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  1. carlosage

    Tantric Massage?

    Hi shubuesam, Below is a quote of yours regarding a massage from Sophie. She looks to be in great shape. Was she pretty? Thanks!
  2. carlosage

    Love that rear bumper!
  3. carlosage

    My oh my! Sexy!
  4. Harper and the Conservatives have to go! As a form of poetic justice, I'd love to have sex with a hot lady on Peter McKay's desk with a copy of C-36 on there! LOL
  5. carlosage

    I confess that...

    I confess that I've thought about fulfilling one of Cristy's fantasies by letting her eat cake off of my body...I have had more dirty thoughts about her too...I find the cake thing kind of amusing LOL
  6. carlosage

    I confess that...

    I confess that I'm thinking of starting a whole new naughty tread LOL
  7. carlosage


    I love the thought of a soft hand making that grip...It's even hotter if she throws in the occasional smile :)
  8. carlosage

    I confess that...

    I confess that...well, let's just say I have pitched many a tent in Cristy's honour when I see her photos LOL
  9. carlosage

    Whipping my own little Sweet but Naughty Self!!

    Awesome pic! Very inviting smile! Love that ass baby!!
  10. carlosage

    Verified 2009

    Hot hot hot!
  11. I just thought of another one - Just to have sex with a hot lady while another lady just relaxes and watches...It would also be cool for her to throw in the occasional word of approval/encouragement with what she's seeing :)
  12. I'd like to add to my earlier post. Two more items for me are: - Perform a "Russian" - Just sit back and enjoy 2 hot ladies enjoy each other's company :P
  13. I can't help but wanna share. I've always wanted to: - Have a 3-way with 2 hot ladies. It'd also be cool 2 wake up with both of them the next morning :) - Give a gal a pearl necklace - HAve sex on an office desk
  14. carlosage

    Lexy and Penelope Davis

    Man, I've gotta have me a threesome with two hot ladies some day :)
  15. carlosage


    Thanks again people. For what it's worth, I am less concerned about STIs...Although I'd surely plan on playing it safe. To any SPs: Am I safe in thinking that SPs (for the most part) exercise similar safety measures as SPs in Nevada (where it is legal)? I'm thinking that I'd be a "client" and the acts would be mutually agreed upon. I'm also thinking that if I ever end up in a serious relationship, I may not have to disclose EVERYTHING. In my mind, hooking up with an SP is not much different than hooking up with a random chick in a bar. I would not want to know about every detail of my future girlfriend (or whatever) as long as protection was used. To let a cat out of the bag, two ladies I'm considering contacting are Cristy Curves or Nikki Menage...I've looked @ their sites frequently over the last several months...