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    An intelligent mind, a wild outlook on life, and LOVES to laugh!
    Mature and deliciously curvy woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Stands about 5’7” with long brown hair, hazel eyes and many tattoos.
    I am warm, kind, welcoming and love meeting new people! Hilarious at times.
    Appreciates respect, and manners.
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    420 friendly!
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    Super friendly and a lot of fun. Message me and lets connect!
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  1. Something a little different for you all 😘



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    2. katie


      Hello Kitten, When I have more time, in a couple of hours, I'll comment more... I'm at work tonight.. Until Am .. Grrrr.. Lol.. But I seen this a need to comment .. 

      Kitten, If you like the Photo's.. In which I'm quite certain you do.. I don't see any reason why not. This 1 pic is "Awesome". Weather is Different or Not.. It doesn't Matter. "Turn Most Off" ... No.. "I Highly Doubt It".. My Gosh, Nothing Wrong With Different. 

      "Show What Your Mama Gave You" ... My Gosh.. Do t be so Silly.. 😉.... 

      "If You Like Them, that All That Matters" ... 

      Ill come Back Soon This Evening .. 

      "You Go Girl"!! 😘

         xoxo's Katie 💋


    3. Kitten


      Looking forward to chatting more when you have the time. You seem to have an absolutely incredible personality ❤️ 

      I love my wild side but fear it gets misunderstood quite often 😚 Soooooo posting this album haha!

    4. katie


      Kitten, if you Love Your Wild Side, that's all that matters. No need to hide,Part of Yourself. 

      "Fear It Gets Misunderstood" 

      By Who..... If these pics are "You,Part of You, You Like Them.. " Never Hold Back. 

      You Are Who You Are, Never Be Anything Else.. For Anyone or Anything.. 

      Some Will Judge, Some Won't.... In the End all that Matters is "You know who you are, and You know the Turth" .. 

      If you really want to post them.. post away... 😉.. 

      PS.. Looking Forward Chatting with you also... I'll PM you my number.. and if you wish.. do the same.. 

        xoxo's 😘