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  1. davidfield

    Cape Breton / Sydney escorts

    Nothing local that I know of. I have only seen visiting ladies. Emily Rushton visits often and have seen her multiple times. Highly recommended. Katherine also visits but I never had a chance to meet her. She has excellent reviews here.
  2. davidfield

    Still working?

    I would suggest talking to established SPs and see how they do it and learn from them. Wish I worked for CRA 😂
  3. davidfield

    Still working?

    Filling taxes is a good idea. I totally understand some people have situation where they can't. Biggest benefit is that if you register your work as business, you can claim travel, rent and car payment towards taxes. Few SPs I know have 'personal wellness consultant' as their main business category. Doing so will also help with credit history and RRSP for old times. Credit score allows you to pay less in car payments/mortgage. Yes, it sounds great to not paying taxes, but individual benefits over long term are way more than what you put in. Again, I am not judging whether you pay tax or not. Just suggesting that everyone should. Another trick is not declare all of income, just declare enough to keep tax man happy.
  4. davidfield

    Still working?

    It's the same logic people give when talking about climate change. Our collective greed (yes, greed not survival) has destroyed the earth and we are still doing it in this situation. And yes, everyone judges every one. Stop lying to yourself that there is something called "no judgement". You really think these positive messages from clients are true and without judgment? If SPs shouldn't be judged for working, then what wrong restaurant workers did that they are being forced not to work? What wrong taxi drivers did they are losing jobs? What wrong people coming from outside did that they have to stay indoors for 14 days? It's unfair when one part of society comes with survival theory and justifies their actions while another part of society is locked in their homes.... During the last economic recession, probably a Wall Street guy had same logic - I need money to pay for my car - and they did everything to 'survive' resulting in hundreds of suicides and people losing everything they owned. But hey, let's not judge Wall St, they were trying to survive.
  5. davidfield

    Still working?

    There are many SPs who have switched to online content. Skype, Onlyfans, selling photos directly etc. Opens up client base as well, this way you are not limited to only local clients. It needs hardwork, might have to work 15 hours a day to make reasonable money, but it can be done. If an independent contractor (no matter what field), runs out of money on day 6 of a situation like this, then its time to reevaluate choices they make. If it was day 60, I would understand.
  6. davidfield

    Still working?

    Yes. That's what people are doing. I am shocked at the ads by ladies (which I always respected), even with some saying let's quarantine together. In my another post on this topic, I mentioned that if people are willing to risk this virus for money, there is probably an amount you can pay for any fantasy/dangerous endeavour you want. Everything is for sale apparently. Not just own health, but health of our whole community. And then people argue to legalize this hobby, guess what, if it was legalized, govt would have shut it down as non-essential service during these times... Stay safe.
  7. davidfield

    Cosplay provides

    Cosplay or coronaplay? 😂
  8. davidfield

    Stephanie on ll

    You can go meet her. Just stay a meter away 😂.
  9. davidfield


    Well said. Regarding the posts in this thread comparing general health risk of the profession to covid-19 situation is ridiculous. An sti at most will spread two or three times the client's an SP sees. This virus can spread to a community by one person. Also, it seems like in this thread that money is a major factor - that makes me think that at some point on money vs risk graph, there is an amount you can pay to an SP and have bbfs or other risky endeavours. Hey, it's risky but look at the money.... Also, if a person is on minimum wage and they hit financial troubles this quickly, I can understand. But this hobby isn't minimum wage (well, I don't know if it is, but logic dictates it isn't, if it was, SPs might as well work at Tims instead of this profession - here comes comments with logic of choices and do what you like). As far as EI goes, if SP are doing things properly and declaring money they make to govt (under business/consultant category) and contributing to EI, they would have EI. As with any profession (which is not minimum wage or low income), if you don't have money saved to survive at least six months, then I feel sorry for you. It's not a virus fault or govt fault.
  10. davidfield


    With this situation constantly evolving and nearly all public sector working from home and people practicing social distancing, I think SPs should take a break too. I know I have no right to stop people from working, advertising or earning money but some times things need to be changed. It will cause financial hardships, but better than spreading the virus. Search patient 31 for how one person spread it to hundreds in S. Korea. Is it worth it? The way things are moving, soon the chances of someone having an sti will be way less than they having this coronavirus. PS: I respect personal decisions, and totally support this hobby. Also, please don't use the argument that as a customer you should make the decision not the SP whether you want to see one or not. Everyone has responsibilities during this time. Now is the time to prove that this hobby is just like any another profession and SPs are caring people.
  11. davidfield


    Don't trust the conspiracy around this being man made. There are hundred other ways to make money in pharmaceutical business, the companies don't need to make a virus which is unpredictable. Developing a vaccine costs billions (using genetic material of virus), now imagine how much it will cost to make that genetic material of virus in first place if someone in lab decided to make one. As far as don't worry it's same as flu is concerned, with a flu majority don't need hospitalization. With this the rate is high, and yes, the death rate is low but that's because the countries it has hit hard have good medical system and it didn't get overwhelmed. In Iran the death rate is nearly 5%, imagine it spreads in Africa where health care is none existent or a country where health care collapses and situation gets out of hand then it won't be like flu, it will be much worse.
  12. davidfield

    SP's Who Allow Filming

    You folks are not jerking off to your own videos, right? That sounds weird to me. 😂
  13. davidfield

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    Or keep an eye on when ad was posted and only go to the SP if they have been here for more than 14 days. If they open the door and sneeze, RUN.
  14. davidfield


    If you never been a client, then there is a whole process you have to go through. Search this site and you will find info. If you were a client and they are not responding, you need to follow new client procedure again. They once deleted my number, so I had same trouble. Once you are in, it's a very smooth process.