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An Interview With Everleigh May - Staying Safe as a Sex Worker

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Happy Sunday sexy people! This week's interview is with @Everleigh May. You may have seen her around on Lyla as she's been here for a looong time but has recently become active again. This topic is on safety as a sex worker as it's #sexualassaultawarenessmonth. Please share your tips on staying safe in the comments. ❤️ 


Q: Hey @Everleigh May! First of all a big welcome back to Lyla - I know from speaking with you that you used to use this board back when it was CERB! So, tell me a bit about yourself and your career so far.

A: Thanks for inviting me to do this interview! I'm Everleigh born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. I have travelled a lot within Canada and internationally thanks to this career. I love it! 


Q: How many years of experience do you have so far?

A: 9+ off and on 


Q: In that time I bet you’ve learnt a thing or two - keeping yourself safe must be one of those things. What is your screening process like?

A: I've had a few hiccups on the journey for sure, but now I ask for Lyla handles, references from Providers they have seen. Of course I ask what they are looking for in our session together. 

Sometimes I ask for a pic of them doing something innocent to prove they are who they are.


Q: What experiences have you had that have led you to adapt your screening processes or take extra precautions?

A: Thank God I have never personally had to deal with a super bad situation. But talking to friends about their experiences has made me take safer precautions.


Q: What are some of the safest ways to advertise?

A: Honestly it depends on where you are in the world and how discreet you wanna be. 

Personally I find Lyla great for myself while I'm in Canada . 


Q: What safety tips can you share for Providers who offer incalls?

A: Hire security. Always have security very close by (lobby of hotel, other bedroom, not in the room or bathroom). Always let security know how much time you will be spending with the Client, text or call security when the donation rate is provided and you feel safe. Then proceed with providing your entertainment . 


Q: And what about Providers visiting outcall locations? I imagine you have to be extra careful here.

A: Same as the answer above. Oh, but I always have a little key chain of pepper spray attached to my condom clutch.


Q: I saw you commented on a thread saying you keep pepper spray nearby but have only had to show it to someone once. Can you tell me a bit about that experience?

A: I've never been threatened or assaulted by a client. But I have had friends that have unfortunately.

Me and my girl Brooklyn were in Mississauga late 2015 and she had a bad date to the point I could hear it from my room that was 2 doors down. I had a key card to get in her room of course I let myself if and he was actually pulling her by her hair away from the door and I just showed and told him I had pepper spray. I was just about to spray him in the face with it and he pushed Brooklyn towards me, we fell as he darted past us and out the door.


Q: That sounds scary. I’m glad you were there for her and were able to make him go away. Any other precautions you take? E.g. sharing location with a friend, hiring security?

A: I always tell my best friend and my second is never too far. 


Q: Do you ever communicate with fellow SPs to help keep each other safe? Such as warning them about red flags/bad dates? (We have a private SP area here on Lyla for exactly that if you didn’t already know)

A: I have in the past yes.


Q: It’s #SexualAssaultAwareness this month and I’ve been thinking about how people downplay assault to SWers because “it’s a dangerous industry”. What would you say to these people?

A: Honest answer? I would tell them to go f*ck themselves.

If they were someone that deserved an explanation on the subject, I would hit them with hard facts and education. But that's a rant on its own. 


Q: Fair! I’m all for decrim because I think SWers would be more likely to report assault/harassment to the police if it wasn’t criminalised. Do you think a lot of this goes unreported? 

A: I can go on for days on this subject but I won't bore you all. I will say a lot goes unreported and things need to change.


Q: Agreed! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Everleigh. I know it’s a sensitive topic but also a really important one, so I really appreciate it. Anything else you’d like to say?

A: No problem; I'm an open book. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity and providing us all with this safe place to be ourselves!



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