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  1. Sounds up my alley. if anyone has tried her out i would appreciate more info or a PM. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. Had Joy a couple times, good to hear she is still there. I think I might try someone new though.
  3. Haven't been for over a year and have a hankering to go this week. Location is very convenient for me. Does anyone have any recommendations? I prefer ladies with a bit more meat on the bones, darker skin (including ebony), and don't mind bolt-on's or natural. IF you have had any sessions with girls that fit that description and have a recommendation or head's up PM's would be welcomed. Thanks
  4. Never thought I would enjoy it, but had a couple from the same place pre-Covid. No HE involved. Having problems hooking up with the same provider right now so looking for recommendations from someone who has actually had a hot stone massage at a reasonable rate. If HE is available great, but if not that's fine. I have some ongoing muscle soreness from working out and I find that prolonged heat really helps, so that is my primary concern. Thanks in advance, and please feel free to PM me if you wish.
  5. I tried to book a haircut and massage with her a couple months ago. She said she was in the middle of a client and would text me after. She never did,
  6. So her ad says Text only, which was preventing me from going, but with your reviews I will check it out. I assume that the menu is sent by text, since it's not on the ad and I don't see any other link? I hope she has more than the 50 for 15 option in her ad. If her pics are accurate, and she wears stockings!!! sounds like heaven to me.
  7. She gives a good massage. Her place is clean and classy, and very private. She has never answered the phone during a session, and has never cheated a minute on the time. Answers my texts quickly when sent and is usually available for any appointment time during weekdays (when I go). She has also never asked for any tips, and I feel good giving her a true tip. But hey, please by all means stay away, I don't want her to get too busy for me!
  8. Yes I have. Decent value for money. Not a great setup at her place. She is also very picky as you can tell by her ad. She has a GREAT rack for a woman her age, and that is really why I went there
  9. Have you seen her recently? I would like to give her another try.
  10. Been over a year, but had multiple sessions with Joy at EB. Not as thick as I would like for a black girl but good looking. Every style at EV is different but she is into finishing in the tub, i.e. never getting to the table. Not shorting on time, just performing the extras in the tub. An interesting session. I miss Ebony from EB who was a bigger girl, who left the business.
  11. send me a PM if you need more info on her
  12. I fell really dumb asking this. I started a new club and I don't see a way to put in topics. On the top banner I see "Home" "Members" but nothing like topics, and don't see any settings to use. Only thing I can think of besides my own stupidity is that I have to have other members join first?
  13. They do but i never did it so I can't really answer. sorry.
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