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  1. Completely agree with all the positive comments here. I'm a regular with this agency and I think I've seen almost every girl they've brought in. Sometimes you get a girl who doesn't speak much English and communication can be a bit of a struggle, but you can always make a game of it. It's amazing what can be communicated with hand motions! I agree with Slurp. Let the girl go up the stairs first and you'll be rewarded with a sign of things to come! (forgive the bad pun).
  2. P. Sherman

    2014 06 26 15.33.25

    Wow. Just wow. Been staring at this pic for 5 minutes now .
  3. P. Sherman

    After 20 minutes of staring at all the photos in your different albums, this is definitely my favourite. I love that look in your eyes. Mmmmm...
  4. P. Sherman


    This pic has had me hypnotized for the past 20 minutes. I can't look away!
  5. P. Sherman

    Stunning. Just stunning. No other words to explain it.....
  6. I had another great visit with Mia this afternoon. This had to be my 4th or 5th visit with her and every time gets better. She has met me at the door in a different little outfit each time. She's tall and thin, with beautiful soft skin and an amazing suntan. I noticed that it's an 'all over' tan and I'm definitely going to have to ask how she got it! <grin> She's got beautiful breasts and legs that go on forever. It's nice to put your arms around a woman and pull her close, and smell shampoo and soap and everything clean. She's quiet and very soft-spoken. If you've never seen her before, you might think she's being aloof but I've come to realize it's genuine shyness. This is one of the few times where I actually enjoyed the foreplay without wanting to race to the main event. If you're looking for a quickie or a "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" session then this is not the right girl to see. She has a tiny little apartment with lots of furniture so it looks cluttered, but it's always been clean and neat when I've visited. I'd definitely recommend a visit.
  7. Wow. I'd love to be there Ivy but I'm in Montreal for the rest of this week for work. I'll keep my eyes open for the next party.
  8. P. Sherman

    Mmmm.... long red hair over black lingerie, covering smooth, pale skin. Very erotic.
  9. Turkey sandwiches the next day. A bit of mayo, some cranberry, a bit of salt and pepper. Mmm....
  10. Here are a couple of other options. I use Linux daily for work. I've installed dual-boot on my laptop so that I can interrupt it during boot time and select which OS to boot, either Linux or Windows (it defaults to Linux if I don't interrupt it). If it boots to Linux then I have a few options there again. I've got KVM running (the open source virtualization engine, not the keyboard switch) and I've got several different virtual guests I can run; Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and Windows 7. I hope this helps...
  11. My rule of thumb is that the ladies can't be any younger than any of my kids or it's just plain creepy. So the minimum is 24-25 years old and my preference is over 30. Nothing's sexier than a woman who knows what to do and how to do it!
  12. I'd definitely echo SA's comments. I saw her just recently as well and really should have booked a longer session.
  13. I have to agree with techno_babble. I bought one in the first week that it was available. It took a few days to really get used to the smaller form factor and the virtual keyboard, but there's absolutely no way I'd give it up now. There have been several comments about the fact that it was rushed out the door in order to make some exec's promised ship date. The hardware fit and finish is absolutely perfect. The software was certainly lacking but there have been a couple of announcements by RIM this week at their BlackBerry World conference and a couple of really good software updates that have been pushed out. It's an enormous improvement and will only get better from here. Mod, I hope you're able to get your hands on one for a few days. I think you'll be very impressed!
  14. +1 on Mod's comments about the death of the 'fat client'. The latest Gartner numbers I read said that by 2013 almost 25% of all end-user devices would be tablet-based (would not have a keyboard). Don't quote me on the numbers because I'm trying to find the Gartner report as I type this and I can't. The back-end will be running on an enterprise-grade Linux and the front-end will be all web-based. For my part, I have a Linux laptop and just bought a BlackBerry PlayBook. The laptop will stay in the briofcase more and more and the PlayBook will be my 'go-to' device. Almost every back-end system I connect to (Amazon, Salesforce, Google) is web-based and running Linux. Heck, even CERB is running on Linux!! Note that there's no Windows anywhere in that equation.
  15. P. Sherman

    IMG 0457

    Mmm. I keep daydreaming about this picture. I keep looking at the black leather chairs around the office and daydreaming about you in that lingerie....
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