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  1. I can't imagine most of us leaving a restaurant without leaving a tip, never mind after a HE. Most spas and in this case a hair salon pay their masseuse a minimum wage and the owner keeps the entire massage fee. So to walk out without leaving at least $40 to $60 is unconscionable. Does anybody think that they give you a finish because they enjoy it? That's how they support themselves and in most cases their family. If you can't afford a reasonable tip, I would suggest going less often or find another hobby. It is not too late to make amends as someone suggested and go back in to apologize and hand her a good tip that reflects the value of this service.
  2. I think the only one paying a price here is Kitty as surely these comments will slow down her demand for service.
  3. I booked for an hour and got an excellent massage. The HE was one of the best I've had in a long time. The place was clean and Jenny was very friendly to me. I will definitely repeat.
  4. No, there is a 958 St. Mary's road with an ad for massages and body sugaring.
  5. If you type in "Massage" top left, you still get to see massage ads even though they don't show that as an option anymore.
  6. I wish to cancel this post
  7. The masseuse is in China. Don't know about return date.
  8. That is Shur's new place. I don't know if she still operates out of Southpoint
  9. I think that what she was saying was that she wouldn't be doing it herself anymore
  10. They may not be closed, but Shur told me that she's opening a Spa on Pembina Hwy on the 18th and that she is retiring. I don't think she was kidding. Nomad
  11. Is there a girl with you who helps you with the shower?
  12. I saw Cathy yesterday. Very impressed. Competitive with Shur
  13. For my part, I declined the prostate massage.
  14. I did see Liberty this past week. Nice person, but will continue to prefer Shur and a few others.
  15. My tip is the same as the massage fee. She is definitely worth it.
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