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  1. In the news today: "Diamond's Massage body rub parlour is the latest business to be fined for failing to comply with provincial COVID-19 public health orders. According to the Manitoba government, the Sargent Avenue parlour was issued a $486 ticket for breaking public health orders that took effect on June 1. The business was closed on June 3". Was surprised to find it closed on Wednesday as plans were to open June 1. Found out that "The province can issue fines of $486 for individuals and $2,542 for corporations for defying current public health orders". Sounds like it was an individual fined?
  2. Yes, Tiffany who worked with Shu had that in the choices. Rona who was awesome in many ways also performed this option. Thank you.
  3. I do not think Diamonds was open all this time during the pandemic. I thought they had just reopened?
  4. Last time I saw Annie it was a different Annie at the house. The grandparents were nowhere around so it seems that this different Annie (who I had seen before at a place near the HSC) is moved in there. Who knows but I miss the younger Annie I used to visit.
  5. CNN reports that Coronavirus might now be called a sexually transmitted disease, as researchers have detected the virus in semen, according to a small study. It's still unclear whether the virus can be sexually transmitted through contact with semen. What about females - will daty spread the disease too? SCARY!
  6. A previous post stated they will be moving. Maybe their new place is called The Studio. They must plan on advertising a lot just before they open June 1. They are very good about advertising and replying to questions once they are open for business. Looking forward to visiting them! The ad states: IF YOU'VE PREVIOUSLY VISITED YOU WILL ALREADY BE A MEMBER PLEASE TEXT NAME AND APPOINTMENT NEEDS IF NEW.
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