain proper education to learn everything properly. She is interested in the field. For all employees, yearly salary increases are based on a performance review. Not just given because it is the end of the year. Weekly progress reports will now be required which will be given in in-person meetings weekly when the pandemic is over. For now it will be remote over zoom and email. For him, we will be doing bi-weekly reviews until I am sure we have his remote working under control. His yearly performance review is in April. I have explained that one more missed deadline will mean he doesn’t even make to that yearly review. He understand and accepts this. It is hard because I understand his problem. He understands my position. I don’t want to fire him, he doesn’t want to lose his job. We work well together. When we are working. It just seems like the women in his life need to stop taking advantage of him and me. I am not paying him to move MIL into the house. I know to some this may sound like I went soft on him. And maybe I did, but I feel for him. And I need him still until my receptionist, who will have a new title soon, is able to take over the job. Which won’t be for awhile. So I hope he is able to seriously convey to his wife how serious this is. If I have to, I will fire him and outsource temporarily. Anyway, I wish I knew if he hobbies. I would gift him a session with a woman of his choosing. He really sounds like he needs it.
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