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  1. Well said Raven1974👍
  2. Thanks then AS… eagerly awaiting some feedback from navy_suit!….
  3. Hey can someone advise what TOFTT means? Thanks
  4. Agree with all of the above and regret not trying her tantric session 😕 before her departure. Add my name the list of those missing the amazing SP Sweetie.
  5. It’s been a bit for me but have had a few appointments with Melody. Each experience I’ve had was very fulfilling…. Her GFE service was mind blowing and she is very fit and Beautiful. She is very experienced and smart - an excellent service provider. As advised above…just be patient if you don’t get a response quickly. For me one of Hali’s best.
  6. Absolutely echo these posts. Nikki is special. Hope to see her again in 24.
  7. Hey Jaxson, cool if I pm you for deets on Chloe?
  8. I’m thinking not legit… but would be happy to be proven wrong:)
  9. I would echo dadawg’s sentiment about Nikki Boudreau. I had the pleasure of seeing Nikki this week; she was attentive, engaged and I’m still on a high from the encounter 🙂. She’s ’extraordinary and an authentic person that made me as a 1st time client comfortable and relaxed. She’s intelligent and easy to talk and relate to. Highly recommended!
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