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  1. Mine is something very common but yet so difficult to get from providers. Its dry adult nursing/breast feeding.
  2. For me it would be a Ferrari 812 https://images.app.goo.gl/eGrV5nUvquGAKapq8 Or F8 Tributo https://images.app.goo.gl/7MumpoYaXoHzu3z79
  3. You now have to tap on the arrow thats placed at the far right end of each section. It will expand and show you the available threads from where you can access the proper hyperlinks.
  4. I have visited Briella a while ago and the recommendation was due right after the first visit. However, seeing that she has been recently available in Bedford, I felt it was time that I see her again. After a lot of rescheduling, she was nice to accommodate me to a last minute appointment. Every visit to her keeps getting better over time. Beautiful curves, all natural assets, great attitude and the most silky smooth skin that I have ever come across. I plan to become a regular with her and cant wait to see her again. Also, she offers duos with friends that I would love to experience some time soon. Overall an amazing local lady that can easily top any travelling providers if you are not looking for GFE.
  5. I have met her as well and she is one of the best that I had an experience with. Will post a recommendation soon.
  6. Wondering if she has a natural bust or if its enhanced like most of their ladies.
  7. I have seen Barbie a while back and really enjoyed my time with her. She is amazing, cant wait to visit her soon again.
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