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  1. I passed by last week. Sign is still there, there is an 'open' sign blinking in an upstairs window. That's all I can say. What goes on in there I don't know.
  2. A French writer by the name of Boris Vian put it quite bluntly: Il n'y a pas de femme frigide. Il n'y a que des hommes maladroits ! [Loosely translated]: There's no such thing as a frigid woman, but there are clumsy men!
  3. I don't think a woman can fake a squirt or becoming soaking wet down there.
  4. There was an Abby working on Booth some time ago. Is that the same one?
  5. Speaking of Raven Rain, does anyone know if she's still around?
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for a SP not too far from Woodroffe and Baseline?
  7. I'm not too familiar with the escort scene, but I know some agencies like Les Aventurières and Service VIP offer outcall to hotels and incalls to a certain extent. The MPs there are a bit different of what goes on around here. Some of them will plainly say in their ads that nudity and release are included in the door fee. If there's a language barrier, call and ask the receptionist, she'll be able to help choosing a bilingual lady. If you call ahead, she will even give physical descriptions of the Ladies to help you choose beforehand. If you're walking in, the receptionist/manager arranges the available girls to come and introduce themselves individually and you tell the manager who you want. Interesting thing, many Ladies I've seen work there as a second job just to supplement income and openly admit it. Among others, I've seen a hairdresser, a waitress and even a social worker! Some of them offer 'a la carte' menus, meaning you'll pay extras by increments to do whatever you want to do that is outside of the basic agreement of nudity and release.. (Extra for touching breasts, so much more to finger or daty, etc..) Some salons have flat rates for oral or fs, it really depends of the Lady you're with. Usually the girls of a given spa have a silent agreement among themselves as far as pricing is concerned . Here's a rundown of a few spas that I know: Zone Grise: They offer 'a la carte' options, and the extent of service really depends of the Lady. It's a very nice spa, reminds me a bit of Vibe around here. Close to downtown, Charest/St-Sacrement nearest intersection. Le Plaisir des Sens: Once in your room and you're showered, the Lady will give you the options before starting. Not much 'a la carte' there, most offer full menus. In an industrial park near 740/440 Autoroutes junction. Détente 7ème ciel. Stay away. South Shore (Lévis) ProMassage Lévis: Pretty much the same as Le Plaisir des Sens. Exit 306 on the 20 Dames de pique: Stay away. I hope I don't irritate the mods here, but the Quebec City on Lyla is not very rich in info so I'm taking the liberty to give this out: We sometimes refer to 'the red board' that has a section for Ottawa, but the 'red board' has a sister site, call it 'the green board' Just change Toronto for Montreal in the URL acronym. There's a Quebec City section there, if that may help. Most comments are in French. Ad Sites: Just google Escortes Québec and you'll get tons of info. Just remember Québec is a province and you mighe wind up with some info from Montreal. Look for the 418 or 581 area code. Have a nice trip!!!
  8. About 4 years back, AFAIK, there were about 5 or 6 incall providers based in Orleans. The ones that left were doing fine but for some unrelated reason opted to move elsewhere in Canada or simply retired. Of the 2 that are still around, one is advertising regularly on this board and the other is sort of flying low on the radar screen, but she's a regular contributor here in the general discussions. I think Orleans has room for more SPs.
  9. I'm in the states right now, and I used Chrome to get to leolist.cc and I hit a wall. Message says I cannot access it from the country I'm in. terb.cc works and obviously, lyla.com also works. However, I was able to get through by using the TOR browser. Looks as if they're censoring some foreign sites, whether or not the content concerns the US Industry. Personally I think it's just a matter of time before they build a wall barring any foreign site that apparently infringes the FOSTA/SESTA laws. PM me if you want me to test a particular URL from down here.
  10. Jeff Sessions and friends have seized the entire Backpage site in the states. It's not clear to me if the Canadian site was affected, it was a bit complicated for me to access already. Craigslist has removed the 'Therapeutic' listing. Predictable result: There will be more streetwalkers, more activity in those 'meet market' bars, etc... Will it take down the Industry? No way. Other sites will carry on in a different manner. And they call this place 'The Land of the Free'...
  11. I'm in the States right now, and if I try to get to see the Ottawa BP, no way! I get rerouted to Backpage USA. My workaround is to use the TOR browser (See post #15 in this thread). It works! By knocking out access to BP.ca because of the adult industry, BP somewhat hurt all other advertising sectors in urbanized areas straddled by the border such as Windsor/Detroit, Niagara, etc... And those 'mercans accuse other countries of Internet censorship...
