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  1. Dacron

    Cabaret and Go-Go

    She is there tonight Friday and Saturday
  2. Dacron

    Cabaret and Go-Go

    Blonde Polish. May go by Bella. I do not think she is in Belleville often.
  3. Dacron

    Cabaret and Go-Go

    Nice time with Isabelle and Victoria last night. Really miss Velvet
  4. Underwear? It's spring! Ask again in the fall. :)
  5. I am hoping it will be an hour of a pretty woman's time and companionship.
  6. Cell phones. People ignoring the person in front of them to answer a text. SPs texting at the start and end of your visit during the time you paid for. Make me feel special & I'll be back!
  7. The grey, previously white ones with "March" stenciled on them.
  8. Tank of gas. Loving the lower prices, More fun money :)
  9. I feel your pain. Meeting is done. In hotel room getting ready to go for drinks. (And checking LYLA for fun opportunities)
  10. Dacron


    Using the youngest age you can pass for would work for me. Telling me you are one age and looking much older or younger would erode the trust somewhat.
  11. Dacron

    Sex ABC's

    K is for kissing. Deeply and frenchly :)
  12. Two bottles red wine, one bottle scotch.