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  1. I miss VIPOTG! Hoping with restriction removed, they will be back. They were the safest, most reliable option.
  2. Hi folks, one suggestion: when writing a recommendation, you will notice there is selection box which says "Do you want to write a recommendation". When selected, it will open a form like structure which asks for different things like ad link and rating system is also provided. It is very helpful for everyone that way. Reco from NN are bit easier to find because he puts the last four digits, but for most other recent recommendations, we have no clue which Ashley out of the five advertising is this reco about. It just creates confusion. Respectfully.
  3. Well, I only know one but luckily for you, it's an excellent option. Emily! https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_nothing_but_the_best_super_s_xy_emily_don_t_be_shy_say_hi-5265377?source=list
  4. Reviews are normally delayed for new companions. She is new so that could be the reason. I am 100% confident that she is top class, YFL always is!
  5. I have seen some providers who have no review policy. That could be the reason. By no means that's a bad thing. The providers I saw with no review policy were some of the best!
  6. Not sure what your question is. Can you provide more detail on what kind of questions/info and between who?
  7. Not supposed to discuss or comment on rates. Lyla policy 101.
  8. I had one of those experience. No touching. I am like okay, so what shall I do? Most expensive self hand job I ever did 🤣 (note: I personally don't think I had any hygiene issues and i showered right there).
  9. Saw her today. She is still the best, period!
  10. Seems legit as far as you don't take into consideration that she is in Fredericton, Lethbridge and Kingston at same time. 😉
  11. Or if this is one you are asking about: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_hey_want_to_have_relaxing_and_fun_time_i_am_your_girl-6590673?source=list Well, same result. Stolen photos.
  12. I tried, but silence. She might be working few days and may be doesn't respond when not working. Will try again.
  13. No red flags other than that she is also in Nunavut and Kingston at same time 😉
  14. Yup, she is still one of the best. Nice and down to earth lady. Bubbly personality. If you are a cosplay fan, she is really your only great option.
  15. This hobby is a fantasy for most of us. This hobby without GFE is nothing, at least for me. Yes, there are risks but there is also risk of condom breaking during protected sex. Risk is never zero whether GFE or not, what people want to tolerate depends on many factors. Not all of us are horny that we are in this hobby. Some of us are lonely and need human interaction for our mental health and GFE provides that. It's one hour that we want to escape from reality and live the fantasy we crave. Is there risk in daty? Yes, so is driving a car or smoking or drugs. Clients shouldn't be judged on why they want gfe. It's a fantasy, let people have it if they want.
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