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  1. NuckenFutz


    https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_available_now_hannah_blessed_body_magical_touch-4689686 I've seen her posting ads it seems for awhile now and still wondering is she's real? I did some google photo searches and I personally didn't get anything weird popping up. And I couldn't seem to find her mentioned anywhere on here. Any info would be great thanks!
  2. NuckenFutz


    Why thank you. 😛 Yeah and I am one of those people haha. I would think setting up outside of town would be a better option at least. There are lots of summer spaces that are rented out here, mainly along the river and towards green bay. And a motel down the river too. So many tourists in the area that people get use to seeing different people.But being a customer and not a SP it hard for me to say what your better method of attack would be. but feel free to PM if you had any questions about cretin locations etc.
  3. NuckenFutz


    Hey, being from Bridgewater I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. As far as a SP market here, there is none. Not that I could find at least. And I can say that I've read a few articles regarding the bridgewater police stating how they are cracking down on any cases regarding service providers. Just some older newspaper ones, I'm sure all towns got em though. It's a small town and peoples number one hobby here is run their mouth ahah. Word travels fast here. Not saying you wouldn't be busy. I'm sure there are clients here. But hard to be discreet in a town where everyone knows just about everyone haha. So location would be key for you to be discreet if you was to set up shop.I wouldn't see near as much of a problem doing private outcalls though. Cops like to be nosy haha jesus most people around here get nicknames for just being regularly seen around town XD . I'm sure there are others that would state other wise. I don't want to discourage you at all, just throwing out there what i felt needed to be said being from here and all ahha, take care n good luck!
  4. NuckenFutz

    Heather on Leo

    Thanks for the info, Cheers.
  5. NuckenFutz

    Heather on Leo

    I am also unsure on this ad, anyone hear anything?
  6. NuckenFutz

    Texting advice needed.

    thank you for your stories, That phone call sounds soooo awkward. Even more so since you was with friend ! oh my. I.d probably keel over on the spot XD I will totally keep this is mind if i ever call some one!
  7. NuckenFutz

    Texting advice needed.

    sorry i am responding to messages but some are still staying hidden!
  8. NuckenFutz

    Texting advice needed.

    thank you for your example. Yes i can see be being the same way with one worded answer, i hate that regularly as it is haha.
  9. NuckenFutz

    Texting advice needed.

    Yes, see I pictured them getting lots and lots of horrible and rude texts from many people. Hence why i was so confused during that night. So when it comes to you getting a no response lets say. You say you might try a couple times, are all those attempts within the same day? an hour later? Thanks for your insight.
  10. NuckenFutz

    Arista Cole

    If you ask me, the boobies in the first photo doesn't seem to match the other boobies in the other photos, I'm also a huge noob as well but thats my 2 cents
  11. NuckenFutz

    Toronto human trafficking arrests shine spotlight ...

    This was an interesting read, opened my eyes to a few things, thanks for the post. I feel so bad for some of the girls mentioned above.
  12. NuckenFutz

    Candy - Dartmouth

    not sure if this will help but it looks like someone did have an experience with her, hope this helps
  13. NuckenFutz

    Texting advice needed.

    I see some of the french ads but never saw the website before thanks. and yes very intimitdating, even more so when you read about negative stories like scams and such. And for some reason, i always worry about my car when i play out situations in my head hahaha. (its my baby) but thats me over thinking again haha, Thank you for your reply !!
  14. NuckenFutz

    Texting advice needed.

    yes after seeing these examples i see that i jumped over a few stepping stones, i was trying to short n sweet kinda thing, i was for some reason under the impression that if i drug out the convo that they might get up set so i sent it all in one text haha. And for some reason i never even thought of giving a name or age. and i dont think ill retext the same sp, atleast not any time soon, i dont want to seem naggy or spammy. Thank you muchly for insight. yes this example is much better then mine. See i live out side of halifax, over an hour, so i thought that pre booking was the better alternative, just cause of delays and such. I think ill try sticking to something like this if pre booking is mentioned. or maybe just ask if theyd consider a pre booking. And thank you very much for your example, this helps more then you know haha,
  15. Well. After doing more and more searching i finally decided to contact a couple of SP's yesterday. the response was delayed which i completely understand. I started both message with "Hello is this "Sp"? . waited, got a "yes and (after a few hours) still interested from the second" So i said yes i am. I explained this is my very first time contacting a SP and that i was nervous,and not exactly sure how it works. (one girl said she even like first timers on her add??) . The questions i then followed up with were " Details on rates and service" (ads never really mentioned it). "if kissing was ok?" (like im totally cool if it wasn't) . "And if the service was multiple rounds during our time?" (also not mentioned on the ad) So i waited all night until i fell asleep with no reply. Awoke this morning, and still nothing. So i sent one SP a "Good Morning. Am i still able to book my time with you? I was thinking this weekend if that works for you"? then i thought shit maybe im spam texting her now and thats rude, so i didnt bother to do the same with the other SP. But what do i do now?? like did i come across as rude?was my text to long? Maybe i wasn't formal enough?? Like should i have asked how she is and how is her day going ? i didnt want to waste her time so i didnt bother with small chit chat, texted wait for the response got it and asked. I feel like I totally fucked things up and wont get to see them now. Do i wait and text them in a couple days? do i move on? (which is so hard because i took so much thought as to who i wanted). Maybe Im just over reacting? Any advice or stories youd like to share will be greatly appreciated. Maybe tell me what your usually texting styles are i can finally join in on this fun =p i will be replying after i get off work, thought that would build up some time to get read