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    Best campfire guitar songs

    To get back on track: here's one I've shared at a few campfires and it is connected to a sort of lyla-connected theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zK7BjMcldE
  2. waterat

    Best campfire guitar songs

    Yes, Greenteal, I knew you were joking.... just didn't find it funny (as usual). Don't find it overtly Christian and I'm cool with hippies - not quite old enough to qualify but I enjoy socializing with them. A snippet from Wikipedia about Kumhaya: " ...but known to be sung in the Gullah culture of the islands off South Carolina and Georgia, with ties to enslaved West Africans." I don't respect cynical nor sarcastic comments (i.e. your post) about this (yes, now cheesy) song. It still has a history.... I just didn't want to leave your response to the 'thread-starting' post by the OP who, while she only has 68 posts compared to your 7703 posts and is still a New Account 'Moderated Member' yet has been on here for 3 months longer than you (maybe I should describe that as being 3 months longer than since you were a 'banned' member). Let's support the newer members by responding positively to their new threads. It's not that hard.
  3. waterat

    Best campfire guitar songs

    Oh my Greenteal..... I doubt your 'contribution' is what was being solicited.... but it's good to know what you enjoy around a campfire! It is possible to post the links to songs you like without showing the full image but just with a simple link.... roll up the window and hold your nose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-CyTBuESvk
  4. waterat

    Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

    I doubt this will get far but they're all good questions. I haven't really looked into this but given Angela's comment above it suggests that Epstein wasn't facing federal charges.
  5. waterat

    Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

    Generally I agree but he was supposed to be on a suicide watch (one could reasonably assume constant video recording) according to TYT so hence my suspicions. He wouldn't have been in there for long..... only until his Trumpness saw fit to pardon him. Remember the Trump appointee who had previously given him the outragious sweetheart sentence and was defended by Trump. Okay, done for the day thinking of the US or A. Off to camp for a week!
  6. RG just stay longer and arrange some visits! It is Nova Scotia, perhaps you could 'rent and boat' and maybe even go fishing! Who knew?
  7. waterat

    Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

    An unfortunate and suspicious death. Death is far too kind a fate for him. I fear for the other perpetrators who are now left breathing slightly easier (hopefully not) and all the potential for prosecution of others that participate and are implicated. He most certainly wasn't alone
  8. Wow. This woman needs some help...... and, quite predictably, any offered would be rebuffed. More likely she is being checked into a 0 star hotel for a vacay.... and the unfortunate circumstances for the poor infant! Have to admit the photo served to enhance my negative bias towards tats......
  9. waterat

    How long does it take

    Pony, who started this thread, has been on for over a year, currently has 50 posts - certainly helpful and thoughtful ones from my perspective, yet he's still 'moderated'... He didn't start posting until April this year, long after the new ownership group took over: therein lies the problem. Lyla, in effect, is no longer a moderated site. There are numerous other examples. In the past funinbed, who posted above, would have likely been out of moderation by now. This is, perhaps, not a big issue but it doesn't do anything to encourage participation. I have zero confidence that the 'mods' even review any posts, let alone inappropriate ones - and there are some of those. I commented on some other thread, where one of the mods posted, noting that the mod was a (Moderated Member), lol. I don't know where you're getting your 'very general' suggestions Batman but I think they have more to do with a compulsion to reply than any lyla policy (and I'm disinclined to go looking for one!). (Moderated Members) don't hold your breath.
  10. waterat

    Lyla has a Twitter!

    Wow.... (not exclamation mark) your 7th post in almost 8 years and the point was? Guess it's good you're starting somewhere....
  11. I agree with both GT and WildTiger (see what I did there? GT is either Giant Tiger or Greenteal. You choose :) ) I'm retired and unlikely to ever purchase a dash cam but if it were a serious incident then giving a statemnt or showing up in court would simply provide me with a diversion and entertainment. I wouldn't want unnecessary demands on my time: especially if it conflicted with a visit with the lovely Jessica Rain!
  12. waterat

    The Way Sex Work Should be...

