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  1. I'm tempted to try to answer for her... But it isn't my place and given its been a few years, I know my answers would just be an extrapolation from the the path I thought she was on. I'm more interest in how often does she attend this establishment.
  2. 🤔😃 That's quite a while ago... It'll be be interesting if you ever see both Cubans out again. Given life and how it progresses. Last I remember seeing you, my life was umm..... in upheaval... But your curves could always turn my head...
  3. You said ”I seriously doubt it will close. ". It a major increase to his income at the hospital... There is nothing out there for people want to rent the hotel... The club helps fill Hotel rooms for a few hours at least. And he'll make the club bill the girl for leaving mid day... " I suspect maybe the last person who was brought in to run it may have had enough and bailed while he had a chance." The owner of the Tease but heads several times with the building owner.... And he was pretty much treating the casino cab's owner as a servant. I heard him say several times that his wife didn't know about his acquisition of the business... I'm sure he took his opportunity to leave. " There are too few licensed places in town now, and that makes it attractive particularly as it is getting really built up in that area of Bank Street.". The shit hotel & owner of the hotel is what makes it unappealing.
  4. Unfortunate, 😑 Have to wonder if there is data on actual transmission through this category of institution, vs projected.
  5. Thank you luxe,. I was always a fan of you on stage, but never trailed much. I agree with your perspective almost completely. I think the club's in Ottawa are unsure of how to define themselves. It's also cheaper and easier to allow thing's than enforce rules, that would require management to plan and manage properly, which is more work than normal bar manager's have... So they resort to lowest effort / cheaper management...
  6. Fair question... I've heard nothing, But I'm also not connected to anyone who works there... My question is... If it does reopen will they raise prices per dance? And of all the club's will it be clean? Will it still have the sewer smell? Ok so that last one is rhetorical...
  7. Not meaningless, I've been out of the seen and feel my contribution would be too dated... I myself appreciate it.
  8. Cabaret, was fined for not having the no touching signage required or something like that... And I heard sisters were fined for touching or something like that... The current room layout makes it easier to find a less visible place to do extras... But while that's happening it's easy for the provider to not see someone look in... Messed up laws happening in my opinion... Not sure what is allowed or required in some area's...
  9. Heard cops visited and issued citations to a few of the dancers & the club for allowing them to do things.
  10. They are @ Casino Caberet again today. I don't know if they have a firm schedule... Isabella is planning another trip to Cuba... So she wants money...
  11. So looks like they are back and working today... Isabella seems hungry for men, or money... You decide
  12. Hears a panoramic of the club taken a week or 2 ago
  13. So both showed up @ casino Cabaret today. And will likely be there for the rest of the week.
  14. They have been talking about going to Casino Caberet. Thursday & Friday.
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