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  1. I saw her in January. Pics are really her. Good service, to some degree reminiscent of VIPOTG but I felt more rushed. Seemed to be a bit higher volume but I would repeat for sure. Edit: the phone number has changed since last time.
  2. Had a great time with Sabrina French yesterday. Accurate photos and stats. Excellent passionate GFE service. She was very professional and eager to please. Good location and easy booking. I would definitely repeat.
  3. I saw Rose again and she is as beautiful as ever. Seriously, absolutely gorgeous. Service was once again absolutely incredible. A very authentic GFE. I also want to mention that she is complying with Atlantic bubble self-isolation guidelines. Booking with Your French Lady was quick and easy and the location was a nice hotel.
  4. Just got back from seeing Rose French and it was without a doubt one of the most amazing experiences I have had in this hobby. Physically she is absolutely stunning. Beautiful eyes and smile and a sexy, petite body. She has a great attitude and is easy to talk to and eager to please. Excellent GFE service as well. As always with Your French Lady, the location was convenient and booking was easy. I plan on repeating every time she comes to Halifax.
  5. Just got back from a great time with Gabrielle French. Her photos and stats are accurate and attitude and service are excellent. Definitely GFE. She's part of the Your French Lady group. Booking was easy and the location was good.
  6. The assertion that you're not getting your money's worth on SA is your opinion. It is not a fact. Some others in this thread seem to think it's worth the price. I don't think paying $150 is being financially raped, and I sincerely doubt that the target audience for SA would disagree. There's no reason for you to get so hostile. I never said that SA were honest businessmen. I never said they were ethical. I said that their model has led to success and that it is purely speculation that their success won't continue.
  7. Ok, so the rate rose over time... that doesn't mean they are only successful because "They accidently inherited a large part of the market after the collapse of BP" I have followed the thread, other than an estimate from Hornypt, I don't see any evidence of this ratio that you have referenced multiple times. Of course if you had understood my last post you would know that I actually agree that the ratio is favorable to men and wasn't questioning that in my last post. Does match.com thoroughly vet their members and impose exclusivity clauses? And before you counter that match.com is cheaper, keep in mind that the niche market of sugar dating is geared toward wealthy people.
  8. Backpage went down in April... SA was established years earlier and was already a multi-million dollar company by then. The premium difference with SA is the women to men ratio that you keep mentioning. Edit: I should mention, I have no vested interest in SA... I haven't even signed up for it and don't intend to pursue sugar arrangements... I am just baffled by your unwillingness to admit that from a business perspective they are doing well for themselves.
  9. Maybe, but again that's speculation. There's all kinds of examples of successful businesses that sell something that is available cheaper/free. You don't even need to look past the world of dating websites to see this.
  10. That's entirely speculation. All we know is that it is profitable right now and that they have a majority of the market share.
  11. Once again, irrelevant to my point. I never signed up for it. I am just pointing out that you're wrong about the business model.
  12. We seem to have our wires crossed. The comment which you responded to stated: "Well to be completely honest, those websites should charge what ever anyone is willing to pay, that's economics." Your response to this was: ""there are at least 5 to 1 women to men ratio", meaning most men are not willing to pay that amount" This (along with you mentioning a degree in economics) leads me to believe we are discussing the economics of the business model and not the ethics of the company. As such, my response pointed out that the high women to men ratio is a selling feature of the website and that encouraging a closer women to men ratio would be a poor business decision. Is it fair to sugar babies? Maybe not. Is it economically sound? Yes. On a related note, I would be curious if there is a source for this 5:1 ratio and how inactive accounts and scammers are weeded out when determining that ratio.
  13. You do realize that the (alleged) "5 to 1 women to men ratio" is precisely why they can charge what they do? That ratio is actually part of their sales pitch. Maintaining that ratio is their objective, that's why the service is free for sugar babies.
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