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  1. i'd argue it's a good lesson in Ethics, and many need to learn it.
  2. man, you are way out of line, check your fragile ego and hear what is said.
  3. That setup is cause for concern, but the real scam is irrevocable gift cards. You get to the lobby an then are told to give "her' the gift card number = cash in the bank = before meeting anyone. 100% fake, $$ to Russian Mafia. So the fact you met her is much better, but still could scam you. Think of ways she can guarantee you too?
  4. Facebook Video by "Kate Shelor" an Influencer presenting as a hypnotherapist, sex and relationship expert. https://fb.watch/msTLVdsHlv/?mibextid=Nif5oz
  5. I understand why you feel thus way but I clearly did not offer to tip anyone. Nor did I asked to be paid for sharing my thoughts. You have chosen to be active here often. It is your choice to share your point of view. Best wishes to you.
  6. Jemma is a high-energy beauty. She loves to dance to music all through our time together. We met in February at her upscale Kanata incall. She sometimes provides for Kingston so be sure to confirm her location. Very professional, friendly, and easy going.
  7. I have met Brooke and she is exactly as she appears in her ads. She is mature, friendly, and fun to be with, with no concerns about her legitimacy. I am posting this because some seem to doubt the source of her recommendations. She also has a profile here in Lyla, as @Brookes. 807-355-5061. Call, she does not text.
  8. TY for the discussion. I did not know STI/STD screening did not include Herpes routinely. But I question putting it in the same sentence with HIV. Herpes is very contagious when in outbreak but is not deadly apart from raising the risk of cervical cancer. Is there a vaccine against it readily-available? HIV is treatable but potentially deadly, and far harder to transmit. I have to lookup the meaning of BV. Sorry it troubles you so much.
  9. I have no knowledge either way, but I think you are making the correct interpretation. If I hear from her I will post the news.
  10. I've imaged searched so many fakes that I forget the PS names whose pics the fakes have stolen but was almost catfished by a scammer using this gal's images last May. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_hi_sweethearts_let_s_have_fun_tonight-7784006?source=list
  11. Local Sweet Amy (1026) definitely comes recommended!
  12. Brook is real, friendly, great company. I met her a month ago.
  13. Adding: "Sam" is the other probable local, and Alexis Grace is attested as real in other Lyla threads.
  14. I know of four TB locals reviewed in Lyla. I have not met Kayla but trust that she is terrific. I recommend those I have met. Of these, only Rose has ads in LL at this time. I found Rose very sexy, but too young for me. So I have sought more mature providers. Amy is delightful -- all I dreamed of and is just as she appears, but she has gone silent since 2022. She has/had many regulars. I enjoyed my time with Brook. She is as she appears though a bit older in former LL ads than her ad states as SweetySweet at VIPFavours. There is one other local I trust is real but I forget her name just now. Susan? IMO Leolist for TB is at least 50% fakes (I did thorough searches), and likely closer to 80% fake. More and more are online only. So the only other IRL escorts I would trust (but I cannot afford them) are those who tour with years of recommendations like Bray and Keissey Hennessy. Amber K. Diamond also appears legit but I distrust not having any photos.
  15. LOL. By choosing this contract, I assume you regard the trade as benevolent toward your own best interests?
  16. Underlying my inclusion of addiction and compulsive behavior in the same Venn circle is the suggestion made by many including Dr. Gabor Mate that such learned adaptations are rooted as reactions to relieve the pain of emotional/psychological trauma. The hypothesis is that everyone has experienced intense suffering. Some of us have matured enough to not be as vulnerable to compulsive/addictive temptations, but IMO no-one is immune. Given sufficient negative stimulation (a shyte-storm) we all may find ourselves driven to seek something for relief. I am not denying the facts of physiological addition to mind-altering substances, but suggest that indulging in such substances begins as part of the same pathology. When we cannot (or are not wise enough to) access healthier forms of relief from suffering, our habitual use of a familiar (but riskier) source of relief conditions us to weakened impulse control and/or the onset of physiological addiction. If I may return to the original focus on asking if the provision of sexual services relieves or aggravates suffering, it is a complex question. Sex involves the activation of instinctual parts of our brain similar to an addiction, but has far deeper meaning to us than the numbing, distraction, or euphoria of many addictions. Sex fulfills a natural and wonderful human instinct, but is also bound up with our deepest desire for belonging, acceptance, relationship, affection, and bonding. Sexual services cannot truly be all these things, but is a surrogate for them. By seeking the surrogate does a client help themselves, or create a deeper wound because the sexual acts provided were not a genuine expression of love between two or more human beings? I had a psychiatrist once whose loving manner felt genuine, and I asked him about it. He said that as a professional he provides his services with genuine compassion -- with love, which is not the same thing as being "in love." I believe that professional companions may be able to do this as well; but it is not easy. Each is a human being with their own issues and experiences. This is why I find it so important to respect and boundaries each sets, and why intimacy like genuine kissing is uncommon. I have found that as a client when my companion welcomes my tenderness and compassion into the room, our time together is truly wonderful because I can give "with love" as well as receive.
