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  1. Hi I had an excellent experience with a lovely provider today and I just wanted to write a word of recommendation if you are looking for a full GFE and fun experience. Trista was top notch in all areas and she spent extra time talking to me so I felt comfortable that she was legit and I could tell right away she was down to earth and someone I would get along with. In addition to her "technical" skills, to be discreet, Trista has a warm and welcoming personality that immediately puts her visitors at ease, I would assume, as it did for me. I was immediately amazed at how she was able to create a calming and soothing environment that allowed me to fully relax and enjoy the experience instead of being nervous or feeling akward. Overall, I highly recommend Trista as an excellent provider whether you like to party or enjoy a fulle experience or just for a massage, she is good at what she does. She was skilled, professional, and personable, and I am confident that you will enjoy your experience with her as much as I enjoyed mine. I highly look forward to being able to see her in the future when we are both back in the area again. Thank you for reading and thanks Trista for a wonderful time
  2. I also had a good experience with her! She was exactly as she looked in the pictures and we had a great time. So far I've also had good luck with providers with the occassional bad experience in between but this one is definately worth the leap of faith she is a 10 all the way! I hope to see her again when we are both in the same area and I watch her social media hoping she say's she is coming around again! Thanks for your thorough review my friend and enjoy the road! Here's my two favorite pictures from her collection. I always like to see a verified provider that does more than the minimum 5 pictures and updates them frequently, it tells you they go above and beyond to reassure the rest of us lol
  3. Hey I happened across your review and remembered I also had the opportunity of seeing her last year and I agree with your review 100%!!
  4. Yeah you must be using a vpn outside of canada because if you aren't in canada you can't see the pictures
  5. Honestly, if the provider shows up and is the same person as is in the pictures I am happy as can be lol Facts though.
  6. I've always found tinyeye to be pretty much useless but I agree with @Greenteal that yandex is a good reverse image search tool 100%
  7. Seriously? It's called the protection of person exploited law? How is that possible? I have a hard time believing it
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