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  1. If insurance coverage is the issue, then what will happen to Playmate and NuDen? Everybody needs insurance so Phil will have to sell quickly [in Spring or summer] or either he or new owner will have to turn the building into something "insurable". Frank sold Pigales few years ago [very good timing] but retains ownership of the building. I bet BF could be renovated into a very nice massage parlor. That industry seems stable.
  2. I used to work close to Pigales so it was my go to club for many years. In a number of "surveys" it was always voted best club in the area. One thing that I remember was someone saying that the owner, Frank B. allowed girls from Montreal to stay at his house overnight for a very nominal fee. This saved the girls at least $50 a night times 4 nights-an extra $200 to take home every week. His house on Aylmer Rd has 7 bedrooms so anywhere from 7 to 12 girls could be there. I think Frank sold the house in 2001 so this practice stopped but the club still maintained a very good group of ladies working there. I'll always remember Frank carving up the huge roast of beef for lunch time. He ran a good club and I hope he is still doing well somewhere. Many of his staff did well over 20 years there. I'd be very interested to know when Pigales opened. Think it must be early to mid 80's.
  3. I always preferred Gina to Sophia Loren. Many thanks GT for these beautiful retro beauties.
  4. Thank you Ali for this. I know for sure you have your head screwed on right.
  5. FH Fripple, posted "Monday at 11:49am" last of 3, pulling on grayish top, black G sting, Daisy Dukes deserves to be posted here too.
  6. Wow, I remember that last pic of Christina. One of the greatest girl pics of all time. #1 is probably Farah Fawcett. #2. would be Adrienne Barbeau in the purple corset
  7. blonde with white glasses: remarkable small waist for such a busty girl. Guessing 44DDx28x36
  8. Wow, 2 tone pink/purple bikini; thanks GT
  9. Happy New year to you too my friend Cato; I really miss all your contributions here but so happy to still hear from you once in a while.
  10. I've heard when Kaley came to Hollywood she was very flat chested. So she got that fixed and boy do I ever like when girl doesn't go too big, probably following advice of her doctor.
  11. Watching Walt Disney every Sunday night introduce the nights Disney feature. When Japanese cars were junk.
  12. The Sound of Music #2 Saving Private Ryan
  13. AH, the last pic of the girl in the long sleeved pink top. So very far from being a classic beautiful model but she has many pics here hence many admirers, myself included. Perfect example of "je ne sais quoi". Thanks NJ.
  14. NuDen: tiny Michelle (way back) & Cayenne Playmate: daytime Ashley [ATF], Delicious, Adora Pigales: Selena, Maude, Gia, Tiffany, Cookie Taboo: L. Lacey aka Diva, Chaton
  15. Airport is OK, but I would think for your 1st visit, downtown might be better. If you have 2,3 4 hours between dates, you can walk the downtown area for shopping. Nothing to see/do around the airport. If you're here for only 2-3 days, then airport might be OK. Either way, if your posting is very good, you'll be OK.
  16. Daytime Ashley has been an absolute favourite of mine for very many years. Miss Personality. She survived thru the years lacking the voluptuous curves of so many others but I guess there will always be those who like spinners. Plus, as I said, her personality was her strong suit too. In the last few weeks before CV hit, I'd see her wearing a dress and from a distance, you'd think she was 18. I will always remember her saying about her longevity, "Yup, my ass hasn't fallen yet". She will be forever in my thoughts.
  17. Thanks for these pics NJ; i think I've seen Violet Summers 2 or 3 times before. If anyone defines the phrase "Je ne sais quoi" it's her.
  18. Thursday afternoon, still not a lot of customers so distancing is absolutely not a problem. Today Ariel, Selena, Richie, Maude plus at least 2 others whose name I know not.
  19. Great movie and stunning performance from these two. This will be a classic (their singing together) for a very long time.
  20. Mmmmm, white top, blue panties. My kinda girl (and I think yours too NJ). BTW for info to all I claim to be VP of IBTC.
  21. A very quick Monday visit. Only saw Kali on stage. Three other girls working-don't know them. Eight guys hanging around the bar, only 1, 2 or 3 in the floor area so easy to distance.
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