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  1. politegeek

    Barbie Doll Hailey

    I haven't seen her personally but she has excellent reviews here on Lyla.
  2. politegeek


    She definitely has reviews here under the name Brooke Diamond. She seems to be well reviewed. I believe there are more threads if you search
  3. On a somewhat related note, when starting a new relationship, is this something you should tell partners about (that you have done it, assuming you're not planning to continue while you're in the relationship). Should that matter to a partner? I sort of expect a lot of people wouldn't be very accepting of it.
  4. politegeek

    What is Polite / Considerate

    I'm not sure about polite, but if you want a mutually enjoyable experience I think it's for the best. I certainly enjoy it when a girl is having a good time as well. I think it depends on the SP and if you have chemistry though.
  5. politegeek

    Guide to TOFTT

    Excellent guide, thanks! Wish I had read this a few weeks ago though...
  6. politegeek

    Reputation points

    Thanks for the info. If new members start at 1000 rep, why do I only have 100? Is it because my account is a bit older?
  7. Ah this explains why my reviews didn't go through, guess I'll need to join a few conversations
  8. politegeek


    I've seen MsManda twice, and both times were amazing. She was the first SP I've ever seen, and I was pretty nervous, but she immediately put me at ease as soon as I walked in the door. Her pics are amazing, but she's even more beautiful in person. She's kind and down to earth, funny, and genuine. My first time with her was pretty vanilla, and it was amazing. My second time was with a few kinks, which she was happy to oblige, and was also an amazing experience. She's super easy to talk to as well. MsManda was amazing - everything about the experience exceeded my expectations
  9. politegeek

    Miss Alexxx • White

    I met with Miss Alexxx earlier this week, and it was a fantastic experience. She is very friendly and easy to talk to, chill, and absolutely stunning. She's drop dead gorgeous, if you've seen her pics on Fetlife, they don't do her justice. We talked for a while, chatted about some of kinks I'm interested in, and she was very interested in different kinks and helping me explore them. I definitely plan on becoming a repeat visitor. If you're going to see her, be prepared to get addicted and want to see her every week!