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  1. Hi there thanks for checking out my profile :) if u like what u see don't be shy and send me a message . Hope to hear from you 

  2. How about another trip to sydney!!
  3. Maturelover8486


    Go see katherine if you haven't already. She is very easy to talk to and incredibly beautiful to boot. You will not regret it if you do!
  4. Maturelover8486

    Sydney SP's

    The only woman worth visiting who visits Sydney on a regular basis would be either Sensual Katherine or Emily Rushton. Two very classy, mature women who will make your week. Both come highly recommended!
  5. Maturelover8486

    Fort McMurray

    I actually canceled an appointment with a very lovely lady and donated that money to the cause. I would like to thank her for being very understanding. Something to consider maybe.
  6. Maturelover8486

    Options for Sydney Nova scotia

    When ever Katherine is in town, I would highly recommend her. Very skilled and incredibly beautiful! You will not be disappointed.
  7. Maturelover8486

    When are you most aroused?

    I'm a lunch time kinda guy. Before or after, I'm always down for some dessert!
  8. Maturelover8486

    Sydney NS

    Hey Megan! I think the best way to advertise would be to place an ad on backpage and lyla. It seems to work well for all the other SPs who visit Sydney.
  9. Maturelover8486

    Barter/Exchange? Does it happen?

    I don't believe in bartering. Simply pay the lady what she is asking or find another service provider who is in your price range!
  10. My vacation to Disney World!
  11. Maturelover8486

    Candy Julie

    Wow, I didn't know that. She seems very nice. Do you know what happened?
  12. Maturelover8486


    http://halifax.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/kandie-curvy-bubbly-loveable-and-busty-talent-incall-halifax/2014552 Anyone have any info on this lovely lady?
  13. Maturelover8486

    Candy Julie

    Does anyone know why she doesn't post adds anymore. I visited with her back in the summer time and would really like to see her again.
  14. Maturelover8486

    Carrie Moon

    Has anyone ever visited with her? I'm looking for some info on her and can't find a thread. Thanks
  15. Maturelover8486

    Recommendations For Fetish?

    I've never personally seen her but her ads look very fetish friendly. http://halifax.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/thursday-delight-fetish-fantasy-bdsm-������-massage-genuine-companionship/2206976