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  1. I maybe wrong but I think Sarah is using different name now and works at a spa in notre dame area. Have been to that spa thrice so far
  2. true, people used to find gems on kijiji and used to take TOFFT but now they can’t because on this forum it mostly falls under DND list and other forum does not allow kijiji massages anymore
  3. I did some research last summer and even went there once after reading reviews on other forum where some of them mentioned getting fs and leaving happy after the session but when I went there, I wasn’t offered that nor I asked. I originally had booked with the owner but got the massage from other provider because she wasn’t available. some of them also mentioned that she doesn’t provide this type of services to E.I customers. I want to know anyone went there recently and got lucky.
  4. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone else have been to this beauty studio on Keewatin street which is run by an East Indian lady. I am inquiring about this here because the other forum doesn’t allow reviewers to review about the ads posted on Kijiji. Now speaking of the studio, The owner herself charges double the price of a regular massage for one hour compared to the other providers from the same beauty studio (never gotten a massage from the owner, just inquired). just want to know if anyone else have been to this place? Please DM if you know.
  5. i contacted her last night, she gave me her rates, i didn’t get back to her right away. funny how just after this review she texted me today to check the review on lyla under Jess.
  6. read a review on different site. said she is not worth the money
  7. Can’t seem to find her ad, anyone with the link or contact pls dm 🙂
  8. Hello everyone, i am looking a MP who provides full body sugar services for men. I am looking to book an appointment for tomorrow. Any suggestions?
  9. Does anybody know how to get hold of World nails via text? I don’t see any number to text them to book an appointment
  10. well anyone else with the review?
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