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  1. politegeek

    Barbie Doll Hailey

    I haven't seen her personally but she has excellent reviews here on Lyla.
  2. politegeek


    She definitely has reviews here under the name Brooke Diamond. She seems to be well reviewed. I believe there are more threads if you search
  3. On a somewhat related note, when starting a new relationship, is this something you should tell partners about (that you have done it, assuming you're not planning to continue while you're in the relationship). Should that matter to a partner? I sort of expect a lot of people wouldn't be very accepting of it.
  4. politegeek

    What is Polite / Considerate

    I'm not sure about polite, but if you want a mutually enjoyable experience I think it's for the best. I certainly enjoy it when a girl is having a good time as well. I think it depends on the SP and if you have chemistry though.
  5. politegeek

    Guide to TOFTT

    Excellent guide, thanks! Wish I had read this a few weeks ago though...
  6. politegeek

    Reputation points

    Thanks for the info. If new members start at 1000 rep, why do I only have 100? Is it because my account is a bit older?
  7. Ah this explains why my reviews didn't go through, guess I'll need to join a few conversations