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  1. executivemale

    Darlene 51 year old on LL and Escort Babylon

    Yes I have. Decent value for money. Not a great setup at her place. She is also very picky as you can tell by her ad. She has a GREAT rack for a woman her age, and that is really why I went there
  2. executivemale

    Bonnie on LL

    Have you seen her recently? I would like to give her another try.
  3. executivemale

    Any Filipino or Thai?

    Roxy Cox?
  4. executivemale

    Black girls

    Been over a year, but had multiple sessions with Joy at EB. Not as thick as I would like for a black girl but good looking. Every style at EV is different but she is into finishing in the tub, i.e. never getting to the table. Not shorting on time, just performing the extras in the tub. An interesting session. I miss Ebony from EB who was a bigger girl, who left the business.
  5. executivemale


    Is she Caucasian or Asian?
  6. executivemale

    Grassy lakes

    send me a PM if you need more info on her
  7. executivemale

    New topics in club

    I fell really dumb asking this. I started a new club and I don't see a way to put in topics. On the top banner I see "Home" "Members" but nothing like topics, and don't see any settings to use. Only thing I can think of besides my own stupidity is that I have to have other members join first?
  8. executivemale

    Spring Oriental Health Centre

    They do but i never did it so I can't really answer. sorry.
  9. executivemale

    Spring Oriental Health Centre

    Haven't been in a year but it was $65 for a 60 min massage. I stuck to the typical tip should equal just about the fee and never had a problem.
  10. executivemale

    Spring Oriental Health Centre

    For what its worth I had the same feeling about Karen, being friendly, and Helen aloof. Although I do agree that Helen's massage was slightly better, but really to me it was an A versus a B+. As for not answering the phones, I agree with horndog that is appreciated, but no answering machine or receptionist etc, makes it tough to connect with them. Also, I have had them leave the room to go to the front when someone walks in (which is why they dont like to do walk-ins). I hear them politely tell the guy to make an appointment. I think it happened twice to me over the years and I could swear they then locked the door before coming back to the room.
  11. executivemale

    Spring Oriental Health Centre

    I have not been there in over a year, not that there was anything wrong. I enjoyed Karen and Helen, just trying different options. I dont think they liked walkins. They dont like guys seeing each other in the establishment so they try and time things. But you can phone and often get an appt in short order (right away). Phone first. They were terrible about answering their phone though so you might have to try multiple times. Prices are typical. I think $65 for an hour, and then a usual tip.
  12. executivemale

    Bonnie on LL

    I used to see her at EB/TO and enjoyed her there. She was a real MILF, and I saw her at the rink once and at the LC once in my area, which was a perv turn on for me LOL. Anyway, tried her at her private residence after she left EB/TO. Was very disappointed. She seemed to want to get it over with, she moaned REALLY loud and fake even though I tried to get her to chill out. Her raspy voice and brunette looks, and of course her great knockers were a real plus for me. Was thinking I might have caught her on a bad day and always thought I would go back but haven't had the chance. Actually when she went private I really wanted to be a regular, but it never turned out. I would guess she is between 50-60, probably 52-57.
  13. executivemale

    Black girls

    I had a massage there about a year ago, pretty sure i posted a review under their thread. Long story short, pretty good massage from a Cameroon girl, honestly the best conversation I ever had with a masseuse (and no I normally hate even basic chit chat with the girls because I just want to relax). However, signs everywhere in the room about no advances, extras, and any talk of that and the massage ends and no refund. Quite clear.
  14. executivemale

    Best Value

    Grassy Lake. Feel free to PM me if you like.
  15. executivemale

    M/F four hands

    I would be very interested in this as well. Anyone else interested could PM me as well. Thanks