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  1. Okay: let's add some perspective. First time poster and member since minutes before this first post????? Could simply be Joy Smith, one of the proponents of bill C-36, spreading fear and disarray into the industry she so vehemently opposes. The police don't generally have resourced to execute stings like this. I'm not holding my breath to hear from Lightskinlatin again. As my grandfather used to say: ' I could be wrong, I was once' At this stage no Canadian law was broken. Calling bullshit. Careful assessment and research are always important but let's keep the focus (fuck us?) where it needs to be.
  2. waterat

    Introducing... Member of the Month!

    Have to totally agree. Alot of initiative to bring this board back to what John Hartford described as "the Goodle days" (google it, lol). Lydia's initiative is what's needed to involve new users and share the love! Of course her thoughtful, generous attitude indicates the love be shared among the many wonderful providers and clients here on Lyla! That being said, I see her initiatives, posts and ideas as directing lyla in a positive direction. We all need to step up and support her.
  3. waterat

    Babe of the Day

    Agreed Notch! My brain malfunctions after about 2 posts/4 pictures so I tend to scroll through very quickly but I did notice she mostly doesn't part her lips and, I'd bet, because the one picture where she did revealed a small front tooth gap. Nothing wrong with that in my books. Smile!
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    highlights of the day

    RG I totally agree with your opinion. In the early 60's, whenever we visited my grandparent's house which had a cheese factory about 100 yds (yeah we didn't use m back then!) there would be a nickel, dime, quarter, whichever left on the table downstairs for me. Any coin would provide me with a monstrous bag - 2 lbs. or more - of fresh cheese curds shortly after I awoke at 6 am. That little boy ate alot of cheese curd breakfasts! Heading to my local store now to buy some fresh St. Albert cheese curds. Thanks for the insiration, my friend!
  5. I wish the phrase that got used were "100% real pics OF ME" lol - if it's a pic then it's a 100% real one. My hope is that the woman in the pictures closely represents the provider. Many ladies wish to remain discrete so hide tattoos and don't provide face pics. Professional pics are costly and don't always fit into the provider's business model and price point. I made a leolist mistake last fall and not only were the pics a totally misrepresentation but the service was too. I went through with the encounter as the 'little head' was running the life that day. Silly me: didn't follow Greenteal's advice and do any image search.... There was an interesting thread on 'fake pics' here in Ottawa some time ago and if I manage to find it I'll link it here. Luxe Mulvari made a thoughtful contribution to the discussion comparing service price to the service offered at various 'levels' of grocery stores - don't expect your grocery's bagged and carried out when you're shopping at a Food Basics rather than a regular Loblaws. I'll have a look for that thread as she said much more eloquently than my goofy precis. (Aside: I was very impressed with her comments and about a year later I managed a few visits with her and plan to see her again! Her profesional pics are her absolutely but they don't look exactly like the woman who came straight out of the shower the day after our first encounter to join me walking my dog. I can assure you it was still the same warm, caring person inside.) Whew: too much. Lessons? You're more likely to find an accurate impression doing your research here on lyla. If you see a provider and have a positive experience recommend they join here.
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    Happy Masturbation Month!

    Notch: that is simply what happens when you 'live life one orgasm at a time'! Keep doing that buddy, it works :)
  7. Your post here is an excellent firt step: better advice wlll come from the ladies but following all their screening steps is a very good start. :)
  8. waterat

    Babe of the Day

    I agree with you Notch - wonder which hair colour is natural..... maybe neither, lol.
  9. Yeah, I get what you're saying...Fortunately you appear to have the option of only seeing 'licensed' attendants.... I, personally, have no interest in licensing as I'm not convinced it adds any 'security' to my visit. The only way to protect my health is to be frequently tested myself - my responsibility - as for 'priors' (whatever that means) I don't believe that really provides any information - what would being aware of a conviction for street racing 8 years ago (and if it prevenged the lady from getting a license) do to make any positive imrovement to her circumstance as a massage attendant?
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    Carry on the story with six words

    as he didn't understand industry workings
  11. waterat

    Coronavirus memes and jokes

    Lol: Donald Trump's new campaign slogan!
  12. I selected the term 'Companios' as that is what I had agreed to pay for. Many times, I've let a lady know while chatting with them prior to our 'session' that they could ask me to leave and I would do so happily: chemistry is important and respected. Hasn't happened yet and I hope it doesn't, lol - but I absolutely would comply. I also like the tern 'sex worker' as there's no ambiguity in what's being contracted. I think that clear, consistent communication is respectful and important. Communication: the source and solution to all of our interpersonal problems.
  13. RG: not just a viciously supportive link but a gently supportive one. Much needed. And beyond that you know the difference between you're and your. Kudos
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    3 words better than "I love you"

    keep the 2 m....
  15. waterat

    3 words better than "I love you"