    I hear your concern for the clients' identities and it's important to put this in the context of this being a totally legal activity in New Zealand - and I think the world would be a better place if more countries had this approach. There is every possibility that the details provided have been altered to help protect the clients (maybe they don't need any 'protection' and, if they do. then they've perhaps got other greater concerns for their relationsships!) without diminishing the truth or import of the article. I often read comments by gentlemen that they're worried about 'meeting someone they know' as they enter or leave a massage establishment.... phuff!, buddy you both were at the same place for the same reason. :) The stigma this industry faces will not be dying any time soon but I appreciated that the article took a strong step in countering it.
  13. Oh Kilt Boy: perhaps insane but not unique! I was in at BF in late May for drinks with a lady friend who is also within your category of preference. She commanded me to buy a drink for the lovely Enigma. We got to chatting and I mentioned that I had a friend who enjoyed visiting and was very supportive of the ladies. She immediately asked "[first name - and it wasn't Kilt]?" I smiled. She smiled. Then we went to the CR and both smiled. I should probably have shared this compliment with you at the time to help lessen any shock from your bus experience. Public transit rocks. :)
  14. Yikes! While I'm greeted by signs explaining how difficult it can be to judge age every time I enter an Ontario Liquior store (possibly too often) I think these didn't need to be posted. Perhaps add a disclaimer that you've never been a pal of Jeffrey Epstein's and never will be? Nah, doesn't work. Consider who else has already done that. I will simply choose not to like or enjoy them.
  15. "She reminds me of a chess game with someone I admire...." John Prine
  16. waterat


    I have seen Rachel at least half a dozen times (and thoroughly enjoyed every meeting!) and although, far be it from me to disagree with a lady's statement, I found her to meet my definition of 'GFE'! lol. 'GFE' is not a helpful term in this industry and I've no idea what a 'GFE MA like spa ladies' means. If you're looking for an intimate encounter with a genuine, honest and caring woman you can't go wrong with Rachel. FS was not what I was looking for from our encounters (I visit ladies who advertise as SPs for that) but by my definition she rocked the GFE part! In my books she sets a clear standard for gentlemen to respect and live up to. Apparently I need to post a reco for her! And I will do that soon.
  17. I'm no psychologist but perhaps it's 'projection'. It's how they feel and they're attempting to get rid of their bad feelings by pushing them onto someone else - and likely not even to 'get a response'. As RG would say: "a rambling".
  18. Clearly the US of A aint much of a police state..... apparently the whole crowd thinks calling 911 summons aircraft to fly in skyscrapers...
  19. Nope. Never seen any beyond your contribution.....
  20. I hear you brother! Same problem has occurred in my 100+ year old apartment. Maybe we should start a new thread: 'Things that squirt, and not in a good way.' Where's Old Dog when we really need him?
  21. waterat

    Just Random Thoughts

    You sure don't need to look very hard to find examples of them on here! Former members Gregsand and JamesQWERTY (both banned and, I think, the same person) fit the description. I think he's back on here with a new name and changed IP address.... It is very easy for 'benevolent sexism' to morph into malevolent sexism. This vid may address your question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTG53yRhOhg
  22. Wow. Okay, so that took 5 years to resolve. There's another thread on 'sex dolls' and definitely not my thing but don't we have more important things for the courts to be doing? For example preventing and establishing that human trafficing and child pornography should NOT be conflated with sex work.
  23. waterat

    SP Communication

    It's not about 'fault' being assigned - doing that isn't going to fix the situation nor prevent it from happening again. And yes, you need to pay attention to your phone. She did attempt to contact you twice the morning of the appointment and perhaps she's not an early riser - hence the timing. Did she actually send you the location/address? Many providers only provide a general location or intersection via text and then give details through a phone conversation. I've no idea where you're messaging from nor how long you've been seeing sex workers but you've only been on this board for a little over a week so I'm not sure what other suggestions to make. I'm certain there is not a single SP across the country who has not had to deal with 'no-shows', time-wasters and address collectors and in some cities it is reported to be worse than others - I'm in Ottawa and a few years back we had a bad rep for being no-shows - by which I mean not prepaid but an appointment reserved and then no client showing up: hence this SP asking for prepayment. I used to travel into the city from some distance out in the country so had to ensure the SP I was visiting provided a general location early enough that I could arrive at the arranged time. Are the mixed feelings about feeling ripped off? Or that you still are intrigued to see her? If the first, forget it and move on. If the latter see below. It seems clear to me that she was available to see you. If you're over the issue of having paid fully for a missed appointment then recognize that standard practice in your city/province may be for a full fee deposit.... though I still defer to Phaedrus' earlier suggestion.
  24. waterat

    SP Communication

    It appears as though your slip up was in not hearing her texts..... I often miss texts (don't have phone with me, don't hear them, don't tend to check my phone frequently etc.) so if you're anticipating communication for a prepaid visit it's obviously important to be attentive to your phone. I've never been asked to prepay for a visit - I would only prepay if it were a provider that I already knew well and had visited numerous times and I can't imagine any of them would ever ask me to prepay. I agree with Phaedrus' advice: best to move on.
  25. waterat

    LeoList Reviews?

    Duh. Is 'Mod_Cat' a moderator? or a purported moderator? Whomever they are they're still a 'Moderated Member', perhaps self moderated? One thing I'm quite certain of is that Mod_Cat is not the lovely cat who is now mostly missing (and missed) from this site.