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An Interview With... Daddy's Girl Tasha - Seeing Mature Clients as a Young Provider

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Guest lydiahardwood

Good morning, Canada! 

It's Sunday, so it's time to get to know another member of the Lyla community. This topic was a request by another valued member of the community and I'm pleased that @Daddysgirltasha was able to answer a few questions for us. Please like, comment and let me know your thoughts! ❤️ 

Q: Hey Tasha. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by us on this topic - it’s great to get to know you better and find out some insight on this somewhat controversial topic! Let’s start with a bit about you. What services do you offer and how did you get into this?
A:  I’ve always been very open about my sexuality, I’m always full of energy and love being naked. At the time, I had just moved out on my own & it wasn’t easy. A friend of mine suggested “escorting” so that's how it started!

Q: How old are you now?
A: I’m 22 years old.

Q: So let’s talk about your work name; Daddy’s Girl Tasha. Tell me about that and why you chose it.
A: I chose my name, “Daddysgirltasha” because for I am a complete daddy’s girl. I love being spoiled & I'm slightly submissive.

Q: I see a lot of people in “civvy” life not understanding/being comfortable with the term “Daddy” in the bedroom. What would you say to those people?
A: I would say: don’t be mad your dads number is saved in my phone as “Zaddy”.

Q: Haha, brilliant. So what is your typical Client like? Do they tend to be of a certain age?
A: Honestly, it very much ranges. Being young myself, I find I do attract younger men, but in most cases my clients are middle aged or older. My oldest (regular) is almost 80! 

Q: Intersting! Are you attracted to older men? 
A: I definitely find myself more attracted to someone older. The oldest man I’ve dated in my personal life was about 40.

Q: Do you find that conversation flows easily with people who aren’t your own age? Is it ever awkward?
A: I find it really just depends on the person. I’m usually pretty good with keeping a conversation going, no matter the subject.

Q: Have you got any fears/anxieties about seeing older Clients? For example, are you worried you’ll see an old teacher/family friend?
A: No I haven’t had any worries, I think that anxiousness comes more with the younger men.

Q: So we’ve established that as long as it’s between two consenting adults age doesn’t really matter. But have there ever been times where you’ve been made uncomfortable by an older Client?
A:  Yes, I think we’ve all at least once & it’s usually a request involving some creepy (taking it too far) roleplay. 

Q: Are there any special requests that make you uncomfortable?
A: I love roleplay, it can be quite fun ! Long as it’s just a fantasy.

Q: What would you say to a Client who wants to see a younger Provider but is nervous because of the stigma attached to it?
A: I would say go for it! Just be sure to pick the correct Provider. Be sure she’s experienced with seeing older gentlemen, that way it will be more enjoyable for the both of you!

Q: You’re clearly a young woman with a good head on her shoulders, but I imagine some women your age may be a bit more naive, especially if they’re new to the industry. What advice would you give them?
A: My advice would be: only do what’s comfortable with you, enjoy what you do and only do it for you! If you’re in it for the long haul - build up your regulars! Lyla is a great way to stay in the loop & keep up to date with everything in the community 😊


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Thank you for this interview Tasha.  A very interesting topic.  There have been times I’ve felt a little guilty about a big difference in ages.

And thank you as always Lydia.

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Guest lydiahardwood
5 hours ago, Jackrlx9691 said:

I would love to see her ...


Do it! 😉

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Guest Jackrlx9691

have to admit ...have a soft spot for the whole Daddy fantasy 😉



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Great interview.  Im 44 and my regular companion is 24.  Its all around great.  I did not think it would be as my main goal was not to see someone this much younger but I think it really comes down to the companion and I agree with Tasha on what she had to say.

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