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  1. Playmate: Foxy, Delicious, Mia, Vegas Barb's: Emily (way back), Jenny (ATF)
  2. Any definitive intel on this? Is the 'Fax finished?
  3. Ashley (daytime) was such a regular presence at the 'Mate - the place will not really seem the same if she is 'not so much' around. Believe I can recall only one time in the past several years when Ashley wasn't to be seen on an afternoon visit to the PM. Suppose the whole Covid situation/nightmare has made these kinds of changes inevitable.
  4. Someone posted (on another forum) that Pigale is opening tonight (6/30) at 7:00.
  5. On a Toronto SC board elsewhere someome started a thread titled 'Nothing new to comment on, let's hear those glory days stories'. Don't want to bore people with my personal opinions of what, where, who and when constituted the 'glory days', but the impulse behind the thread has made me more than a bit nostalgic. Not sure if things will ever really be anything close to the same on the local (Ottawa/Gatineau) SC scene, but it's looking like it'll be some time before many folks are going to feel comfortable in the former SC/CR environment. Didn't think I was a real SC addict by any means but, having not been able to attend since late February, starting to miss the anticipation of a visit and the atmosphere of the the local haunts. Managed to survive the 'retirement' of an ATF and then the demise of that dancer's venue (Barb's), but the situation in general seems so uncertain now and from so many standpoints - public health, club finances, continued dancer interest if/when there are club reopenings, perhaps even patron interest. Some have been suggesting that the 'Fax building will likely be sold at some stage and so it goes....... Recall the intense interest and dismay on this board when, years before the event, the closure of Barb's was rumoured. Wonder if interest among patrons remains at a level high enough to justify the continued operation of the clubs. Will we be able to indulge again by Labour Day or Hallowe'en? Will one ever again be greeted by the endearingly chintzy Christmas lights at the 'Mate on a pre-holiday visit? Perhaps I'm being too pessimistic and negative here but the situation seems less than rosy overall. Are the end days approaching?
  6. Stopped by the 'Mate on a Wednesday afternoon (2/26) around 1:30 and found the club sort of slow - not many patrons and few apparent dancers. By 2:15 - 2:30 or so there were quite a few more patrons and a number of dancers materialized from the CR, dressing room or coming in down the stairs. Many of the regulars were in attendance - noticed Ashley, Lana, Domino, Ruby, Gemma, Sol (Soul?) from Montreal and dark-haired Bianca. Blonde Bianca was seen to-ing and fro-ing in civvies but she never appeared in her dancer outfit. Domino seemed surprisingly tame/conservative in the CR, but Ruby provided a more typical 'Mate CR experience. Did not see Delicious or Adora and none of the usual ebonies seemed to be in - no CiCi, Sarah, Tamika or Shayla. (Maybe these ladies are not so frequently in the club lately.)
  7. Just when a certain dancer (Vegas) was getting to be a fave at the 'Mate, she gets 'banned'. More recently, the lovely Mia was becoming a new fave at the 'Mate. Now I'm told - guess what? - Mia has been banned. Seems like it's always the pretty, well-built ladies who get kicked out. What is happening at this place? Where does it end?
  8. Thanks for mentioning your sighting of Mia at Pigale. Wonder if she has switched over to Pigale exclusively or if she'll occasionally be at the 'Mate - such a lovely dancer, had been a real fave at the PM.
  9. 1. Mia at the 'Mate 2. Annika at the 'Mate 3. Ruby at the 'Mate A list biased toward the PM, but that's just where most of 2019's outings were. Based entirely on the visual impact of the dancers onstage and 'on the floor' in the club as opposed to any other aspect such as CR demeanour etc.
  10. In to the 'Mate on Thursday (12/19) for a pre-holiday visit and the club was moderately busy - not really hopping but not dead either. Noticed Ruby, Delicious. Lana, Ashley and some of the other regulars. Mia was nothing less than stunning on stage and off (with due respect to the other ladies of the 'Mate, Mia must present the best combination of pretty and well-built at this venue) and Adora looked great after emerging (didn't think she was in at first) from a lengthy CR visit. After thawing out a bit, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a tall, curvy, busty, blonde from days of yore - yes, after seeing her in the club on my last visit it was lucky (I guess) that Annika happened to be there and while she spent a good deal of time with a particular gent (same as last time if I recall correctly), another dancer was kind enough to relay my interest - I will never, ever approach a dancer when she is sitting with or speaking with someone. Did not see Shayla, Tamika or Sarah - in fact no ebony ladies were around while I was there. Nor did either of the Biancas appear to be present.
  11. Wednesday afternoon (11/6) and the 'Mate was fairly busy, at least in comparison to my last few visits - but it was also one of the very few times I've been at the PM during the afternoon and did not see Ashley in the club. Noticed Delicious, Ruby, Adora, Sarah, Mia, blonde Bianca, Annika and a very striking ebony dancer (Shayla?) who looked just stunning in a tiny orange bikini - just a really curvy, lovely look but surprisingly she did not appear to spend any time in the CR from 2:00 to 4:00 while I was present. In addition to the noted ladies, there were at least four others not known to me by name. Adora spent the whole two hour period with one admirer, includng a very long CR session with him. Was hoping to have some time with Annika, but she appeared to be spending a lot of time catching up with 'old friends' and I did not see her visit the CR either.
  12. Not sure if this situation ("...a line on the stairs to get in...") was a bit unusual but I'm slightly amazed. It's certainly true that it has been a very long time since I've been at the 'Fax during the late night hours, but I can never recall a line to get into the place. In the (distant) past my experience was that the crowd would start to thin out a bit after midnight (even on a busy Fri/Sat night) and then thin out a lot after 1:00 am. Apparently concerns re the demise of the O-town SC scene are somewhat overstated unless this was a really atypical Saturday night. Perhaps the loss of Barb's has had an uplifting effect on biz at the BF.
  13. Another pretty typical Thursday afternoon (9/12) down the Montreal Rd. Noticed regulars Ashley, Adora, Delicious, Lana, Sarah. Saw long, tall, leggy, busty Tamika for the first time and she interacted quite a bit with a patron seated stageside when she was on stage - something I've rarely seen in Ottawa SCs in recent months. One other dark-haired busty lady was there, unknown to me. Did not notice either of the Biancas, Mia or Domino. Delicious told me that it has been so slow in the early afternoons lately that she has started arriving at 2:00 as it is not really worthwhile for her to be there during the first two hours of the afternoon.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiSB7G732Eg
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