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    Welcome to the Kat's Meow Massage Spa!
    I am so proud and excited to announce that I now have created a dedicated space for the perfect
    Gentlemen's private spa get-away! Situated at the lower level of my private home, will give you the sense this space was designed just for us!

    Newly renovated with all the luxury needed to give you the spa experience you have been searching for,
    but until now never found!

    Stepping into my Kat's den, you have your own entrance that opens into a spacious foyer, following through to a beautiful massage room. Using only the highest quality products to ensure
    a nice a slippery massage that is also great for your skin. Equipment and tools often found in high end spas such as
    a hot towel warmer to wrap yourself in after your shower. Shower conveniently located in my massage room.
    From there slink on over to my playroom! This space is cozy, with a quality mattress and bedding that is soft and luxurious!

    Here is what you may enjoy at the Kat's Meow Massage Spa:

    Puurrrrfect massage : 45 min session. Making grown men purr with my massage. Long connective strokes down your entire body, deep and yet gentle touch. Head to toe bodyworks. A great way to let go of stresses you have been holding within. Now you can release it with my loving hands.

    The Kat's Meow Spa Package: a Complete hour to enjoy ourselves! Begin with head to toe bodyworks massage. Introducing our bodies, relaxing and stimulating massage techniques. When you begin to purr, I will bring you to my playroom for warm cuddles and flirty chats.

    Wildcat fun: 30 min. Skip the massage? Perhaps let that inner animal out and just go by instinct!
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    Halifax, NS
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    I am a very experienced, fun and open minded lady. Your fantasies will become a reality with me.

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  1. @ Greenteal. 😊 Who May this friend be that is posting ancient pics.? A lot can happen in just a few years. Perhaps I will point her towards this thread !! 😊 This friend may be an old one because we don’t agree on certain buisness practices !
  2. @roamingguy of course as you say age is adjusted to the like of a lady . This should if it’s been done at least done appropriately . As for pictures I try to have a new set every year. Im remiss and it’s been almost 2 years . However I have had a shoot and will release new ones in January. I find it quite interesting your are surprised at old pictures. Without mentioning any names an old favourite of yours is still boldly posting photos from 2010 to 2012 . They are not even close to accurate or true. In fact they were most misleading then and other boards were all over it . I also find it suprising. that no one has mentioned this.
  3. Thank you Melanie , yes I do see couples . All the ladies here are a fine choice. Melanie If you are interested just let people know. Everyone has a first everything . Just be honest with anyone who inquires and from time spent with you I’m sure you can delight the right couple. 😊
  4. Katherine

    Hello, back again!

    Welcome Back !
  5. Katherine

    Where to go next ?

    Ottawa is an awesome city to visit. If you want to work you can and there are many amazing things to do . My favourite attraction is a beautiful spa that has many rooms , waterfalls and delicious food . They have holistic massage people on , rooms for reading or whatever where there is only silence. I believe it is an hour drive , but so worth it . Also some of the gentlemen are very kind and helpful. After a few trip in I met gents that always picked me up at the airport and took me shopping for my groceries. Also upon leaving gents would interrupt their day to get me to the airport. The city itself is beautiful and inviting . Best of luck choosing .
  6. Well thank you . I guess I need to read up on the rules . I have s website so I have never given this much thought. Thanks again .
  7. So I’m always in trouble for breaking rules . Why is the OP not permitted to discuss her donations which are for her time only . She is not advertising sexual services meaely asking a question regarding compensation for time spent . I have a feeling I’m wrong here but what is the difference in stating your donation . We do it on our website . As far as I know as long as you are not offering sexual services it’s ok . Feel free to correct me anyone.
  8. Katherine

