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  1. Hi Jessica: I say keep the old pics. There is a very noticeable difference in your "look" but I don't see how keeping the old pics is a negative if you are comfortable with them. The albums are dated so prospective clients can view the new pics and have an idea of what to expect at the door. Personally I like to see albums/photos that go back a few years as well. It adds to the confidence that the photos are legit, as in this case where the "look" may be noticeably different, but there is no doubt both photos are of the wonderfully curvy Jessica Rain. MOFW
  2. Just a heads up to community members that it seems with the transition to the new website that your entire date if birth is shown, including year, as the default. You can change this by going to your profile, selecting the drop box for year of birth and scrolling all the way to the top. Then you can select "not telling" and just the day and month will be displayed, not the year.
  3. Jessy Celeste and Sasha May are an experience you won't soon forget.
  4. A little to the right.... a little to the left..... sounds like a nice change from the "straight down the middle". ;)
  5. I have had the great pleasure of seeing Sasha May regularly for a while now, and always look forward to her return to Kingston. I was pleased to learn that on her latest visit she would be accompanied by the very well reviewed Jessy Celeste. Jessy had been on my radar for a while as one of the Lyla ladies I was interested in seeing, and was waiting until I would be in Ottawa when she was visiting. A text to Sasha May, who confirmed with Jessy, and our time was set. Upon arriving at the location I was greeted by Sasha May with a warm welcome and introduced to Jessy Celeste. Simply being in the same room as these two beautiful women had my heart beating faster. I'll leave the details to your imagination, but suffice it to say after the introductions these sensual and interactive ladies provided a extremely satisfying experience that left me exhausted but exhilarated. They are both smart, fun and oh so sexy. I would highly recommend seeing either of these beauties individually or in duo. If you do see them in duo eat your Wheaties, you will need the energy lol.
  6. While I certainly wouldn't expect it, when a lady gets wears an elegant cocktail dress, heels and looking ready to go out for drinks. Even if we are staying in. I appreciate the effort and make sure she knows it. Thinking of a beautiful blond with piercing hazel eyes in a figure hugging gold dress. Should we have a glass of wine? ..Yes, yes we should. Along with WIR, and Biker Dude, Lingerie with thigh high stockings is a favorite. A dark haired temptress in black bra, panties and stockings greets you at the door. You try to take it all in before she pulls you closer... Biggest recommendation I can give is wear something that makes you feel attractive and confident in yourself. I think its super sexy when a woman knows she's looking hot, knows you are diggin it big time and likes the fact. Right now this thread has got me thinking about yoga pants :)
  7. Had the opportunity to meet Sasha May and must agree she is an experience not to be missed. Super friendly, very attentive and seems to enjoy what she does very much. GFE++ Looking forward to her return and repeating with this beauty. You will leave smiling.
  8. Recently: You are the perfect balance of sweet and naughty. I thanked her, told her she brings that out in me, and suggested something naughty!
  9. My whole life the types of women I've been most attracted to are those with high intelligence, or the courageous rebel who won't be confined by convention. When a lady is both it can't get any better in my opinion so a sapiosexual attraction is key for me. A sexy woman will capture my attention, but one who captivates the mind will keep it.
  10. Visited her for the first time recently and WOW what an enchanting beauty. She met me at the door with a kiss and immediately put me at easy with some small talk and flirting. Gorgeous lady with piercing eyes, luscious curves and a wicked little smile. Her intelligence is obvious and she was very attentive, ensuring an extremely satisfying encounter. Fun, smart and sexy she's everything a man could want. Can't wait to repeat. MOFW
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