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  1. I’m interested to see what is happening here. How can police do anything for simply contacting them for a massage?
  2. Nothing but glowing reviews of Taylor on the other board. I saw Sophia on her first day many many months ago. She was obviously nervous but was great. I’ve stuck with Emma since but definitely would go back. I’d like to get to see Taylor and Quinn as well.
  3. I feel once you have seen them more it gets better. Emma is always great, but once you develop a rapport with them it’s much more enjoyable (not that it isn’t as is)
  4. Where do you see ads for the Alina and Aimy?
  5. Choosing to working shouldn’t be an option. This isn’t an essential business. Pretty simple.
  6. They make you feel good for an hour then on to the next, hate to say it. They are very good. Good enough to get ppl to drop a couple Grand on them during a pandemic. No matter someone’s financial stress, it NEVER makes endangering others lives ok. So the talk about “you don’t know their situation” means nothing. The guy seeing them and being irresponsible may have kids and a family he supports and the SP gets him sick. Are they bailing him out when he can’t support his family?
  7. Do you think they would spot you cash?
  8. Like I said, I could pay in advance if I plan to see them again, however... 1) I don’t agree with their business practice now so I will not be seeing them again 2) ppl come and go from this industry way too often for me to trust them with a cent for any amount of time 3) they are clearly in it for a buck. They don’t care about their health or the health of others so why would they care to keep a promise or down payment for a future visit
  9. I’m not paying someone for a service that isn’t being provided. I have to pay my rent too. And much like any business, if I don’t like their politics or what have you, I boycott. Everyone needs money. That doesn’t make it ok to put your health and many, many others at high risk.
  10. I’m very disappointed in the Osborne/bridgewater group. The women I have seen are very smart, well spoken etc. I’m surprised at their willingness to work. It’s frankly dangerous and ignorant
  11. Or ppl can do what is being asked...more like plead to, to stay away. Why does any one need to go get a rub down? stay home, stretch, use a foam roller, do some yoga. Smarten up!
  12. How about those that have it and aren’t aware? It’s silly to think continuing this hobby at this time is prudent. All for what? You are putting yourself and others in danger. I trust my family, I am not seeing them in this time. I trust my co-workers, I’ve been given the option to work from home and am doing it. Everything else is closing yet they still provide this service. How is it essential? This is a global problem and ppl are being irresponsible. You are to assume everyone has it.
  13. How does whether it’s a new client or not change anything?
  14. Now that the virus is here, this is the most important week or two to socially distance. You can handle not participating in the hobby for 10-21 days guys.
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