  17. Thank you for your rich response. You name many nuances that deepen my own understanding. For now I refrain from further comment, hoping that others will engage with your observations,
  18. My experience of compensating companions for their time has had me wrestling with ethical dilemmas. I'd like to share my thoughts and invite constructive comments. Why is Sex Work illegal? Our culture heightens sexual cravings by sexualizing people and products. We are conditioned to crave intimacy as an expression of our wholeness as human beings, and when under other stresses, a lack of healthy opportunities for intimacy can become an unmet need causing suffering and heightening the risk of mental illness and self-harming. So an argument can be made that Companions who provide such services are relieving suffering, and providing a kind of therapy. This has been my experience. I have appreciated the humanity and respect shared in my interactions as a client. But I also recognize that scratching the itch often makes it worse. Once a lonely heart take the huge risk of seeing a companion, a positive experience intensifies the craving for more, more, more. So there is an obvious parallel to other forms of addiction. Some former taboos, like the use of marijuana, have been legalized and its use is now largely benevolent. By removing the trade from the hands of illegal suppliers the acceptance of such use has also seen larger numbers of people having a net benefit; just as I will enjoy a glass of Zinfandel after this post. So if the provision of companionship can be genuinely therapeutic (relieving suffering), why does it continue to be regarded as illegal? There are many good reasons to regard sex work as an evil. Human trafficking is an evil. Getting vulnerable people hooked on hard drugs so they can be pimped out to feed their addition is an evil. Huge amounts of money are passing into the hand of criminals who thrive on hurting people by whatever means enhances their profit. So there are aspects of the industry that are and should be prosecuted as criminal. Under our present laws, selling sexual services is legal, but buying such services is illegal. For Sex Workers the legalization of providing services must be a great benefit, adding to the dignity and lessening the risk of choosing this profession. It is reasonable to criminalize those who seek their services? I would argue that because much of sex work still does involve horrific exploitation, the answer is not a simple "no." But the harms are greater because the trade is still illegal for those seeking it. Were it legal, and protected as a human right (both providing and seeking), the opportunities for criminal exploitation would lessen and the mortal outrage against such activities would become harder to sustain rationally. IMO, making sex work legal and regulated would be a positive step in the ethical evolution of our culture. Sex itself would become recognized as a healthy expression of human interactions rather than a dirty taboo, at least when paying for it. In my experience, the companions I have met have been lovely persons with their own agency, enjoying dignity and treating me with respect in my vulnerability. Thank you.
  19. For the record this extended exchange was with a former very active member who appears to have deleted (or been booted) his (presumed gender) account. An earlier comment suggested that if LL is so bad why not use a different site. My witness is that in a small market like TB any other sites are underpopulated and stale. There may be 3-4 legit providers across all of them, in addition to one I know is legit who also advertises on LL. And my fav companion has disappeared. Thanks for holding the line @MissArtois
  20. IMO the moderators have abandoned the site, but it remains the best archive I know of valuable guidance. It's primary function is to enable those who do research to find it and make informed decisions. Otherwise, the scammers own everyone. Real recommendations do matter. My first was rejected because I was new, and the (wonderful) companion has disappeared. I do have recommendations for some Thunder Bay providers but all have established reputations with reviews here so no need to say "Me too!" (-- Amy, Rose, Brooke). IMO the lack of new recommendations is that total participation has fallen off. Lyla now functions as an excellent source for NS and NB. The clients who are here know, but the majority are never here at all. Think about the hundreds or thousands being scammed every day. I have read very few warnings of scammers because there are so many, and 99.3% of victims never find Lyla or have the courage to admit being scammed if they did. The structure is excellent, and the intentions worthy, but without active moderators, no wonder Lyla is stagnating. But your core point it valid. If you are here and if you are able to recommend a SP, why not do so?
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