    Daty, DFK, CIM

    I really hate to say this but this is where review boards has brought us . In my opinion things are far out of control , way out of control . I could be wrong about my assumptions but.... With all the review boards may I say with many ladies 0ffering service, some imply if you don't offer this service someone else will . As a provider someone had the audacity to question my services . Although I don't have a menu I have some strict no - nos. Some prince emailed me the other day and his main concern was if I offered anal ? When I politely declined he wanted to know why which is none of his business at all . I thanked him for his inquiry and expected this to be the end. Then the texts and phone calls , why, why , not? I'm sure he would be a treat . My expected donation is in the upper range just so I don't have to deal with ignorance and entitled . Sadly, you could ask anything and will still have entitled men that seem to feel extra special . Even though my donations are clearly noted on my website I'm still asked for " special consideration " . Because of course this " gentleman is well hung " . Or gorgeous and it will be my pleasure so see him for less . He doesn't get my mortgage, day to day living and just the running of my life . But oh , don't forget he is awesome and will even pay for my dinner ( FOR FREE ) . This conversation never ends well at all :( I wonder if I can call the bank ? Could I inform the manager I'm a leading lady in Canada with many positive reviews . I'm sure I could get him to do something to help me . Because , well I'm special after all ? Oh and mine own opinion, beautiful and skilled ? LOL , let me call tomorrow , perhaps they ( might ) cancel my mortgage . Gee, I'm so special they may write it off . That was a nice dream , however I live in reality. I am in a place in life where I hardly advertise unless I happen to be around .( 0r travelling ) Because of course all the genius ( men) don't seen to be able to have time to visit my site . Why even LeoList gives hints and tips and how to make a polite inquiry . Where did all the polite gentlemen go ? I and many others are used to a nice letter of introduction with name rank and serial number . They had visited my site already and wanted to book T
  9. Katherine

    I am done with this site.

    You are not arrogant and thank you very much!
  10. Katherine

    I am done with this site.

    Well , clearly you are far smarter than me . I am not the only lady whose reccos we can't find . Thank you so much , is there an easy way to explain to this technically disadvantaged person how I may find them myself . I would also play it forward and explain to my lady friends who are having the same problem. Thank you so much again Greenteal.
  11. Katherine

    I am done with this site.

    I have 14 pages of recco's . I can't see any of them . Isn't this supposed to be a recommendation board? I did send a note off to the new Cerb Mod a month ago and not even a brief answer. :(
  12. Katherine

    Nuru massage

    Sorry I did not see this before. If I had the time to drive to Montreal it would be easy . However by mail next to impossible . Every time I try to order when I give my postal code they tell me its undeliverable to this area. When it started to be asked for here a few years ago I was able to get it although it was very expensive . There are many fake gels so don't be fooled . The real stuff when heated correctly will not become sticky of irritating and lasts . It is really a novelty experience, While I offered it when I was asked it was sort of a one shot deal . I was told that is was fun and all that but a proper massage suits most tastes better. To each their own.
  13. Well to ad perspective here. My bra and panty sets cost at least $100 . A nice piece of lingerie , much more that that. But then perhaps you are nor seeking the higher end ladies . This is not meant to start a squabble but when I read of bait and switch , robbery etc. Generally ( not always it was a great deal until...……...
  14. Hello Sydney . I will be returning to visit with you on December 11th to 14 . I am mature, fit and very friendly. I will be offering quality massages and much, much more. Whatever your desire I have exactly what you need to be totally satisfied. Please Note: I am no longer seeing new guests for companionship. See you soon , Katherine 902 410 8678 www.sensouskatherine.com
  15. Hi Beautiful,  thanks for being so kind, I wish you all the best in NL! I'm having some trouble navigating around too lately but its nice to hear from you and I'll be looking forward to when you get back for a dinner date 🙂

    1. Katherine


      Hello lovely, I'm not even sure if this message is private. I was here for so  may years and now I'm scared  to make a misstep. When you make a mistake her it can be costly, rules, rules , rules.


      I had to pastpone my NL trip tp the new year . My fly in date was a storm. So I'm away again next week in Sydney.  Then the following week lets you and Ms. Curves plan a Christmas feast !!!


      Take care and talk soon,



    2. MelanieMys


      Hi Katherine , this is public . And I know what you mean I think I got one strike but it was a complete accident lol.  I will message you privately & we can talk more:)