    Happy to pay
  16. Was led to these links which provide some additional perspective to this thread - stumbled across them from the massage discussion forum for Manitoba - this stuff happens to me when the Ontario and Ottawa forums are all quiet 😞 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-public-health-order-covid-19-violation-body-rub-parlour-skincare-centre-1.5563662 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-nail-salons-private-club-shut-down-after-operating-in-spite-of-public-health-orders-1.5543039 And yes, Lydia, that Edmonton coucillor needs a rub! I think Greenteal accurately identified his motivations.
  17. Not sure if this was a 'reporting' error on the part of CBC but they referred to one of the ladies interviewed as a "a licensed escort and body rub practitioner." Licensed escort? Curious to know if this is something in Edmonton? Can anyone from Edmonton chime in? Here in Ottawa there are a number of 'licensed spas' and others that aren't but they all still have a storefront and presumably pay taxes - as well as providing a safer work setting. Back in the 'cerb' days there got to be some sort of dispute among the spa managers as the 'licensing' was used in their advertising.... Edmonton is about the same size as Ottawa and I was gobsmacked to read they had 32 licensed establishment cause there for certain aren't that many in Ottawa - certainly different demographics for these cities. An interesting, thoughtful thread. No fear that Joy Smith will be joining it, lol
  18. waterat

    May the Fourth Be With You! 🌟

    Yeah I worked there for a year and travelled back 6 years later to ski the Birkebeiner (a ski race - I came in 12th "in the over 70 age category".... unfortunately I was only 28 at the time! lol) and i also skied over the two highest mountains in Norway. If you get a chance to travel there go. It's a truly spectacualar country and amazing people too. Save your pennies first. Anyone who reads these anecdtes and recognizes them will know precisely who I am. Welcome to lyla if you do! On attempting to take a picture of Mark Hamill on a Tauntaun I was identified as a possible spy for 'BattleStar Galactca' which precipitated another whole complicated interaction - I managed to sell myself as someone who only spoke a Norwegian dialect from near Bergen (I had to remove all Canadian flags from my clothing to provide the opportunity to learn Norwegian - they only wished to practice their english on a nateve anglophone!). I was even offered a job as a continuity double for Luke (we're about the same size) but I chose to go skiing - even managed to mess up one of the clips by skiing Into the background of a shot behind StormTroopers in a snowy trench along with my Danixh pal, Mans. Too much fun. I feel so guilty..... NOT!
  19. waterat

    May the Fourth Be With You! 🌟

    Mine is Empire Strikes Back ....... because I was on the Ice Planet Hoth for the filming! I ate breakfast sitting next to Luke and Han in the ski hosten at the base of the Hardanger glacier in Finse, Norway (aka the ice planet hoth). There are numerous funny stories surrounding my interactions with the film crew but the shortest one to describe is my puzzlement at seeing these stickers on various pieces of equipment: (context - I hadn't, at the time, seen the 'first' Star Wars and was completely ignorant of the fact that there was movie shoot going on) On the various 'snow cat' tractors (unusual to see those in the Norwegian mountains) was sticker with "The Empire Strikes Back" on it and right underneath was a sticker with the Red Ensign (Union Jack) on it. This made no sense to me as the Norwegian people of very proud and patriotic, with good reason I should add, It was explained to me later that this was the work (and great sense of humour!) of the British film crew on site was in response to the many "Empire Strikes Back" stickers on everything around the film set. Miss those adventures but at least the Force is still with me :) May the Fourth be with you!
  20. Totaly agree. Done the same. While it's possible there may be a long period of anticipation I'll plan to enjoy that too!
  21. Yeah Notch, I agree with Katie - that guy needed to learn a lesson, doesn't seem he was likely smart enough to do that but at least you pointed him in the right direction. Hope you're safe and I believe you probably spared other potential victims from him. We need to stand up in these very trying times.
  22. A good sentiment to acknowledge the provider positively - I agree. My last two get-togethers with providers were the end of February and mid March and I had an awesome time and no ill effects but, being high risk, I'm done for the time being. wrt the antibody testing we don't have any indication that it tells us anything very helpful and I think it's going to involve longtime, slow, careful science before we do. Wish they'f test a Lyso and Clorox cocktail on Pvt. BoneSpurs.
  23. waterat

    Escort Time Wasters

    Katherine: shit happens. I'm writing from Ottawa and we haven't met - though I think we've swapped posts here on Lyla (ok, more likely cerb). This has Happened to me and I've simply paid the provider and also paid for our next visit. Many circumstances are beyond our control, certainly for SW's - I believe that we need to hold the time-wasters and no-shows to account. I hope your clent who had to have a delayed visit reads this. You're too generous, but I already knew that.
  24. waterat

    What do u think 🤔

    Yeah Jessica, I'm relying on my close friend, Palmela Handerson, to manage all my needs. That being said, I'm ready to get laid and join you in Jamaica :)
  25. While this doesn't address issues unique to the SW business it does indicate how little is known, so far, with covid-19. I found I had to keep pausing to read the english subtitles but this interview with a top South Korean medical researcher and it outlines a number of the concerns I noted above. This physician/researcher was interview in a previous video by the same young man and his credentials were outlined in that first interview. Here's a current status https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwoNP9QWr4Y