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  1. Very odd considering onlyfans typically will ban account if you talk about in person meetups. Another red flag is the age being listed as 18. Should probably avoid this one.
  2. I've seen the majority of this list of local women and 100% agree. Nothing bad to say about any of them. I've also seen quite a few ladies from YFL and have had great experiences. However, considering the state of Quebec and Ontario at the moment, I would be very cautious of seeing traveling ladies for the time being. Yes, the booking process is very quick and simple with YFL but the local women listed here are true professionals. They value your privacy just as much as their own. I would have no issues providing ID (albeit, slightly redacted) or references, as I've done in the past. There's enough reviews on here about these women to know how reputable they are. It's worth the additional screening process to see them. Of course it goes without saying YMMV and I've had better experiences with certain ladies than others but I've never felt uncomfortable with any of them.
  3. AR-15. Smith&Wesson M&P15 Sport II to be exact. Just tried it out at the range today. What a time.
  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Savannah last week. Our schedules kept clashing and I thought we might not get the chance to see each other but it finally worked out and it was worth the wait. I could tell by the pictures she's attractive but when I saw her face I was surprised by how beautiful she really is. She reminded me of the type of girl I would have gone for in high school but never had a chance in hell of being with haha. Conversation flowed easily and it was great just talking with her. Shes a very caring and pationate young woman, and I would definitely consider going back.
  5. I can't really say much more than what's been said already but here goes. I visited Sarah on the weekend, and again this evening lol. I dont normally do repeat visits that close together but yeah, she's that good. The one hour session this weekend wasn't quite enough, needed to see her again so I booked 90m today. Worth every minute. She greeted me at the door both times in casual attire which I like. Feels more natural to me. I knew from her description she was small, but was still kind of surprised at how small she was (in a good way). I'm a fairly small guy myself so I'm used to seeing SPs my size or bigger. It's was a nice change lol. She is super chill, easy to talk to, and funny. I literally could spend the entire time just hanging and chatting I'm vanilla af when it comes to my own desires, so I can't speak from a kink perspective, however, if you're looking for a GFE, Sarah excels at it. Extremely passionate. Reminded me of being with my first gf. 10/10 would meet again.
  6. I know this post is a couple months old, but I've been in the exact situation where you've been when I first started this lifestyle. At the time, I had alot of money at my disposal, and dispose of it I did lol. I seen a couple different women but ended up going back to the first one I seen. I was in a very bad emotional state at the time and this particular woman took full advantage of it. I knew she had a drug problem, but it didn't bother me. I spent a few grand within the week, on her alone. Not entirely sure what made me snap out of it (probably my dwindling account balance lol) but eventually realized she was playing me, hard. My best advice is basically what the others have said. See other providers in addition to this particular one you feel obsessed with. There's alot of great SPs in this city alone, and ones who occasionally come here on tour. At the end of the day, these women are providing a service, that's it. When you go to the pharmacy, and you have good rapport with your pharmacist, and you just so happen to find her attractive, you wouldn't be obsessed with her, would you? Well you shouldn't, because she's just providing great customer service. I know that's kind of a watered-down example but it's the same core principle. IMO, the difference between an ok service and a great service, is that the latter makes you feel like it's real. Maybe you do have chemistry with the SP, maybe you don't. Doesn't matter. It's their job to make you feel good. Also, just some generic advice... focus on doing things to make yourself feel better (other than hobbying lol) and be productive with your time. Exercise, eat healthy, pick up a new hobby, take a class, etc. Start investing in yourself more, rather than trying to please others. Sounds selfish, but trust me, does wonders. Plus, helps get your mind off things staying busy. Oh yeah, what ever you do, do not tell her your feelings. If you're lucky, she just won't see you anymore. If not, she could use it to her advantage, as was the case in my situation. Best of luck to you Crake.
  7. I've seen Briella a couple times. Her rates are very reasonable. Give her a message if you're interested in seeing her. Nice girl, pretty face too.
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