  12. If you want an idea what's going on in Trumpland (AKA 'Land of the Free'), just look at the BP w4m dating section of a large city, say Miami. Only thing in the titleand ad is a phone number and age with a few pics. Crazy. Some of them have the clever initiative to embed their text in the jpg pic but that's not the majority. One thing I can't figure out is why all of them put some bogus twitter or instagram link in their ads.
  13. Been there a couple of times. It's in a private residence. She's got diplomas all over the walls of the massage room. If you're in the mood for a good massage and nothing else, that's your place. I didn't ask for anything and she didn't offer anything either. Like everywhere else, ymmv but my feeling is that if anything does happen there it's very very limited.
  14. I'd pull a U-turn and explore elsewhere. I want to keep an airtight seal between my hobby life and my regular life. On the flipside, who says that lady doesn't have an incall place and wants to keep her living place confidential? Some ladies are very sensitive (with obvious reasons) about this... Contacting her for services would be skating on very thin ice, in mho.
  15. usasexguide.info works for me, at least for Florida. I never used them in other areas, but I'd expect the same. Additional Comments: And by the way, they have a sister site, Internationalsexguide, you can click on it from the USA site. Info from places all over the world. Some destinations have plenty intel, but others are very poor.
  16. A simpler way is to install the TOR browser. (Heck, If I was able to do it, anyone can! LOL). It's simply a browser like Chrome or Firefox. Some say it's slow, but I didn't see that much of a difference. There's also an android version, in that case an auxiliary program called Orbot has to also be installed. I don't understand the exact mechanics of it, but it seems to go through many IP addresses in many countries, causing complete confusion to the US 'censors'. Additional Comments: BP seems to have a sister site, just replace BP with postfastr in the URL address. Some SOB hobbyist should try it and give us some feedback. > > > >SOB ===> South Of Border... Don't get me wrong, bunch of twisted minds! lol
  17. I'm back in the States and now, I can't get to backpage.ca at all. My T-Mobile way of getting there, worked last summer, has also been rerouted to us.backpage.com Amreican legislators believe that by banning 'Adult Sections' from classified ads that they will eliminate such and such activity and/or what they see as 'crime'. All it does is to put every advertiser in the same section (e.g. massage). That way, they think the problems are gone. Now the legit RMTs and LMTs are thrown among all the others. Not clear for someone that's looking for a legit massage with receipt. Same for putting escorts with legit dating personal ads. And now, they're denying access to Americans to see what's going on in other parts of the world. The guy living in Buffalo, or Detroit can't see what's in ANY Canadian backpage ad, censorship obliges. He can't even see what available in Canada for anything on Backpage! This censorship and redirecting to the American Backpage bears some ressemblance to the way internet is controlled in China or Russia. And they call themselves the Land Of The Free???
  18. Every lady that post the 'No Black Men' or 'No AA Men' may not do so for the same reason. I asked some of the providers I know in the States and I got different answers ranging from 'pushy' to 'pimps on the prowl'. One Latino provider told me that some of them turn into uncontrollable beasts once the hormones get flowing. Racism? Not sure about that either because some AA providers don't want to have anything to do with AA clients. I know another US provider that's Russian by birth and wants nothing to do with Latinos, justifying herself by many low-balling experiences and bargaining the agreed upon price. There may be many reasons, to each her own, I figure.
  19. Thanks for the tip. I spend quite a while in the states and I like to keep up with what's going on here.
  20. Weird thing happened when I was in the states last June. When I tried to log in to Backpage.ca using my laptop connected to the hotel's WiFi, I was redirected to Backpage.com with no options for Canadian provinces or cities. My understanding was that the hotel is connected to the web through Comcast. If I used my phone on the T-Mobile network, I could get to Backpage.ca no problem. Go figure!
  21. Hehe I know this doesn't answer the question raised in the original post, but I can't resist sharing this one! In French slang, there is an expression to describe a goatee. Loosely translated, it's 'pu**y gasket' LOL!!!
  22. Close, but no cigar. Carole, in this quoted post is not the one offering outdoor massages. Pauline offers the outdoor massages. Let's say they certainly know each other!
  23. The hours of operation, in mho, say it all.
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