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  1. Jackie Redmond from Sportsnet... Gorgeous :)
  2. Redneck word of the day...... "Far" It's so cold out today, I'm going to start a Far ...:p
  3. This........ I wanna hang out with this smart Hottie :) Eat pizza, drink wine, be merry and stuff ! (Wonder if Red wine makes her frisky...Meowww ? ) Note to self.....Bring an extra bottle.
  4. Currently I am looking at you're lovely avatar Bum :) Thinking you should open that damn package sexy pants !!!! ;)
  5. yes that counts. Gotta love Netflix binges !!
  6. Kinda had to chuckle. Lost my virginity at a Drive-in move. But may have been quick enough however to have been classed as a Drive-thru movie :p or just a commercial or Vignettes I suppose :-/ Ooops....Hijack.... Guess this was a game MyBad Carry on.
  7. I can't help but think anyone on this board reading about your man-spreading on public transportation right now .... is probably remembering you're man-yeast issue thread as well. Good times in the neighborhood.
  8. Reading about discounts or rebates..... poor shopper I am. I keep it simple. I choose whom I want to spend time with..........then I shop for them or with them ! Tis fun :)
  9. Need some help proofing those pics Mssss Manda ? Hmmmm ? I can do eeeeet !!! ;)
  10. Well I imagine that there will be legislation passed that it should be a 50/50 split for females and males that go first. If it is an odd number then .......rock, paper scissors.
  11. I totally agree. What I have personally found... is that with ladies that I visit with, like yourself Kathryn, is that I can actually trust you basically more than many of my friends. Why ? Because you ladies understand the meaning of Discretion :) Tis nice. Obviously I have to keep this a secret life, as do many/most ladies. Dunno. But it is nice when I can visit with someone I trust that knows me as me and not a total alias. and vice versa to a point. If you find someone you trust, be yourself and really like to see again and again......that takes the "needless worrying" out of the equation. Save up and Just have fun.
  12. I am anticipating the days I may accidentally ask for a seniors rate....... Had a lovely time dear !!! Now where did I park my car again ? ;)
  13. Lookin Good sexy pants !! Shmokin :)
  14. On a two way street everyone is equal and you wave at each other.....or honk and give the finger....but that's the extent of it. This industry is far from a two way street. Ladies CAN get hurt, taken advantage of........and worse. We all know !!! A fact. A dude may lose his anonymity, personal perception, family heartache and maybe business financial losses....etc. Big difference. That said. Ladies run their business model different ways. Whether it be by receiving a clients real name and info.... or by other screening methods, that is Your chosen method. If it works for you and economically then Yay. If the fellas don't work with your method then move along....as the fella's do. To throw a thread out there asking why guys won't give up their real name ? and it should be that simple....won't be Mary Poppin'ish....it's gonna be a shitshow. Those that are willing.....already do. Those that won't....never will. Sorry peeps.... But Wow !!
  15. You mean you aren't really Mr. Green !!??!! From the Clue board ? MrGreen in the beddddrooom with the penis-stick ? ;)
  16. Ahhh The memories ! Out golfing this year tho :(
  17. I am betting on Montreal....... so you know it buddy !!! They are gonna lose ;)
  18. Seriously !!!!??? "Tea se" is censored ? Wow
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