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    For the fan of the separation between a woman's breasts, it is also revered to the separation between her butt cheeks. Often revealed by a low cut dress or low cut undies.
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    A group for those among us who love to see sexy ladies in boots
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    This social group is for spinners and those that love them. The Online Slang Dictionary defines a spinner as "[a] women so small and light you can literally spin her around while she is on top of you during sex".
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    This group is for all the lovers of itty bitty titties out there - and of course, those that have them too!
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    This group is for men with above average penis size and there frustrations that come with it. As well for the women who encounter these men and how they've handled them.
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    Ginger, scarlet, auburn, chestnut. So much variety, but so rare. Are you a redhead? Do you love redheads? Join us to exchange information, experiences, pictures, have social events, etc, all in appreciation of that rarest of beauties, the redhead.
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    hi everyone, im creating a group, for ALL who actually love to please & to be pleased, sex is a two way street. a place for thoughts, moves, grooves, and advice. join me! :)
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    A group for those who enjoy fines wines and whiskeys, and for those who want to learn more about them.