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  1. Having an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner with the entire family over. Cause I'm gone to S. America for October. It's all good!
  2. This October I get another destination checked off my list. South America....Peru, Argentina and Brazil. Can't wait.
  3. In addition to some of the qualities already stated I'll highlight a couple for me. - Generally Positive. We all have 'down' days and need to bitch/complain to close friends once in awhile. But I do find some people I've met just see the negative in everything. - Diverse I like people who are open of different cultures, race, religion, and experiences. It is important that they're not only respectful of differences but see the value and are open to learn. - Kind People who have a good heart and just so nice to be with. - Confident Women who have it together very much catch my attention. But in a quiet kind of way. The woman who is self assured but expresses it in a very subtle way. Cub
  4. Packing for Central America. Yeh some rum, cigars and heat. But only a week. It's gonna go fast.
  5. Re-organizing a couple rooms in my house...with the help of Bob Seger. But no boxers and not sliding across the floor - yet. Haha
  6. Domestic flights in S. America. Lima-Buenos Aires-Rio
  7. Seems clear more testing is required. Giddy Up.
  8. Planning details for a month in S. America this fall.
  9. Changes in advertising. - driven by laws and technology (twitter,etc)
  10. Quarter Round trim molding. Ok I know...not as good as Malena.
  11. Agree with the other comments. Absolutely no guarantees. I too try and stick with reputable agencies or indies. I also do quite abit of research before I meet someone so look for patterns of reputability, some time in the business, and just the way the individual or company is presented. In fact generally with independent ladies they have a sense of professionalism, purpose and confidence that also seems to come through. And in fact that is a quality I find attractive so often draws me. I also generally tend to see ladies I've met and had a good connection with over and over again. So that does help as you get to know each other a little more and then for me - ensures they're doing it because they want to. Again no guarantees, but that seems to help me in my journey. Cub
  12. Winnipegcub

    Oh my...the things we miss! XO Cub
  13. Get a chance to Skype with a special lady I'm very fond of but haven't had the opportunity to connect as much as I would like. She know who she is. :D
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