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  1. Got to meet Sarah for the first time earlier this week for an incredibly fun duo with Cheeky Charlie which I still find myself day dreaming about as I type🤤 I'd been following her Twitter and watched some of her video content before requesting the meet but upon arrival I was still floored by how stunning she looks in person. I loved her sense of humor and she was just as amazingly skilled and sensual as Charlie so I definitely want to spend time with her again when possible. I won't go into further details but I'll just say that none of my preconceived fantasies about the date prepared me and the GFE I had requested was almost more than I could handle. If you do see these ladies together make sure you're well rested and fueled up😅
  2. Got to meet @Cheeky.char for the first time yesterday and I couldn't have asked for a better GFE. She looked amazing when I arrived at her secure incall and she was so easy to talk to and share with. I loved her chill and playful personality and she made sure I felt special and taken care of the entire time I was with her. Really looking forward to seeing her again when I'm able to❤
  3. I chose Travis Bickle from "Taxi Driver", not really a fan of the cowboy boots though😅
  4. Got to meet Trinity this past week during my first ever duo date along with Blonde Briella, whom I had met previously. Booking was super easy and Trinity was very friendly in our initial texts to introduce myself. When I arrived at the incall she looked amazing, greeting me in a sexy black outfit which complimented her duo partners'. After a quick shower, drinks and some fun conversation she showed off her eye popping curves and sensual skills which came close to making my brain short circuit a few times Whole experience was pure heaven! I hope to see her again in future either solo or with Briella for more double trouble!
  5. Briella was the first provider that I was successfully able to schedule time with and we finally got to meet earlier this week. I had been a little anxious about traveling by cab in the city to visit her incall but she was more than happy to do an outcall to my hotel instead, keeping me updated all the while as she neared my location. When I answered the gentle knock at my door, I was greeted by a stunning, curvy young woman who both looked and smelled amazing. I had made sure ahead of time to have some drinks and dessert available so we shared those while we chatted a bit which really helped ease my nerves. She's very down to earth and took the time to answer any questions I had. I really enjoyed conversing and sharing with her before things heated up and she treated me to some sexy surprises. I won't say more other than I now have a new found appreciation for the color purple😁 Highly recommended!
  6. Air fried breaded pork chops, mashed potatoes and Stovetop stuffing
  7. "Florida man arrested after spraying people with fire extinguisher at Walmart"
  8. Young Frankenstein, love me some Mel Brooks😁
  9. A small grocery haul. Eggs, marble cheese, rigatoni, sour cream, tortillas, butter and butter chicken sauce😋
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