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    An intelligent mind, a wild outlook on life, and LOVES to laugh!
    Mature and deliciously curvy woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Stands about 5’7” with long brown hair, hazel eyes and many tattoos.
    I am warm, kind, welcoming and love meeting new people! Hilarious at times.
    Appreciates respect, and manners.
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    Open to couples and 420 friendly!
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    Super friendly and a lot of fun. Message me and lets connect!
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  1. I had the pleasure of spoiling myself with an Asus Zenbook when I started my program in September and I can't love it enough!
  2. I adore you so much 💋 I was fortunate enough to be the winner a few days ago but I adore your appreciation still!
  3. Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone in this beautiful community a very lovely Valentine's Day! May today spoil you with the fun and excitement craved. It's well deserved 💋
  4. well it seems my vote already won today. Congratulations to the ever so sweet @Deanna Delight Today I will throw my vote at @Katherine of Halifax because to this day I still really appreciate you connecting and providing your kind responses to my post asking for information on my first East Coast trip 💋💋💋
  5. The past few days my focus has been on a lovely gentleman. Definitely where I enjoy my attention most however I would like to give some love to a few ladies I feel I would have an absolute blast with if we ever connected. @StephanieMystique once again I would like to give you some love for the courage and strength I have noticed shining from you. You spoke out to protect the community and that is something that is not easy to do. You strike me a brilliant and intelligent woman. Often things that shine too brightly people try to snuff out. Never let them dull your shine 💋
  6. Thank you incredibly to everyone who voted for me and to everyone else who was a part of this contest. The amount of love I see bouncing around in them is melting my heart. Makes me want to just have a big cuddle puddle with everyone on this board 💋💋💋 Today I cast my vote out for @Phaedrus who will be my Valentine ❤️
  7. @Phaedrus 💋💋💋 @SeekingMistress 😈😈😈
  8. I couldn't be happier to help and adore you incredibly 💋 Someone wants to be confined a little tighter next time they come see me!
  9. Today is the day I would like to invite @NotchJohnson to be my valentine 💋 I appreciated your love yesterday. BRING YOUR HARDDRIVE I want to get lost in all that beautiful imagery with you!
  10. Thank you so much and I planned on showing you a little love tomorrow @NotchJohnson @Greenteal I appreciated the love you have sent back my way! 💚J'adore💚
  11. Excellent and noted 😽 Do they call Ottawa the city fun forgot because most of the fun people in Ottawa are travelling? Covid has me a bit more stationary these days but I need my ass on the East Coast again soon! I appreciate your response Sam 💋
  12. Words are not enough to appreciate your admiration @SeekingMistress! That will be rewarded 💋💋💋
  13. Today I would like to nominate @Greenteal a happy Valentine for having lips as honest as my own 😽
  14. This is quite exciting to see and I would love to see more men do this! There being a niche for everything is not gender-specific. Perhaps it was making something stubborn deliver for me earlier that's got me in such a good mood 😉
  15. I am happy you asked this @Allie Zeon as the raging feminist in me was quite curious as well. I am a fan of differing perspective and debate. Thank you Sharpe for sharing his. Although I can understand how those words may seem insulting, deep down those are the things that women want and helps us feel calm. I do very much like it when a man holds me and I can literally feel myself melt into him. We may not admit it but we do like to be vulnerable. Allie had the best point when she had brought up that he is marketing towards lonely women and feel hes hitting the target quite well there! I did cruise through the site a little more and this whole God thing might throw me off a little bit. Women do like to feel disneyfied and I feel that is what Sam is delivering here. We like your strength very much. Sadly more men (at least the ones I have known outside this type of work) use it to destroy then to protect.
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